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Boreresultatet er ventet i slutten av Juli- begynnelsen av August.

Litt mer informasjon om brønnen som skal borres (Fra DNB 31/05):

HIBM-1 well proved high- quality Gamba sand. This well was drilled by AMOCO in 1991 at a downdip location to the Hibiscus prospect, which the company expects to be drilled in 2019.

We believe BW Energy has an exciting programme of appraisal/exploration ahead. From an exploration point of view, Gabon has proven to have a high chance of success compared to worldwide offshore areas as some of the main challenges in exploration drilling related to seal, trap and reservoir have a lower risk than an average offshore exploration well. This is also illustrated by the high success rate on the Dussafu block as well as broader Gabon where 53% of all exploration wells drilled on 3D seismic have been discoveries.

BW Energy has two exploration wells planned in its current drilling programme. The first well is to target the Hibiscus Updip prospect, and the second is to be drilled after the four Tortue production wells. The Hibiscus Updip prospect drilling is scheduled to commence in July 2019, with results expected in H2 2019. BW Energy has options to add up to two additional wells in the rig contract.
Looking further out in time, the larger prospects look likely to be drilled (Prospect A, Prospect B, Prospect 18, and Mupale). These have a higher risk and in our net risked value we have assigned lower risked value to them. In total the identified exploration programme to 2023 is targeting 124mmboe on an unrisked basis, while on an aggregated level we have risked this at 20% of targeted resources.

Hibiscus Updip 12mmboe P50.
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