ZENA - Kataklysterisk oppgang i vente! KANAKAS!!

Her er det kataklysterisk oppgang i vente!
Nå har den ligget lenge nok og lagget og festen kan begynne for alvor. Her er det bare å stålsette seg for sinnsvake kurshopp.

Kjøp med begge hender!!


Hvis du leser en gang til det som jeg hentet fra artikkelen, så ser du at det der henvises til hvilken lisens de er kvalifisert for.
Og tildeling vil jo uansett ikke finne sted før de har betalt signerings-bonusen.

Men uansett så tenker jeg at det som myndighetene i Nigeria har kokt sammen vil være gjenstand for, og mye advokat-mat:
"The lack of knowledge of who your partners are raises the risk involved in the funding of the signature bonus. So does the instruction to awardees attached to every field to create a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) to act as operator."

Der kan jo være at det er operatørene som har fått dem. Samtlige av disse er jo nigerianske selskaper.
09.03.2021 kl 16:48 4632

Ordet «tildelingsbrev» var nok feil, burde stå tilbud om spesifisert eierandel i en spesifisert lisens. Dette er en forpliktelse fra myndighetenes side, og følgelig en viktig milepæl selv om det sikkert gjenstår mye før alt er på plass. Om Zenith et best tjent med å satse sine ressurser i andre markeder er jo en annen sak. Virker merkelig hele prosessen.
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09.03.2021 kl 16:50 4638

Vet ikke, tror ikke det. Fra dagens epost:

«In line with our market announcements, we are still awaiting an official response regarding our participation in the Nigerian Marginal Bid Round which explains why there has been no regulatory announcement.»

Rote seg borti 3 land i Afrika, dette vil ta årevis før noe i det hele kan materialisere seg på noe som helst vis, om det i det hele tatt lar seg gjøre
09.03.2021 kl 18:16 4469

Florida, thanks for your response. Yes, the SLK concession and the N Kairouan Permit have a great deal more potential than just work-overs of the current producing wells. I mentioned aspects of this potential in posts dated 14.06.2020 & 13.09.2020 but there is much more. The permit area, excluding SLK, has been targeted by 22 exploration wells, 6 of which flowed oil to surface from the Abiod and/or Bireno-Douleb reservoirs, so with the recent advances in seismic interpretation could well justify further exploration and development drilling. . The adjacent 536 sq km Bouhajla Permit could also be on ZEN's radar following the $7m BHN-1 failed intervention by DualEx as it leaves at least 3 other targets immediately west of the SLK Field. However all this is potential mid to long-term so I will not enlarge further at this stage.

What is currently more relevant is that on the assumption that ZEN would only be interested in acquiring additional onshore fields with mature oil production, and preferably with associated developmental and prospective potential, there are approximately 33 possible candidates. ETAP, the Tunisian national oil company, has an interest in all but 9 of these.

Sidi El Kilani, the first acquisition, was an obvious target, being the only field in which two global O & G companies had their sole Tunisian representation, so at the time a prime candidate for divestment of minority interests. With both KUFPEC and CNPC thus out of the picture, that leaves ENI [ENI Tunisia BV] and Total [CFTP] the only national majors with interests, those of the former being by far the most significant.

ENI are diversifying into solar, and gas to electricity conversion, and have major offshore O & G production [Maamoura, Baraka.] and exploration interests in the marine extension of the Pelagian Basin [ a geological construct] between Tunisia and Sicily. They are also active in further developing the major MLD [Makhrouga, Laarich, Debbech] and El Borma Fields in the south. Of the remaining 5 or 6 onshore legacy fields, all in the far south, Oued Zar/ Hammouda may be on offer as it is the subject of a July 2019 Wood Mackenzie report, but with both oil and gas production in steep decline from a 9500bopd peak in 1999 [5150bopd by 2010] and an associated gas to power plant to maintain, I doubt ZEN would be tempted. Likewise for any of the other southern fields.

Total's interests are now largely upstream, so CFTP its Tunisian subsidiary, has relatively limited O & G production and that committed to maintaining its upstream services. So highly unlikely to be offloading any of its onshore fields, all 100% owned.

