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At pantesystem kommer i Frankrike er en fantastisk nyhet for Tomra som markedet ikke har tatt innn over seg ennå, etter min mening.

Et lokomotiv innen resirkulering var en fint synonym for et pantesystem, vil jeg si. Pantesystemer kommer overalt, også for annen emballasje enn flasker og bokser. Det er iallefall min overbevisning.


Elipso backs “locomotive” deposit scheme

June 11, 2019

Plastics association Elipso has welcomed the French government’s consultation on deposit schemes for plastics bottles calling them a “locomotive for recycled PET as well as every other plastics packaging in order to aim for 100 per cent of recovered plastics”.

Emmanuel Guichard, Elipso’s secretary general, believes that the implementation of a deposit scheme in France will enable the country to meet consumer expectations for environmental and littering issues.

The government is set to announce the draft law in the fight against waste on 3 July, 2019, as it promotes a transition toward a circular economy.

The main provisions of the bill provide the possibility of a mandatory minimum incorporation rate of recycled material in new products as well as new sectors to be covered by Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR). This will notably affect packaging for catering as early as 2021, and industrial and commercial packaging starting 2025.

Household packaging EPR is already in force in the country. The contribution to EPR fees will be modulated, through a Bonus/Malus system up to 20 per cent of the product price in regards with environmental performance criteria. It follows efforts by Elipso’s members to target eco-design and the use of recycled materials.

Article 12 of the project bill allows the creation of deposit schemes. CITEO (French Producer Responsibility Organisation for packaging waste) announced a global consultation on the deposit schemes set up in order to recycle beverage packaging.

Elipso believes that deposit schemes will allow France to reach the EU goal of 90 per cent bottle collections in the coming years. Nevertheless, Elipso’s members say that deposit schemes must not interfere with other national waste plans.

Guichard added: “Elipso will be very careful during this consultation on the consequences regarding other plastics packaging collection and the access to recycled PET, not only for bottle production but also for trays, boxes and films.”

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