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First clinical trials for 212Pb have started
between 2012 and 2014 when 18 patients were
treated with TAT. The commercialization of such
treatment is expected by mid-2020.

In addition to Orano Med, 9 partners from France,
the USA, Norway and Switzerland are involved in
these promising researches (Roche, Radiomedix,
Morphotek, Nordic Nanovector, US National Cancer
Institute, University of Cincinnati, French National
Institute of Health and Medical Research, University
of Alabama at Birmingham, Carat project).

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Heidelberg | London | New York, 11 April 2019

Springer Nature and DrugPatentWatch partner to provide patent information for drug database.Newly available patent information supports researchers in their strategic decision-making in drug discovery

A new module focusing on patents has been added to the drug pipeline tool AdisInsight. The module allows users to find out which drugs have been patented and when regulatory protection may expire.
“Drug patent information can help key stakeholders in the drug discovery process understand the impact of patent expiry on the competitive landscape, or their market share. They may also be able to evaluate licensing opportunities and explore what opportunities exist for drugs without patent protection, as well as develop end-of-life strategies for their products,” explained Dr. Yali Friedman, Chief Executive of DrugPatentWatch.
Jeff Southwood, Product Development Director for AdisInsight, said: “One of the major struggles our users face is that they have to rely very heavily on patent attorneys or IP specialists to assess patent protection because of the expertise required to find this information in patent-specific databases and to understand and interpret these complex documents. Our goal in developing AdisInsight Patents is to advance the drug discovery process by making drug-centric patent information accessible to any user by including familiar search terms and at-a-glance summaries.”
DrugPatentWatch, a provider of global business intelligence on biologic and small molecule drug patents, will deliver the patent content to AdisInsight. The new AdisInsight patents module is available for existing AdisInsight customers to purchase as an add-on to their subscription or to new subscribers to the platform.

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