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Avslutter kveldens "skippertak" på Tomra-trådene med nok en suksesshistorie for Tomra Sorting Food. Denne gangen innen rosenkålproduksjon i Belgia.

Tomra optical sorter: less staff, more quality for the production of Brussels sprouts

Corporate echo | Posted on 16/05/2019 at 16:36

Trypol Pack is a Belgian farmers ' cooperative, located in Flanders, specializing in Brussels sprouts. A production on which they Excel thanks to Tomra sorting machines.

On likes to remember, Brussels sprouts is a Belgian speciality. Born in 1685, it would come from the commune of Saint-Gilles and would be the result of a hybrid of cabbage. So he doesn't have his name at random.

The production of Brussels sprouts has been up for a few years. It is attributed the virtues of a super-food. We can even see new rare varieties, such as the violet-coloured Brussels sprouts and the flowable Brussels sprouts that give the reception tables a look and originality. The demand is still seasonal, it is a vegetable that is consumed rather in winter.

Serving large distribution and transformers

The result of a family farm specializing in this vegetable, it is in 2008 that Trypol Pack is created in order to commercialize its harvest not only in bulk to the industrialists of the agri-food industry, but also, to the fresh market, packaged in nets. This packaging allowed him to go to the large distribution which finds less losses than in bulk. In addition, the packaging lengthens the shelf life of the product.

Production is now exported to 3 neighbouring markets: in France and the Netherlands and Germany. Export represents 80% of the market, compared to 20% on Belgium.

The harvest starts in September for the fresh market. In November, it is oriented towards the customers of the food industry for frozen or canned foods. The sizes over 30mm are for the fresh market. The smallest cabbage, between 15 and 35 mm, go to the industrialists. The combination of the two outlets makes it possible to optimize harvesting and production processes.

With the optical sorting, half the staff on the production lines.

In 2017, Tryvan installed a first Tomra optical sorting machine. This sorter has a capacity of 10 tons/h.

"We wanted to automate as much as possible. Because it is difficult to find staff, the sorting work is really tedious and delicate, explains Evelien Vanlerberghe of Tryvan. "We use a Tomra optical sorter to detect and eject products unsuitable for sale, pebbles, and other impurities from the harvest stream."

It continues: "the machine has allowed us to reduce the workforce: we had about fifteen people on the production line, we now need only 8."

The optical sorting machine guarantees a higher quality level. Optical sorting is more effective than the human eye that gets tired and makes mistakes.

The machine is easy to use. Different programs have been installed, we can launch the one you want in a few seconds from the touchscreen, depending on what happens to us from the fields, the colors and characteristics of the cabbage being different according to the varieties, Brussels sprouts, cabbage with leaves, purple cabbage. It's very simple, easy to handle, and it always has customer service if needed.

Tryvan plans to invest in a new optical sorting machine to directly process the crop in the field. This will ensure the purity of the reported flow of the fields. The process will be more efficient.

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