EMGS partner OFG carbon-neutral-survey-platform


Canada backs carbon neutral survey platform development

Led by XOCEAN’s Canadian business together with partners ABCO Industries, DMR Boat Design, Ocean Floor Geophysics (OFG), and Fisheries and Oceans Canada, the project aims to develop a fully integrated platform, controlled and operated by over the horizon satellite communications technology with the capability of an underwater towed body of sensors.

EMGS CSEM sensorer integrert?


“We are delighted to have entered into this agreement with EMGS”, stated Richard Cooper, President of OFG Multiphysics. “Combining our technologies, expertise and market experience is an obvious next step for both companies and allows us to provide fast and efficient data acquisition and processing services over the widest possible range of marine environments for resource and environmental applications.”

“We see industry collaboration as key for advancing the EM technology. This agreement allows us to expand our acquisition offering to also include the towed-streamer technology and together with OFG we will continue to work on expanding the CSEM market and the range of CSEM applications”, said Bjørn Petter Lindhom, CEO of EMGS.
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