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Activity in Argentina’s Vaca Muerta, long considered the next greatest shale resource outside of the U.S., is picking up. The country’s state-owned oil company, YPF SA, expects shale oil and gas production to grow 35% as costs in the play continue to fall, according to Daniel Gonzalez, the company’s CFO, as reported in a recent article from Reuters.

The company has plans to drill 100 wells in 12 different areas of Vaca Muerta this year, after drilling costs for horizontal wells fell to $1,390 per lateral foot in the fourth quarter 2017 compared with $2,270 in 2016 and $3,050 in 2015, according to the article.

In February the company announced the ratification of Phase 3 of the Bitter Girl pilot project with its partner in the project, Petronas. Phase 3 was made possible due to the good results realized in the first two phases of this joint development of the La Amarga Chica area. Located in the Neuquén Basin, the area is characterized by its richness and potential in shale oil, according to a press release. Planned activities for this final phase could include the drilling of 10 horizontal wells and the construction of new works and facilities to transport the production of shale oil that is obtained in the area, the release said. With a joint investment commitment of $192.5 million, the phase is planned to end in the third quarter.

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