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«The overall financial impact of the cyber attack is estimated at NOK 300-350 million in the first quarter. Hydro has a robust cyber insurance in place with recognized insurers. Hydro has not yet recognized any insurance compensation. This will be recorded when deemed virtually certain.»

«Global primary aluminium consumption was stable compared to the first quarter of 2018, split between a marginally negative development in China and slow growth in the world outside China. Compared to the fourth quarter of 2018, global demand decreased mostly due to seasonal effects in China and a weak European market. Global demand for primary aluminium is expected to grow by 1-3 percent in 2019.»

«The federal court decided to keep the embargos on the new bauxite residue disposal area (DRS2). The current bauxite residue deposit area (DRS1), has an estimated remaining capacity of around one year based on estimated Alunorte ramp-up schedule and volume of bauxite residue processed by the press filters. Subject to ongoing geotechnical verifications, the DRS1 remaining capacity might be extended beyond this horizon. The timing depends on both actual production volumes from Alunorte and DRS1’s final regulated capacity. Using DRS2 in combination with new state-of-the art press filters is the long- term solution for Alunorte to dispose bauxite residue.»
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