Kahoot mot Q3

Q2 og fortsatt Covid19 utfordringer tilsier vel videre vekst og økte inntekter. Hvor kan Kahoot stå når Q3 presenteres og hvilke positive triggere vet man om eller antar kan komme?

EDIT 15.09.20: Kahoot melder at de allerede har oppnådd sin guiding for hele 2020, og hever sine forventninger for Q3! De har 21 mill aktive kontoer og 340000 betalende abonnenter.
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Har de ikke en eiendommelig måte å rapportere inntekter på? Invoiced revenue er ikke det samme som revenue i resultatregnskapet. Sminker de tallene?

I Q2 rapporterte de Invoiced revenue på 9,6 m mens faktisk inntekt var 5,8 mill. Negativ EBIDA 1,2 mill. og negativt resultat 3,1 mill.

Selskapet prises til 18 milliarder. !

Her blåses ting kraftig opp før neste emisjon tipper jeg
Les referatet fra siste generalforsamling
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Har de ikke en eiendommelig måte å rapportere inntekter på? Invoiced revenue er ikke det samme som revenue i resultatregnskapet. Sminker de tallene?

👍👍👍 Invoiced revenue for the Kahoot! Group for Q3 2020 was $11.6 million, compared to $3.4m in Q3 2019 as reported, representing 240% year on year growth. The quarter over quarter invoiced revenue growth was 20% in Q3 2020 (vs. Q2 2020). o Invoiced revenue for the first three quarters 2020 for the Kahoot! Group was $27.7 million, compared to $7.7 million as reported for the corresponding period 2019, representing approx. 260% year on year growth.

Utrolig imponerende, dette kan gå svært langt - swr vi en kurs på 120-150 neste sommer?

