10Y Treasury Hits A Stunning -4.25% In Repo As Yields Blow Out

05.03.2021 kl 07:39 184

Last night we first pointed out something shocking: as a result of a massive wave of shorting in Treasurys in the past three days, the 10Y hit a record -4% in repo, an extremely rare event and one which occurs only when there is a dramatic shortage of collateral as a result of overshorting (think of it as very hard to borrow condition for stocks). What was even more amazing is that the repo rate was below the fails charge, which at least in theory is the absolute minimum that a 10Y rate can hit in repo. Effectively, it meant that an investor in the repo market lending money so others could short the 10Y ends up paying rather than getting paid. Needless to say, this is a clear breach of one of the most fundamental relationships in the repo market, where lenders of cash always get paid - however little - in order to make a more liquid and efficient market.

This stunning issue quickly escalated and this morning Bloomberg followed up on this critical topic: