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1 + 1 = 2 == Tomra er så fantastisk posisjonert innen megatrenden resirkulering av plast at det knapt er begripelig...!!!

Sjelden har det vært enklere å argumentere for en påstand. Jeg gjør det over to innlegg. Dette og det neste på denne tråden.

Her har vi en artikkel fra RECYCLING TODAY med nye detaljer som til fulle belyser hvor signifikant og betydningsfull "Tomra Leads" konferansen om plast er innen industrien (artikkelen bør leses i sin helhet! Følg linken). Delegatene fra 31 nasjoner fikk altså også demonstrert dagens absolutte "state of the art" sorteringsteknologi for resirkulering av blandet plastavfall, i regi av Tomra, på Ingtera Plastics splitter nye produksjonsanlegg til 40 millioner euro. Integra Plastics oppnår en renhetsgrad på 99.5% (!!!) for sine sluttprodukt (forskjellige typer resirkulert plast). Følg med til neste innlegg når dere har fordøyd dette...

Tomra’s global conference focuses on plastics recycling

Industry leaders share solutions for tackling plastic scrap, conference attendees tour $40M plastics recycling plant in Bulgaria.

June 11, 2019
Posted by Kelly Maile

Leaders in the recycling and waste management industries discussed solutions to the problems posed by plastic scrap at the Tomra Leads Global Conference 2019 June 4-5 in Sofia, Bulgaria.

With the theme “Recycling in a Plastic World,” the two-day event focused on trends and innovations throughout the plastic value chain. More than 200 delegates from 31 countries were also given the opportunity to see how Germany-based Tomra Sorting Recycling's technologies recover reusable materials from household waste at Elin Pelin, Bulgaria-based Integra Plastics’ new 40-million-euro plastics recycling plant.

The third biannual Tomra Leads event was “designed to share knowledge and accelerate progress in recycling and waste management” through keynote speeches, presentations, discussions and networking opportunities, Tomra says in a news release.

“The Tomra Leads conferences are proving to be a useful and popular forum for the exchange of information and ideas,” says Tom Eng, senior vice president and head of Tomra Sorting Recycling. “The focus of this year’s event was something which deeply concerns hundreds of millions of people all over the world: What can be done to tackle the discarded plastic piling up at landfill sites, drifting in oceans and killing marine life. The conference showed how recycling plastic [scrap] has a vital role to play, and how, at the same time as benefiting the environment, this is also a commercial opportunity.”

On the second day of the conference, speakers shared expert insights into the direction of the recycling market, the circular economy and the role of virgin materials and financial investment models. Eng opened the conference with a welcome speech titled, “The future of recycling—Are you ready?”


On a tour of Integra Plastics, which opened February 2019, conference attendees learned the new plant employs 85 people and 14 Tomra Autosort machines. One Autosort is combined with the laser object direction (LOD) system and two were designed for the plant to sort out black film plastics. The facility has capacity to recycle 40,000 tons of mixed-color postconsumer film plastics per year.

Integra’s specialty is the production of high-quality recycled low-density polyethylene (LDPE), high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and polypropylene (PP) granules. Attendees were shown Integra’s entire process for plastic recycling, which starts with plastic scrap arriving in bales and cut by a large shredder.

The shredded material moves along more than one kilometer of conveyor belts, where a magnet and a screen filter out unwanted materials, including metals. The material is then sorted by Tomra machines into six streams, by polyolefin type and color. After hot washing and drying, the plastic flakes are cleaned of any remaining impurities, colors and materials through additional Tomra units before being forwarded for regranulation, where plastics are compressed, melted, filtered, degassed, homogenized and made into pellets.

The pellets are packed into 1-ton bags, ready for reuse in a wide range of applications. At the facility, Integra produces customized resin qualities, including different material grades combined with different colors.
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