Aner ikke om nogen følger denne noget tvivlsomme aktie, men lige nu er der faktisk temmelig positiv medvind på raterne - se her

Suezmax Rates
Last week: 23,7
This week: 30.8 !!!
YTD: 14.4 !!!


03.02.2020 kl 00:23 1690

Hamilton, Bermuda, January 31, 2020

Dear Shareholders,

Many of you are asking us about the Corona virus and its impact.

As of now, we do not see any important implications for NAT. For us, it is business as usual.

Another question is how the Corona virus is impacting the tanker industry in general. We shall publish our 4Q2019 results on Tuesday February 18, 2020 and we shall comment more extensively at that time.

Chairman & CEO

Herbjorn Hansson

Nordic American Tankers Ltd.
18.02.2020 kl 15:06 1582

Our Net Profit for 4Q2019 came in at $12.7m against a Net Loss of $13.7m for 3Q2019 and a Net Loss of $10.5m in 4Q2018.

Today we announce distribution of our 90th consecutive quarterly dividend. The dividend for the fourth quarter of 2019 will be 7 cents ($0.07) per share, payable on March 16, 2020, to shareholders of record March 2, 2020. In the previous quarter we paid a dividend of 2 cents ($0.02) per share.

Developments so far in the first quarter of 2020 confirm the momentum in the tanker market. Although rates have eased recently, we believe the outlook for 2020 remains solid. A stronger market going forward will form the basis for increased dividends. Please also see paragraph 5 below.

The balance between increased dividend and reduction of debt is a central Risk Management question. In addition to the increased dividend, NAT has since our 3Q2019 report reduced long-term debt with about $20 million, further strengthening our balance sheet. The company’s long-term debt to total assets ratio is about 37%, which is among the lowest in the industry.

The average Time Charter Equivalent (TCE) achieved for the fourth quarter of 2019 across our fleet was about $31,700 per day per ship. So far in 1Q2020 about 70% of the trading days of our 23 suezmax units have been booked at an average TCE of $53,000 per day per ship. This is a strong improvement and an encouraging signal for increased dividend payments. Our operating costs are about $8,000 per day per ship.

Recently we have seen several events come and go, such as the trade negotiations between the US and China and the tensions in the Middle East. These events now seem like a distant past.

The tanker market was showing solid strength before these events and the positive developments continued in 2020. The Corona virus is now grabbing the headlines. The virus could have a negative impact in the short term. New regulations (IMO 2020) and muted supply of ships have in itself created a strong base for a solid future for the tanker industry.

The quality of the NAT fleet is first rate, reflected in the vetting record of our ships. Vetting is the assessment of oil companies to establish the technical and operational quality of our fleet. All our ships are running on IMO compliant fuel.
02.03.2020 kl 10:40 1527

Nordic American Tankers Ltd (NYSE: NAT) – Comments on Scrubbers
Bermuda March 20, 2019
Dear shareholders/investors,
Nordic American Tankers Ltd (NYSE: NAT or the “Company”) communicated its view on the new Sulphur requirements, effective from 2020 in our Press Release October 24, 2017 and in a NAT conference call held February 20, 2019. The Company is steadfast on its decision that scrubbers are not a solution for NAT based upon a conservative financial policy. NAT does not take on risk it does not have to.
An increased number of ports now prohibit or impose strict requirements on the use of scrubbers, which purify emissions from large ships. The scrubber cleans the exhaust from vessels for Sulphur and emit impure water into the sea, and that is what the ports now will put an end to. Therefore, we still do not see that this new requirement is an issue for NAT.
According to Reuters of yesterday, the Norwegian authorities may ban the use of scrubbers. It is indicated in the Reuters message that a worldwide ban may become in effect.
Press Release October 24, 2017. In this press release it was stated that discussions about the sulphur requirements for bunker consumption on ships to be in effect from 2020. Our 33 (which NAT had at the time) Suezmax tankers are fully compliant to run on 0.10% sulphur content or less. Therefore, going forward we do not see that this new requirement is an issue for NAT.
Conference call February 20, 2019.
The same scrubber considerations were discussed at the NAT investor conference call February 20, 2019.
Reuters: Norway considers a ban on scrubbers
Now, a ban on so-called scrubbers is also being considered in Norway, according to Reuters.
An increasing number of ports around the world prohibits the use of scrubbers, which purify emissions from large ships. The news agency E24 wrote a few days ago how the industry believes that ships without scrubbers could be exposed, as more and more customers demand lower emissions from their shipping partners.
Now comes the news that several ports consider banning scrubbers. The point of the scrubbers is that they clean the exhaust from the ships for sulphur. The consequence is that the ships pump impure water into the sea - and that is what the ports will now put an end to, writes Reuters. Also in Norway, a ban on the use of scrubbers that emit unclean water into the fjords is now being considered. E24 refers to a non-named source in the Ministry of Climate and Environment.
It is a question whether all types of scrubbers may be prohibited.
The International Shipping Organization (IMO) has decided that the limit for sulphur content in fuel used in shipping should be reduced from the current 3.5 per cent to 0.5 per cent.
We cannot say for certain what the outcome can be expected to be. We feel confident, though, that the view of NAT communicated explicitly Oct 24, 2017, is the right avenue forward.
Whether a worldwide ban may become relevant, remains to be seen.
17.03.2020 kl 14:50 1367

