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Men de MÅ få opp hodet av sanden nå!

Noen feedbacks fra Glassdoor:

Two bad CTOs in the period of 3 years. - currently no CTO so all decisions are left to the new middle management.
Previous middle management did an absolute disaster with the Tech department.
Useless HR Department as they do only what C-level tells them to do. Super mega office politics for reign in the Tech department.
Below industry standard pay to hard working people and over the top extravagant pay for new people who still have to prove themselves.
- Company always says they don't have the budget.
Meanwhile, some employees have a cushy job because they keep them around even though they are redundant, and these people are very very expensive.
Continuous restructuring for the last 2 years and getting nowhere near the desired effect. Directives and priorities shift daily.
Management and some weird behaviour with some employees.
It’s depending of what is your nationality and your friends you can get some advantages than others won’t if you know the right person.
Some new employees can get more voice and power because they were friends by who hired them (referral bonus)
but not because of their skills and it can be tricky to deal with.

Advice to Management
Try to listen more your employees

Management is completely in the darkness. Totally lost in focus and denying that the company is crashing due to their lack of focus and poor planning.
Management is unable to keep promises to staff or customers and this has lead to serious unrest.
Management does not listen staff feedback and thinks they know it all.
Shareholders are getting increasingly angry because company share value has dropped almost 90% in a year!
Lot of people are loosing their investment and trust. None of the brands are performing well and their business is in serious decline.
They have also a lot of loan payments and made a significant loss in 2018.

Advice to Management
Management needs to be changed as the current management is out of their depth.

I really feel the company is out of control. Good people are leaving and people very insecure.
Many teams seem like they're in crisis and aren't clear on what the priorities are, strategy is very poor and constantly changing.
C level management are clesrly inexperienced and siloed making decisions which people don't agree with or fully understand.
There is a lot of disengagement right now.

Advice to Management
You have every opportunity to make a success of GiG. Act now to focus on people before all the good ones leave.
CEO needs to prioritise work more, his judgment is questionable.

Lack of real training. Lack of investigation on important human aspects/approaches.
When they tell you farewell they treat you as a criminal (and the point is that you are not guilty of crimes).

Advice to Management
If I was a customer/client my mark would be 0 on many things.
The company can be on top in technology but customers/clients can easily move on a better offer.
The behavior looks that people are not important so be honest with potential candidates please.

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