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Tror Nel er meget bra posisjonert i Korea, men det store spørsmålet er også her, når skjer det noe?

Ad. Korea er dette hentet fra Nils Tore Nesthus på facebookgruppen.

Noen timer gammel artikkel fra Korea der Nell-Deokyang er nevnt.

Google Translate til angelsaksisk denne gang,

"39% of LPG filling stations can be equipped with hydrogen filling station.

It has been argued that it is possible to install a hydrogen refueling station at 795 refueling stations, which is 39% of LPG refueling stations in operation.

The Korea Hydrogen Industry Association (KHIDI) hosted the 'Expansion of Multiple Charging Station Expansion' in Gwangmyeong Station on the 24th, attended by 100 gas station and LPG filling station companies.

"As a result of investigating the site compatibility of the entire LPG filling station, it is possible to install a hydrogen filling station in 795 of the 2,036 LPG filling stations in Korea, which is 39%," said Jang Bong-jae, .

However, this investigation can not confirm the information of the individual charging stations.

Chang also said that it is possible to have a required area of ​​165 square meters (50 pyeong) for the installation of the complex charging station.

According to Zhang, he emphasized that a space of 330 square meters (100 pyong) is needed because of the distance from the other fuel sales facility, but in the case of packaged hydrogen refueling station, it is installed in a space of 165 square meters.

An example of a packaged hydrogen filling station at the Yongju rest stop, which was temporarily operated during the Pyeongchang Winter Olympic Games.

"In the case of packaged hydrogen filling stations, development companies are launching compact facilities, so in Korea, it will be possible to install a hybrid hydrogen filling station in a small space after reviewing safety standards."

?In addition, in the spreading contest, Mr. Hee Chun of Nell-Deokyang introduced 'European package type multi-refueling technology'?, Kang Chang Shin, general manager of Kwang Shin Machinery, Canada Bokhafuwon Tank Facility and Technology ', and Jay NK Heater Director Hyun Suk Cho introduced' On-site type multiple filling station technology development status'.

According to the president of the Korea Hydrogen Industry Association, Jang Bong-jae said, "Complex fueling stations can easily secure land, reduce construction costs by up to 60%, and reduce operating costs by as much as 50% As the government's budget support for the transition is limited, fast preoccupation of filling stations and LPG filling companies is very important for securing competitiveness. "

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