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Mail fra Ati

Hello Kjetil,

Thank you once again for your e-mail and interest. As Maria is busy with the year end statements, I have prepared the follow up on your e-mail.

The group of about 330 municipalities (there are about 1,134 municipalities in Quebec) are requesting additional measures from governments, which primarily include suggestions to the Quebec government to protect municipal water sources. The group it should be mentioned is composed of mostly rural municipalities with various concerns, and some of which have no hydrocarbon potential. Their suggestions touch a much broader issue as it questions various economic activities as well as drilling and fracking for oil and gas, specifically in relation to municipal water sources and to water in general.

It needs to be stated that water sources and bodies of water are now protected by the Quebec government’s new and recent environmental policies. As for drilling and fracking, the Energy Policy is recognised as one of the most protective in the world. The Energy Policy laws and regulations, we are told, may come into effect shortly and should certainly bring comfort to those who support additional measures.

To date, Altai has received no notice from a municipality situated on an Altai licence. The Town of Becancour, it should be remembered is not situated on an Altai licence.

Altai shares the concern of all Quebec municipalities and their citizens concerning the protection of water sources. Altai is and always has been supportive of meaningful measures for the protection of water sources and bodies of water.

I trust that this answers your querries. If you require more information, please let us know.


Raymond Savoie
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