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Giga Solar to make anode, cathode materials of batteries
Nuying Huang, Taipei; Adam Hwang, DIGITIMES Thursday 6 June 2019 0 Toggle Dropdown
PV conductive paste maker Giga Solar Materials is setting up production lines for pure silicon and silicon dioxide (silica) used as anode materials of batteries in Taiwan and those for cathode materials of LFP (lithium iron phosphate) batteries at its factory in eastern China, according to company chairman Jimmy Chen.

Giga Solar has been developing these materials for 5-6 years, Chen said at a shareholders meeting on June 5.

The production lines in Taiwan will be completed by the end of second-quarter 2019 and kick off production in the following quarter, with shipments to begin in the fourth quarter, Chen noted. Pure silicon and silicon dioxide will be mainly shipped to Long Time Technology, a maker of natural and artificial graphite used as anode materials. Giga Solar is a shareholder of Long Time.

The production of cathode materials of LFP batteries will begin in December 2019, and Giga Solar will supply the materials for outsourced production of LFP batteries in China.

Having also invested in PV power generation projects, Giga Solar on June 4 sold a 100% stake in a PV power-generating station in southern Taiwan to Chenya Energy at NT$236 million (US$7.5 million). The capital gain from the sale is NT$213.3 million.

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