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Norwegian reinforces its collaboration with eDreams Odigeo
NEXOTUR | Miércoles 31 de Julio de 2019,
Customers of eDreams Odigeo will enjoy special conditions.
Norwegian will reach a greater number of travelers in the 46 markets where eDreams Odigeo operates . Through their alliance, customers who book flights on the online group's platforms will enjoy special conditions .
Norwegian and eDreams Odigeo extend their collaboration in order to boost innovation in the industry and offer additional services and benefits to their customers. Through the agreement, travelers who book through the eDreams, Opodo, GO Voyages and Travellink platforms will have access to a greater number of special rates, promotional offers and Norwegian auxiliary services . For its part, the low cost will benefit from the knowledge of eDreams Odigeo about the industry and the consumer, reaching a greater number of passengers in the 46 markets where the online group operates.
Norwegian considers 'essential' to offer affordable rates

In the words of Norwegian's senior vice president of sales and distribution, Lars Sande, "partnerships with companies like eDreams Odigeo and its main distribution brands are an integral part of our business ." "It is essential to keep costs low and offer affordable rates to all our customers, and through this collaboration, a greater number of travelers will be able to access and benefit from our services," he emphasizes.

eDreams Odigeo works with 660 airlines
For the director of air product of eDreams Odigeo, Pablo Caspers , "this new partnership is based on our existing collaboration with Norwegian, and will help improve the service and offer to our common customers."
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