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Et par artikler med mer bakgrunnsstoff om Frankrikes kommende pantesystem.

A "global consultation" for the setpoint

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Citeo takes a stand following the circulation of the circular economy Bill. -

Following the dissemination of the circular economy Bill (CEM) carried by Brune Poirson, Secretary of State for the ecological and solidarity transition, Citeo reacted quickly. Article 12 of the draft proposes a very broad definition of the directive. " Industrialists, distributors, consumer federations and Citeo affirm their willingness to accelerate the performance of packaging and paper collection and recycling. The advisability of a recycling directive for beverage packaging will be studied in the framework of a comprehensive consultation ", indicates the approved company for the valuation of packaging and household papers under the extended responsibility of producers (REP). The position is argued : "studies and modelings, including European experience feedback, establish that a recycling set-up system seems to be the reference option to achieve this ambition. »


The instructions here are to give a packaging a facial value added to the selling price of the product in order to strongly invite the consumer to return it to retrieve the setpoint thanks to an automaton. It is the "Pfand"-or bail-that the Germans have known for a long time. The collection rate of the packages concerned exceeds 90%. This system does not imply the reuse of the packaging contrary to a well-rooted idea. It is also the opposite of the principle of gratuity or « solidarity " set envisaged by Brune poirson originally.

Plastic bottles consignment: the drinks sector and Citeo take the lead

The industrialists and the eco-organization in charge of household packaging are proposing that the State, communities and recyclers join with them to consider the deployment of a deposit for plastic bottles.

Waste | June 07, 2019 | Philippe Collet

On Thursday, June 6, Citeo called on stakeholders in the collection and recycling, as well as the state, to join the work initiated by beverage producers for the deployment of the deposit for the recycling of plastic bottles. The eco-organization in charge of the extended producer responsibility (REP) sector for household packaging proposes a " broad consultation bringing together all the stakeholders, within a framework set by the State" . The objective is to "study the feasibility and possible conditions" of the deployment of the deposit for recycling. This announcement comes as the state plans to impose the deployment of the deposit for certain products or materials.

A first working group has already studied the " conditions necessary to achieve the 90% objective of selective collection for the recycling of plastic bottles set by the European Union and to increase the use of materials recycled " . These works, initiated by companies in the beverage sector and bringing together manufacturers, distributors and federations consumer goods, show that plastic bottles are "the reference scenario for achieving the targets set by the public authorities" . Hence the call, launched to companies, local authorities, public authorities, waste operators, materials and associations, to discuss quickly the implementation of the deposit. The initiators of the consultation would like to see it succeed "by the first quarter of 2020" .
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