Q3 2020 was another strong quarter and reflects continued focused execution by the team in the Kahoot! Group. The Kahoot! Group grew invoiced revenue in Q3 2020 to $11.6m, a 240% increase from reported invoiced revenue in Q3 2019. The quarter over quarter invoiced revenue growth was 20% in Q3 2020 (vs. Q2 2020). The Kahoot! Group had in Q3 2020 solid cash flow with 45% cash conversion from billed revenue, being the fourth consecutive quarter with positive cash flow from operations. The Kahoot! Group reached more than 360K paid subscriptions per Q3 2020. The full Q3 2020 report is scheduled for release on October 29, 2020. Please find enclosed the Q3 2020 trading update report and presentation. An update from the CEO of Kahoot!, Eilert Hanoa: Third Quarter 2020 We are almost closing in on the year 2020, and I am proud to share that our organization has stepped up to the challenges and provided more value to all Kahoot! users around the world. At Kahoot!, we have continued to deliver new initiatives quarter after quarter helping users from all segments to make learning awesome as we get closer to our vision of building the leading learning platform in the world. This past quarter was special as a large portion of the globe experienced a back-to-school season like no other, and we are very happy to be able to deliver our best offerings for teachers and students to successfully start the school year. We continued to add a record number of users and paid subscribers of our offerings as our users accustomed themselves to the "new normal" in the post-COVID reality. After raising additional capital in June this year to help fuel the next phase of Kahoot!'s growth, we shared that we will use the funds to further invest in product innovation, as well as consider new strategic partnerships and acquisitions to further strengthen our platform. I am delighted to share that we have followed through on our promise. Last month, we announced that we are adding Actimo to our growing family, helping us strengthen our offerings for organizations to help them with corporate learning, culture and engagement. Earlier in the quarter, we announced our collaboration with Disney to launch a new series of Kahoot! Academy premium curriculum collections with characters from Disney franchises such as Pixar, Star Wars including Frozen, Cars and more. We also teamed up with Marvel to launch learning games from Kahoot! Academy covering a diverse range of subjects and topics wrapped in Marvel characters! This back-to-school season, we delivered a number of initiatives, to make the transition to virtual learning much easier for teachers and students. This week, we launched Kahoot! EDU, our new and most advanced scalable offering that will help administrators and school leaders bring an enhanced Kahoot! experience to their entire school or district -- whether students are in-class or in virtual learning environments. More than 10,000 educational institutions around the world have already deployed Kahoot! site licenses to connect their staff across departments, schools, districts colleges, or universities, and help them save time. We also launched study leagues in the Kahoot! app to better connect students both at home and in class, and make studying with peers even more fun. The study leagues feature is a new social way to study and increases engagement through friendly competition. In addition, we also overhauled our popular professional development program, Kahoot! Certified, to reflect our latest product updates and new teaching realities to help teachers make the most of Kahoot!. Finally, we are super proud that we launched the Kahoot! app for iOS and Android in Spanish to as the first step to better cater to our growing global community's needs. In the coming months, Kahoot! will be available on the app and the web in several other languages, including Portuguese, French and more. Coming soon will be our new "Courses" feature for Kahoot! 360, our next generation corporate learning platform. This blended learning solution will let corporate trainers combine instructor-led training with self-paced mobile learning to maximize engagement and allow employees to take control over their own learning. Before the end of the year, we will also be launching Kahoot! Family: a combo pack offering families a set of tools and apps to learn at home. This pack will include subscription to the premium version of the Kahoot! app as well as our other learning apps, covering math and reading and chess. For brands and publishers, Kahoot! will be launching a new tailor-made offering later this year, to help them distribute their high-quality content and reach more relevant audiences through the power and reach of the Kahoot! platform. As we enter the final few weeks of the year, we promise to continue with strong growth and better functionality in our products, paying close attention to our users' needs. We will also focus on welcoming the Actimo team into the Kahoot! family. And lastly, we will spend the Q4 preparing the organization for our main listing on the Oslo Stock Exchange in Q1 2020. Highlights Q3 2020 o The user growth on the Kahoot! platform continued with more than 21 million active accounts in the last twelve months (45% YoY growth). Number of hosted games last twelve months was 224m (10% YoY growth) with 1.3bn participants (19% YoY growth). o Kahoot! launched several new features and editions for all three main categories (at Work, at School and at Home), contributing to the growth of both free and paid users in the quarter. o Strong growth in paid subscriptions for the Kahoot! Group, reaching more than 360K in Q3 2020, an increase of 90K paid subscriptions from Q2 2020. The year on year growth in paid subscriptions was 160% per Q3 2020 vs. Q3 2019. Per Q3 2020 the Kahoot! Group had approx. 105K subscriptions in the Work category, 180K subscriptions in the School category and 75K subscriptions in the Home and Study category, including DragonBox curriculum. o Invoiced revenue for the Kahoot! Group for Q3 2020 was $11.6 million, compared to $3.4m in Q3 2019 as reported, representing 240% year on year growth. The quarter over quarter invoiced revenue growth was 20% in Q3 2020 (vs. Q2 2020). o Invoiced revenue for the first three quarters 2020 for the Kahoot! Group was $27.7 million, compared to $7.7 million as reported for the corresponding period 2019, representing approx. 260% year on year growth. o The Kahoot! Group customer base MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue) as of 30.09.2020 reached $2.7m corresponding to ARR (Annual Recurring Revenue) of $32m. o The Kahoot! Group had positive cash flow from operations of approx. $5.2m in Q3 2020, compared to -$0.6m in Q3 2019. Cash flow from operations for the first nine months of 2020 was approx. $10m compared to -$4m for the corresponding period 2019. o Cash and cash equivalents as of 30.09.2020 were $72m. The company has no interest-bearing debt. o The Kahoot! Group expects EBITDA for Q3 2020 to exceed $1m. o Announced the acquisition of Actimo, an employee engagement platform that empowers organizations to more efficiently build corporate culture with better communication, training and interaction with the workforce. The transaction is expected to be completed in October 2020. Forward looking statement o In Q4, the Kahoot! Group expects invoiced revenue to reach $14m, a 20% quarter on quarter growth, where Actimo will contribute with approx. 10% of invoiced revenue. o For the full year 2020, the Kahoot! Group expects invoiced revenue to reach $41-42m (including contribution from Actimo in Q4), a 220% growth year on year. Invoiced revenue for 2019 was $13m as reported for the Kahoot! Group. o Continued solid cash flow from operations in the fourth quarter 2020. o Paid subscriptions (not including Actimo) are expected to exceed 400K by the end of 2020. o Total active accounts for the FY 2020 are expected to exceed 22m. Previous full year invoiced revenue guidance for the Kahoot! Group was approx. $35-38m. The company will provide further guidance for the full year 2020 as a part of the Q3 reporting. The information contained in this statement has not been audited and may be subject to change. Please see Kahoot! News on kahoot.com/news to stay up to date on company news and updates. For more information, please contact: Eilert Hanoa, CEO Phone: +47 928 32 905 Email: eilerth@kahoot.com Ken Østreng, CFO Phone: +47 911 51 686 Email: keno@kahoot.com

Noen som vet noe om den planlagte emisjonen. Form og farge?
01.10.2020 kl 15:11 2877

Hehe, drister meg til å sitere fra en som skriver veldig bra (min mening) på en annen tråd (riktignok relatert til Softox), men kan kanskje være en generell rettesnor for mange:

Klippet fra innlegg av =Normalone= klokken 21.35 om Softox 31.09.2020.


Det er alltid enkelt i ettertid å fortelle hva en burde ha gjort - og du har helt rett i at de som solgte på kr 81 og som kjøpte på kr 58 har gjort det bedre enn de som har kjøpt på høyere kurs og blitt med ned. Det har jeg også lest på mange andre tråder - bl.a på NEL når kursen varierte mellom kr 3 og 5. Utfordringene for dem er at det er vanskelig å kjøpe seg inn igjen når det motsatte skjer - når kursen stiger over sist salgskurs - og det blir enda vanskeligere når kursen fortsetter å stige (blir ofte en mental sperre om å kjøpe seg dyrere inn igjen, hvir en dermed går glipp av den virkelige oppturen - jeg sier ikke at det garantert vil skje i Softox)... Jeg leser at du skriver at de siste meldingene har vært sell on News - men jeg tror at jo flere børsmeldinger vi får som underbygger at Softox er i rute og resultatene fortsetter å være gode (men det er ingen garanti for at det skjer) vil en komme til et punkt hvor kursen virkelig får et rykk, og det vil komme på et mye tidligere tidspunkt enn før pengene renner inn... Som det ble sagt i dag under presentasjonen, er det et enormt potensiale for produktene til Softox (og hvor de pr i dag har vist de beste resultatene) - og derfor tror jeg rykket vil bli relativt stort når vi får flere bekreftelser på at dette vil ha effekten som forespeilet, da vil en mcap på 1 mrd (nesten tredobling av dagens kurs) være billig.


