NAVA - Releases SippLinkT for MetaVision

16/10-2018 08:00:21: (NAVA) Navamedic ASA: Releases SippLinkT for MetaVision,
one of Europe's leading electronic patient journal systems.

Navamedic ASA (OSE: NAVA), the Norwegian medtech and pharmaceutical products
company, announced today that it has released its wireless connectivity
solution, SippLinkT for iMDsoft's patient data monitoring system (PDMS),
MetaVision. The release follows successful validation at Uppsala University
Hospital in Sweden, and represents the market's first wireless PDMS-connected
digital urinometer.
SippLink enables wireless transfer of data between the Sippi urine measuring
system and an external patient data monitoring systems (PDMS). Following
successful validation at the University Hospital of Uppsala in Sweden, SippLink
for the PDMS MetaVision has now been released to the market. MetaVision is one
of the leading PDMS vendors in Europe with clients in Norway, Sweden and all
major EU countries. This is the second electronic patient journal system that
now is compatible with SippLink. Sippi is the market's only digital urine
measurement system supporting wireless data transfer to these systems.

"We are very happy to announce the release of SippLink for MetaVision following
successful clinical validation at Uppsala University Hospital. This marks a
milestone in our roll-out of Sippi to the increasing number of clinics equipped
with PDMS, including all major hospitals and university hospitals. Being able to
offer connectivity to Sippi is also a major step for our sales development
across Europe, as Sippi is the only system on the market that can close the
final gap for a fully digitalized intensive care unit, including digital urine
measurement," says Magnus Emmoth, CEO of Navamedic Medtech.

Sippi is a new standard for urine monitoring which enables automated digital
measurement. The Sippi® system represents a new and improved way of monitoring
urine output, the last manual and non-digitalized viral parameter within the
Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

For further information, please contact:

Tom Rönnlund, CEO, Navamedic ASA, Tel: +46 727 320 321
Magnus Emmoth, CEO, Navamedic Medtech AB, Tel: +46 704 12 11 97

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Løsner det for Sippi nå tro?

De må vel kunne klare å selge dette i Norge også nå hvis det er MetaVision som er standarden her.
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16.10.2018 kl 15:18 934

Nytt innsidekjøp i dag på 12 000 aksjer. Samt lansering av SippLinkT. Nava opp 5,8 %.
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