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We will recover all the lost route! There are ways to earn money without having to manipulate, if NEL was really an overvalued company with years of services and that was doing something wrong, ok, I would support them to sell ... But NEL is a growing company with many things positive ahead! I have this company as a very personal thing, I fully believe in what its management wants to do and I am sure it will bring many blessings not only to the investors but to the whole world! Believe me please ... Trump is an evil villain! What he is doing with all those people who are trying to cross the border with their children he will pay for it, there are many rich people who will have to go through being very poor so that they understand what I tell them! Do not follow that Trump and his loqueras, nothing he does has good intentions and it will be returned to him like a Boomerang! Let's make the markets a trend and let the public decide the price, stop you bankers and brokers the use of those algorithm engines to manipulate that apart from being forbidden the manipulation of institutional against minorities is outrageous software engineer and having to see how clearly they manipulate the price to take out the stock or averaging to the sacrifice of the investors .... Be aware that we have had a lot of patience with their abuses ...
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