Dear Shareholders,

We receive questions about the state of the tanker market, which is the strongest we have seen in decades.

Increased exports from Saudi Arabia lead to extra demand for tonnage. As an example, it has been indicated that one million barrels a day extra from Saudi Arabia to the Far East create demand for about 45 suezmaxes. It is simple: Increased demand leads to more transportation work for our tankers. The last days we have entered into solid contracts for our suezmax tankers in the region of $65,000 per day to more than $100,000 per day. Our operating costs are about $8,000 per day per vessel. NAT has 23 suezmaxes which can load one mill barrels each.

We paid 7 cents ($0.07) in dividend in the fourth quarter of 2019. We are hopeful to double that for the first quarter of 2020. NAT is now entering into contracts that go into the second quarter of 2020.

Please note that the comments made in this message are not predictions. Our description is a glimpse of the tanker market as we see it now.

All the commotion associated with the virus is impacting many companies and people. The impact on NAT is limited.

As matters stand now, we are in a very strong phase of the tanker market. We believe that this could last for quite a long time including next year (2021). Our description of the future is of course not a promise, but it is an indication how matters stand at this time as we see them.

NAT is on a very strong footing. We expect this to benefit our shareholders.

Best regards,

Herbjørn Hansson
Chairman & CEO
17.03.2020 kl 14:53 1347

Litt vanskelig å forstå hvorfor kursen er så lav med så gode utsikter. Igår fallt den over 20%, men stiger idag uten å ta igjen det tapte foreløpig. Kursen burde våære minst 5 kroner med slike rater. Så Corona må innvirke på kursen, selvom den ikke innvirker på driften, slik Hansson orienterer om.
17.03.2020 kl 16:44 1299

Hanson ser lyst på fremtiden og smiler bredt. Jeg syns kursen er litt lav nå. fra § 2,58 til § 2,85 nå.
Redigert 17.03.2020 kl 17:05 Du må logge inn for å svare
17.03.2020 kl 17:38 1261

Det kom jo kursmål på kr 6 på slutten av fjoråret basert på de sterke ratene. Nå er de enda sterkere, men det skal ikke forbause meg at kursen slutter ned i dag også.
Kursen ligger å subber rundt bunnivåene for inneværende år. Nei, olje er ikke så enkelt som man skulle tro. Er det utbyttene som er for små?
18.03.2020 kl 13:10 1126

As informed shareholders yesterday, we are in an extraordinarily strong tanker market with tanker rates ranging from USD 65,000 to USD 100,000 for individual contracts. The financial position of NAT is solid. NAT has an increasing cash flow. In view of the above main factors, the NAT Board has decided to establish a share buy-back program.

The program opens for NAT to buy its own stock. It may commence when NAT sees it fit. The program shall be in place the next 24 months as from March 19, 2020. It is a sound commercial undertaking to be able to buy back stock from time to time.

NAT may discontinue the share buy-back programme at any time. All aspects associated with such a program follow the rules of NYSE, SEC and other relevant agencies.

Best regards,

Herbjørn Hansson
Chairman & CEO
18.03.2020 kl 13:25 1112

NAT opp fra 2.60 til 2.65 i pre traden
Takk for det innlegget Hanson.
Og fint du bryr deg om oss småaksjonærer og poster kommentarer her på siden.
Redigert 18.03.2020 kl 13:29 Du må logge inn for å svare
18.03.2020 kl 17:36 1075

Men det hjalp så lite. Fortsetter ned idag.
19.03.2020 kl 17:10 1032

Coronna ødelegger min aksje nerver. Solgt nettopp og fikk $ 2,705 mot kjøp på 2,58. Hadde tenkt å få min $ 5 for aksjen men lot den gå med en liten gevinst.
Men jeg hadde real time kurs på Yahoo finnace så da var det greit å handle på NYSE.
Redigert 19.03.2020 kl 17:17 Du må logge inn for å svare

Hamilton, Bermuda, March 24, 2020

Dear shareholders,

On March 17, 2020 we indicated that the dividend for the fourth quarter 2019 could be expected to double in 1Q 2020. The timecharter for our fleet in 1Q 2020 will be about $45,000/day per ship. NAT has 23 suezmaxes. Operating costs are $8,000/day per ship.

The Board of NAT has decided that the actual dividend will be 14 cent per share for 1Q 2020 versus 7 cent for 4Q 2019. The dividend for 1Q 2019 was 3 cent per share.

The first quarter 2020 report will be announced May 18, 2020. The record date for the dividend will be Tuesday May 26, 2020 and the payment date will be Friday June 5, 2020.

NAT has an objective to prioritize dividend.

The market for our ships remains very strong.

Best regards,

Herbjørn Hansson
Chairman & CEO

Det begynner jo å monne. Om kvartaleutbyttene blir tilsvarende året ut vil det for mitt vedkommende bety nesten 20% av verdien på mine aksjer pr. idag. At mine aksjer til gjengjeld har fallt 30% får man vel skylde Corona for? Men kursen kan jo godt få seg et løft framover om markedene roer seg, selvom kanskje det igjen fører til lavere rater? Ett par måneder med dagens ratenivå har ihvertfall dekket inn hele årets driftsutgifter, så da er resten netto.

Nå snakker vi! Opp 20%. Bare ett blaff eller snur det nå?

"Hamilton, Bermuda, March 24, 2020

Dear shareholders,
Mr Alexander Hansson has today bought 350,000 shares in NAT at $2.92.
Alexander Hansson is a Director of the board of NAT. He is son of Herbjørn Hansson, NAT Chairman & CEO.

Best regards,

Herbjørn Hansson
Chairman & CEO
Nordic American Tankers Ltd."

NAT steg 26% igår.

Ser ut som at jeg bare sitter og snakker med meg selv her. NAT fortsetter opp idag. +9% i øyeblikket.

Og sluttet i minus.

Nytt innsiderkjøp:

"Hamilton, Bermuda, March 26, 2020

Dear Shareholders,

Insider Alexander Kihle bought yesterday 72,000 shares in NAT at $3,54. Alexander Kihle is our Finance Manager, responsible for important financial matters in our group.

Best regards,

Herbjørn Hansson
Chairman & CEO"

Innsidekjøp som perler på en snor:

Hamilton, Bermuda, March 25, 2020

Dear shareholders,

Mr Erik Tomstad, EVP & Head of Chartering in NAT has today bought 84,760 shares in NAT at $3,37. Mr Tomstad is responsible for employing our tankers in the market.

Best regards,

Herbjørn Hansson
Chairman & CEO

Nordic American Tankers Ltd.

Og opp nesten 15% fredag. Hvorfor er det så lite interesse for denne?

Har aldri sett maken! Ny innsidehandel idag:

Hamilton, Bermuda, March 30, 2020

Dear Shareholders,

The NAT CFO Bjørn Giæver has today bought 60,000 shares in NAT at $4.725 per share.

Best regards,

Herbjørn Hansson
Chairman & CEO

Nordic American Tankers Ltd.

17,5% opp i dag. 90% på en uke. Noen som er med her?

Både NAT og FRO ned ca 4,5% idag.

Hamilton, Bermuda, April 2, 2020

Dear Shareholders,

In our messages during March we informed you that the dividend for the first quarter of 2020 would be double the dividend of the last quarter of 2019, rising from 7 cent to 14 cent. Dividend is a priority. The start of 2Q is much stronger than 1Q 2020.

The second quarter of 2020 is continuing in a solid way. Some fixtures in March indicate the freight level:

14 days - USD 80,000 per day

30 days - USD 50,000 per day

68 days - USD 48,000 per day

25 days - USD 57,000 per day

40 days - USD 43,000 per day

28 days - USD 64,000 per day

40 days - USD 26,000 per day

60 days - USD 89,000 per day

60 days - USD 90,000 per day

60 days - USD 75,000 per day

55 days - USD 90,000 per day

18 days - USD 110,000 per day

Please note that NAT has operating costs of USD 8,000/day. We have concluded contracts of longer duration than above.

We expect to see a strong market going forward.

Best regards,

Herbjørn Hansson
Chairman & CEO

Nordic American Tankers Ltd.

Her renner pengene inn.

De oppgitte kontraktene gir en netto inntjening på 30.219.000 USD. (311.291.962 Nkr)
Til sammenligning var netto inntjening i 4 kvartal (2019) 12.700.000 USD

Så da ligger det vel an til et stup i kursen her også. Ikke lett å forstå tank for en enkel sjel.