OMV, the Austrian conglomerate has already disposed of most of its former interests in Tunisia, mostly to Perenco in 2017/18, but retains a stake in 8 southern fields producing a net total of 5000 boe/d, comprised of Chourouq 50% [ETAP 50%] 160bopd, Durra 50% [ETAP 50%] 600bopd, Nawara 50% [ETAP 50%] 2500bopd, Anaguid Est 50% [ETAP 50%] 290bopd, Jinane 50% [ETAP 50%] 123bopd, Banafsej Sud 50% [ETAP 50%], Adam 20% and Sondes 40% [ETAP 50%] zero production. Nawara includes a major gas'condensate project of considerable strategic importance to the country and forms part of OMV's growth strategy. The Durra/Mona Field may however be negotiable and of interest to ZEN as Wood Mackenzie issued a report on it in September 2020, it being two oil finds brought onstream in 2011 within a previously known gas/condensate Silurian reservoir. The oil is trucked to the nearby Cherouq facilities.

Perenco, a rapidly growing mid-tier global, has since 2002 increased its Tunisian interests to 10,000boed of condensate and substantial LPG and gas production. Following a swathe of acquisitions in 2017 & 2018, including 50% of SEREPT, a JV with ETAP, and considerable investment in 3D onshore seismic, Perenco is unlikely to be offloading any of its interests. More likely it will be competing to acquire further interests and is a likely candidate for the UPL Saouaf farm-in.

Panoro Energy reported 2020 production of 4000bopd [1160bopd net] from its 29.4% share of the TPS assets, ie 3 onshore fields and 2 in shallow waters offshore from the city of Sfax. It also has a 52.5% interest in the Sfax Offshore Exploration Permit and the Ras El Besh concession, including 3 recent oil finds, P50 estimates of 250m barrels in place and very considerable exploration potential. Panoro is currently acquiring massive offshore interests in Equatorial Guinea and Gabon from Tullow Oil so with its Tunisian focus apparently also on the offshore potential, there is the possibility of it offloading the three onshore fields of Gremda/El Ain, Rhemoura 390 bopd and Guebiba/El Hajeb 2500-3000bopd, all ETAP 51% and Panora 49% interest. These fields have similar geotechnical characteristics to those of Sidi El Kilani so might be of interest to ZEN.

Mazarine Energy, a private equity enterprise backed by Carlyle Group, wants a partner to help finance up to half of its interests in the Ghrib, SMG-1, Zaafrane and Douiret concessions. Current production is 1400 boed and new wells are planned in association with ETAP which has a 50% interest. I doubt AC would be interested in any private enterprise partnerships.

Serinus Energy in its most recent presentation [Jan 2021] appears positive about future development of its Sabria, Chouech Es Saida and Ech Chouech concessions. Its 100% WI in the none-producing Zinnia Field which expired Dec 2020, does not however seem to have been renewed so is presumably now open for negotiation.

If ZEN acquire one or more additional fields in Tunisia, it will be to build production and enhance the potential for further development of those assets, The next few months will probably reveal the extent to which they are successful in that objective.

09.03.2021 kl 19:44 4295

Tenkt og gjøre samme tabben.......???? :-)


BØRSBLEMME: Konsernsjef Anders Opedal og Equinor gikk glipp av firedobling av Athabasca-aksjen.

Siste ord er vel neppe sagt i lisensrunden i Nigeria. Med litt tålmodighet så kan kanskje AC gjøre en virkelig god avtale her også:

"Partner and Head of Odujinrin & Adefulu’s Energy Practice & Real Estate and Mining Teams, Adeoye Adefulu believed that a lot of the people, who were awarded the first set of marginal field licenses lack financial and technical capacity, adding that they saw the licences as an end in itself.

Adefulu said: “The companies did not have the money. They were not prepared. The companies also had board issues. Most people thought the marginal field licence was the end in its self. A lot of people do not have the technical and financial capacity.”"

Redigert 09.03.2021 kl 19:47 Du må logge inn for å svare
09.03.2021 kl 20:11 4242

Adeoie Adefulu sier om flere av lisenssøkerene at " they saw the licences as an end in it self." Det gjelder selvfølgelig ikke ZENITH .. LOL
09.03.2021 kl 20:44 4131

Slik jeg tolker dagens nyheter/artikler, vil da Zenith få et tilbud om et eller annet som en av de 160 som gikk gjennom til siste runde. Deretter spekuleres det av lokale eksperter at flere av disse selskapene ikke vil klare å finansiere signaturbonusen, noe som åpner opp for nye muligheter for Zenith og andre.
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09.03.2021 kl 20:55 4097

Det er rett. Ligger noen godbiter fremfor oss no.
09.03.2021 kl 21:47 3891

Ligger noen godbiter i form av et ekstremt pengesluk. Utvikle disse områdene er ikke noe annet enn umulig for en mini som ZE
Nigeria er Nigeria....I've been there
Redigert 09.03.2021 kl 21:50 Du må logge inn for å svare
09.03.2021 kl 22:06 3779

Nå er det heller ikke et prosjekt for Zenith alene men i samarbeid med flere partnere.
09.03.2021 kl 22:20 3708

Er det meldeplikt for 5% eierskap nå?
Ser det har kommet melding om at Nordnet er under 5 %.

