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Q&A after Q4 2018:

Q: "So should we expect positive net income in the first quarter '19 at the current oil price level?"

A: "In respect of your second question, yes, I mean, I think quarter 1, the way I like to look at it is quarter 4 was a bit of a -- the financials, of course, matter, but it's basically Aje plus the very first Dussafu lifting, and I think you'll see in the first quarter is when we really become a company where the financials are going to generate a lot more interest from the likes of the analysts and the shareholder community.

As Qazi has said, the revenue recognition is around the lifts. So quarter by quarter, we expect that there is going to be some variation in terms of how many lifting is in the quarter. We could have, depending on where the lifts of Aje, Dussafu and now Tunisia are, you could have situations where certain quarters are lumpy either negatively or positively. So I think that what we're going to need to do is to work with the analyst community a little bit as we get into this first quarter, try and really guide where we see that happening. We've tried to give a couple of yardsticks out there in the recent announcements. So we had a lifting in January, early February at Dussafu. We expect a lifting during the month of March in Aje, and we expect a lifting of our first lifting in Tunisia during the month of March. So I think we'll expect three lift -- if everything goes to plan, three liftings during the current quarter. So hopefully it gives you an indication, Teodor, and we can continue to work with you and the other analysts to make sure we start trying to manage the information flow as we're coming into this new phase for the company."

Det är absolut ingen som har fått någon som helst information om att denna guidning är ändrad. Så tror neppe de plötsligt kommer överraska med blodröda tal på torsdag.

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