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Judge Jeanine warns about 2020 Democrats' extreme leftist agenda: 'You need to start worrying'

Voters need to know the risks of the ideas that the Democrats running for president are pushing -- and how their agenda would impact Americans' day-to-day lives, Judge Jeanine Pirro said Saturday night.

"As the Democratic primaries continue, understand that you are looking at the most extreme leftist agenda America has ever witnessed. So you need to start worrying. In fact, you need to be afraid," Pirro said in her opening statement on "Justice with Judge Jeanine."

Democrats' policies and positions show they simply don't care about everyday people, Pirro said.

"These people don't care about you, your safety, civil tranquility, innocent Americans or law and order," she said. "Because if they did, they would support the police, law enforcement, ICE, Border Patrol, the military and all the agencies designed to protect the safety of the American citizenry.

"But no," she added. "These leftists openly defy the law and protect those who are guilty of violating it."

The host also criticized Democrats for not supporting immigration laws, arguing that the party is trying to add illegal immigrants to the voter rolls.

"These political clowns don't care that Americans overwhelmingly support enforcement of the law," Pirro said. "Their goal is power. They get that power when illegals vote -- because they know they lost the vote of law-abiding Americans, the ones that support the Constitution, the foundation of our laws."

Pirro also listed examples of crimes committed by suspects who she said should have been locked away -- except they were able to take advantage of liberal-backed "bail reform" laws.

Pam Bondi on Trump administration efforts to secure the borderVideo
"The leftists, on the other hand, prefer to subjugate the laws of the land, even if it means sacrificing the rest of us at their altar of political correctness and identity politics," Pirro exclaimed

Pirro once again noted the importance of paying attention to the actions of the Democratic presidential candidates.

"So the next time you watch for the outcome of a Democrat primary, ask yourselves, 'Would you want a country that reflects the policies of these leftists on a national level -- where the rights of the criminal are sacrosanct and the rights of the victim are simply nonexistent, where victims are ignored and where criminals are coddled as if they're violated and not the violators?" Pirro asked. "If that's what you want, then by all means, vote for the Democrat."

Sleepy creepy joe er i lommen på Venezuela-gjengen til dems, som igjen er pay for play for kommunistdiktaturet .

Fredrik fake news wake up ! En adekvat saklig analyse , i motsetning til de hatefulle analysene som fake news media produserer på vegne av kommunistdiktaturet i Kina.

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Pay for play dems ...

Carrie Severino: Far-left Obama-appointed judge launches political attack on conservative Federalist Society

U.S. District Judge John McConnell is an unabashed liberal, big donor to the Democratic Party, and a longtime friend of Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse, a far-left Democrat from the judge’s home state of Rhode Island. McConnell owes his job to Whitehouse, who asked President Barack Obama to nominate him to become a federal judge.

A recent CQ Roll Call investigation showed that McConnell gave about $500,000 to Democratic political committees before becoming a judge – more than any other judge nominated by Presidents Obama or Trump.

Why should you care? Because McConnell sits on the Committee on Codes of Conduct of the U.S. Judicial Conference. The committee sets ethical guidelines for federal judges and recently proposed barring these judges from membership in the Federalist Society, a network of conservative and libertarian law students and lawyers.