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Tomra sorting machines makes a difference in the processing of pistachio

02 JULY 2019

Hero Tarım, one of the leaders of pistachio exports, touched on the importance of extraction technologies in the quality of peanuts.

Founded in 1976 as a family-owned company, the Gaziantep-based hero Agriculture continues its successes with its second generation executives. As well as the production of nuts, dried fruits, oilseeds, tahin, legumes, spices and olive oil, the hero is Turkey's largest exporter in the field of pistachio, and it covers 40 percent of the exported antep pistachio. Using TOMRA sorting machines since 2008, Kahraman Tarim also increases co-operation with TOMRA while continuing to grow.

Kahraman Tarim Exports 80 percent of its pistachio to Europe as an industrial product. Pistachios exported to the whole world, especially Italy, Spain, Portugal and Germany, are mainly used in areas such as chocolate, ice cream, pastry, salami, sausage production.
Turkey's annual average of 130,000 tons of shell pistachio production, noting that hero Agriculture deputy general manager Ahmet deadlock; "We are producing 40 percent of pistachio as the subject of exports as Kahraman Tarim. The average 8,000 tone of Turkey's exports of approximately 20,000 tons is hero farming. Every year, our production grows exponentially. Therefore, our cooperation with TOMRA continues to increase, "he said.
In 2008, the first BEST sorting machines started using TOMRA, Kahraman Tarim's production facilities have 6 TOMRA sorting machines. Finally, in 2018, the Nimbus BSI + extraction machines have received a deadlock stating; "The first BEST machine we've received is actually still using high performance. However, the technology is evolving and we have experienced new developments with the TOMRA Nimbus BSI + machines that we have recently received. We've been using this machine for a year. We have always been very sensitive in terms of product quality. We are very pleased with the contribution of Nimbus BSI + to our product quality. "

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