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Expectations that while demand will dip this year following the policy changes, the 2019 market will revive, with demand exceeding that of 2017. Indeed, Guo Li said he expects to see annual global PV demand in the range of 300 GW in the next three to five years.

Ambitious PV expansion plans for China’s Tongwei, Longi and Sunport still on track

Many expansion plans are still firmly afoot in the Chinese solar PV manufacturing industry, if the information pv magazine gathered from some of the country’s leading manufacturers at last week’s Smarter E event, are anything to go by. Indeed, Tongwei , Longi, Sunport and BYD are all progressing at full speed with their capacity ramp ups.

Speaking to pv magazine, Mr. Zhen Guo Li, General Manager, Director at mono PV module manufacturer, Longi, said the company will progress as planned with its Chinese plans of investing US$300 million in a 5 GW PV module plant, and tripling wafer capacity to 45 GW by 2020.
He added that while Longi’s overseas module sales accounted for just 10% in 2017, this figure will grow to 30% this year, and is expected to expand to over 50% by 2020.

Wenting Sheng, Vice President of Sunport told pv magazine that the company is currently experiencing no oversupply problems, which are affecting more the lower end module market. As such, she said it is still on track to ramp up manufacturing capacity to 2 GW by the end of this year.
Overall, she is very positive about the development of the solar module market in China, as there is still a lack of high efficiency modules – they will become increasingly important for the country’s Top Runner program which, to date, has not been affected by the changes – and few factories that can supply them.

Like Longi’s Guo Li , Sheng was pragmatic about the changes, and also believes that after one to two months, the aftershocks will calm. Prices will always go down, but not so dramatically, she said.
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