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Fant et par artikler her som er interessante.

Den første...
...omtaler tilfellet mellom "Everest National Insurance Company vs. National Bank of Blacksburg in Virginia. After a major cyber attack resulted in a cyber breach and significant operational downtime, the bank filed a cyber claim with its insurance company in the amount of $2.4 million. After investigating the claim, however, the insurance company has only agreed to pay $50,000 of the total amount. The case goes to court in 2019."

"And, in the case of Everest National Insurance Company vs. National Bank of Blacksburg, individuals connected with the case say that there has probably been a giant misunderstanding about what was covered under each type of insurance policy. Cyber liability insurance, for example, typically only covers network security and liability. A general liability insurance policy covers injuries and property damage stemming from products or services."

Litt lenger ned:
"The so-called “CyberOne Protection” seems to provide the best coverage against a conventional cyber attack, including the cost of restoring and recreating data. But there’s also something called “Data Compromise Protection,” which appears to focus primarily on the loss of sensitive information and data. So which of these two policies would be best in the case of cyber events such as cyber extortion or credit card fraud?"

Den andre artikkelen... fra en kar som sier "I am not an insurance specialist, I am a techie with over 30 years of real-world experience in malware, over 15 years of ethical hacking experience and over 10 years of digital forensics (incident response) as well as working for a large cyber insurer for over 2 years (note past tense) where I worked hand-in-glove with underwriters, brokers and claims staff in helping them understand cyber risks, defences and remediation. I also used to meet with CISOs, IT Security Managers and Risk Managers/Legal Council to understand their risks and processes, procedures, technologies, business partners, supply chain and cloud/outsourced services."

Når det gjelder tilfellet Norsk Hydro uttaler han at "However, in the case of Norsk Hydro, they do have a dedicated Cyber policy, and therefore are covered under that policy (up to their limit, and after taking into account any excess, waiting period, and loss adjustment)."

Ellers mange interessante betraktninger i begge artikler som tydeligvis er forfattet av ressurssterke personer innen temaet.

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