09.03.2021 kl 23:06 3585

Kom melding 03.03 om at de bikket over 5 %. Nå er det vel et par som har solgt igjen. Får ikke kjedeligere RNS enn det.
10.03.2021 kl 07:19 3210

Merkelig om de ikke har mottatt info om tildelingen. Kan set hende noen fortsatt er sur??
10.03.2021 kl 07:50 3129

Det var jo i Congo at de hadde ertet på seg en kvinnelig topp byråkrat. I Nigeria derimot har det ikke lekket ut noe info om at Zenith har trakket noen på tærne.

Disse signaturbonusene er jo hinsides all fornuft. Du skal ikke se bort ifra om flere trekker seg.

Eventyrlig oppgang hittil idag. Bare å stålsette seg, ikke få høydeskrekk folkens 👍🤙
10.03.2021 kl 09:39 2845

Det er nok noe som blir lagt merke til i flere land, men får håpe de legger det bak seg og signerte papirene begynner å velte inn😁 ha en fin dag

Det kan også se ut til at støtten på 13 øre blir sterkere for hver dag som går.
10.03.2021 kl 22:47 2542

dette er meget positivt og antakelig er det bakt inn i prisen allerede
10.03.2021 kl 22:55 2533

Magefølelsen ser melding innen helgen. Gjerne i morgen:)

Jeg er klar! 🙏
11.03.2021 kl 09:23 2282

Er det noen som begynner å tvile på ChineseWhispers? Eller er vi håpefulle? Øker shukran på slutten av meldingene troverdigheten? Jeg mener ja.
Redigert 11.03.2021 kl 09:24 Du må logge inn for å svare
11.03.2021 kl 09:30 2240

Jeg tror Shukran har dårlig informerte kilder. Men, det er jo lov å håpe på avklaring før helgen.

Det er ikke sikkert han har dårlige kilder, men det politiske som setter en liten stopper før AC kan børsmelde!

uansett ufattelig stabil kurs de siste måneder...liget mellom 13 og 14 øre nå i to mnd selv om det har hvert nedsalg fra enkelte...skal bli så ufattelig deilig å få noe avklart....

Det kan jeg være så saktens enig i!
11.03.2021 kl 10:09 2245

Det er vel ingen her som tror på Chinese Whispers . A Chinese Whisper er jo en ordlek i barneselskap som ender opp med at en fjær blir til fem høns .

Ser at de siste par dager at det har blitt kjøpt langt større poster på den engelske børsen i forhold til tidligere! Det er jo ikke akkurat mange handler der, men handlemønsteret avviker jo noe enn ellers :))) Er det noe i luften?
11.03.2021 kl 10:48 2140

Gikk jo en kjempe post i går på hele 46000 kr.

Poenget er at handlemønsteret har begynt å forandre seg i forhold til det som har vært "normalt" den siste tiden! Men jeg skjønner at du er veldig negativ til Zenith og kommer kun med negativitet ang selskapet. Hvorfor du gjør det er det fordi du skal ha billige aksjer før kursdrivende nyheter kommer????

Fikk et helt ok svar fra AC på epost i går. Mitt spørsmål var relativt rett på sak " Is there something completely wrong? You have spent 3 weeks in Tunisia with no result?? "
AC svarer følgende: Dear Mr. xxx,

I hope you are well and thank you for your e-mail.

In response, I refer you to our regulatory announcements which fully and accurately reflect our position in respect of our objectives.

You will also understand that I cannot answer questions regarding any price sensitive information.

I kindly recommend reading about the current geopolitical events in both these countries in order to contextualise the slow progress.

Similarly, it will also be useful to read about the past timelines of other operators working in these jurisdictions (some of which are listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange)

I remain fully confident in our strategy and I am very encouraged by the greatly strengthened oil price environment.

Best regards,

Andrea Cattaneo

Chief Executive Officer

Zenith Energy Ltd
11.03.2021 kl 11:38 1992

Får meg til å tenke tilbake på intervjuet med FinancialFox:

"How long are you staying in Africa this time?"
- As long as it takes.