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*Grabein; her er hva TT sa ved tallslipp for Q1 2019:

"There is several companies which has visit us in both Moses Lake and Butte because if they are going to do this production, they'd have to be adjacent to our production facility. There is no way you can transport silane. You have to build plants for making this anode material close to where we make silane. And as Francine said, we are the only company making silane in the U.S. And also, there is very limited competition out in the market elsewhere. So that's the – basically what is our view."

"There's a lot of R&D going on and there is a lot of companies that can – that is working on this. These companies come to REC and says that, we would like to have some exclusive access to silane. But the volume they're talking now is probably 300 metric ton next year, which could move to 3,000 metric ton three years from now. We don't give any exclusivity.

Let's say we want to stay there, see what's going to happen. And when then it is clear which company might be successful, we can start to negotiate. But what we tell them is that if you need silane, we have tremendous amount of capacity. So we are not actively out there, but we are – let's say there has been four, five, six definite companies coming to REC to ask for can we get some kind of access to your facility. And we say, okay, we would like to see that this is going to be a firm contract until we will start to negotiate with them."


-Jeg tror dette ligger 3-5 år frem i tid, før det evn tar av.. Men det må jo starte med NOE - snart......
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