Nesten, den var nede i 41,- virkelig imponerende hvordan du treffer for det meste på dine anslag.
Jeg treffer ikke så ofte, blir ofte litt ned, før oppgang.
01.10.2020 kl 11:48 3366

Kahoot! AS will release a trading update for the third quarter 2020 results at
7:30 AM (CET) on Friday, October 2, 2020.
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Ein ting du må huska på Moonraker e at Kahoot e i ein heilt annen posisjon nå med mange triggere å mange har fått øynene opp. Det trur eg traderane vil merka framøve å kanskje gå på nogen smellar. Men lykke te videre Moonraker

Har alltid sagt at denne skal oppover, og 70 ser vi nok på et senere tidspunkt. Men før det vil den være volatil, og det regner jeg med at de fleste her har sett de siste 3-4 månedene. Tidligere hadde vi en støtte på 30, så 34-35, og nå har vi støtte på rundt 40. Derfor tror jeg at den skal ned til støtten i løpet av den nærmeste tiden, før ørkenvandring og oppover igjen, på bakgrunn av nye triggere. Trading er en del av greia her, og legger ikke skjul på at mye av min fortjeneste er pga trading.
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18.09.2020 kl 12:00 4679

Ja, men du skrev jo dette da den stod i 44 kr: "Blir vel en del gevinstsikring etter dette, tipper at den skal ned til 36-37 igjen før den går videre oppover."

Mens du dagen før skrev: "Ja, nå bør dwt gå oppover dette, tror på 70 før jul".

Noe sier meg at du prøver å påvirke kursen ettersom du selger deg inn og ut? Viser i hvert fall at folk skal se bort i fra det du skriver her.
18.09.2020 kl 08:17 5027

Moonraker nu tar de det lugnt här , du tror du vet allt så då borde du vara rikast i Norge :).

Kunne aldri finne på å selge denne, hvem gjør det slil det er nå? Dessverre vet vi av erfaring at en del gjør det rett etter kursoppgang, og da raser det fort på 4-5 kr..
18.09.2020 kl 00:03 5266

Virka ut som du gjekk glipp av siste oppgang Moonraker

Mye konkurranse fea andre selskaper å framover, tøft marked. Tipper vi skal ned noe, så ørkenvandring
17.09.2020 kl 20:07 5488

Dere må ikke være så kortsiktig, ting tar tid. Denne vil jo bare vokse fremover.
17.09.2020 kl 19:16 5595

Ja det er deilig :). Tryggeste aksjen jeg har hatt, bare håper jeg tar feil :)
17.09.2020 kl 19:05 5605

Var sånn sist.. Guidingen kommer tidlig.. Så ørkenvandring og gevinstsikring frem til rapport, så gevinstsikring og faller etter Q rapport.
Men håper det ikke stemmer :)
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Vil nok gå ned til 40 etter gevinssikring, for så å gå oppover til ny støtte på 44
17.09.2020 kl 13:53 5669

Ser ut til å ha klart seg bra og at det ikke er mange som har gått ut, fornuftig. Har lagt seg rundt 46 nå og gjør seg klar til over 50 før vi skriver 29. oktober da Q3 rapporten kommer :)
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Med slik prising kan Kahoot kjøpe alt de ønsker og printe aksjer som vederlag, med minimal utvanning.

Hvem trenger vel cash?

Ja, men d blir mye gevinstsikring tors og fre, jeg laster opp mer på rundt 40, før den stiger til 50 etter hvert
16.09.2020 kl 09:22 2299

Arctic Securities - Kursmål 64(60) - KJØP!
16.09.2020 kl 07:42 2603

Nok en trigger som vi får vite mer om i Q3- Kahoot kjøper opp Actimo
"Kahoot betaler opptil 300 millioner kroner for Actimo. Oppgjøret skal tas i kontanter og gjennom aksjer i Kahoot. Actimo har rundt 200 bedriftskunder og inntekter på rundt 5 millioner dollar. Kahoot opplyser at de vil komme med flere detaljer når rapporten for tredje kvartal kommer."

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16.09.2020 kl 05:27 2745

Når Trygve Hegnar går til ordmæle er det bare å kaste seg over kjøpsknappen. Den største skeptikeren av de alle. Nå går det kjapt opp.

Jeg regnet med at kursen skulle opp denne uka, det sa jeg tidlig. Når kursen så er gått opp mye, så får vi som sedvanlig grundig gevinstsikring - og da er det store beløp å få med seg. Slik har det vært 5 ganger nå, og det blir også slik denne gangen.
15.09.2020 kl 22:50 3050

For ikke bruke store ord. Dette blir spennende.