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Announcement by AUSTRIACARD HOLDINGS, Holding Company of
Inform P. LYKOS S.A.:
next generation of payment cards and services globally
Vienna, December 21st, 2021
“Following the successful merger with TAG SYSTEMS in recent years, AUSTRIACARD’s decision to join forces with NITECREST was straightforward, the latter being a leading provider for cards and services in the UK with sales globally, as well as the undisputed leader for Europe’s Fintechs, through TAG_NITECREST. The fit was perfectly complementary” said P.Spyropoulos, Group CEO of AUSTRIACARD HOLDINGS, in Vienna.
Jon Neeraas, CEO of TAG SYSTEMS stated: “We have always been super impressed by NITECREST’s group rounded service offering. Collectively, we have continued to dominate the Fintech and Retail space and are very pleased to have reached a deal at group level of AUSTRIACARD HOLDINGS, with NITECREST’s shareholders and management. We strongly believe that this move shall enhance our offering and add value for our customers, employees and shareholders.”
AUSTRIACARD GmbH and NITECREST have done a merger / acquisition scheme, where AUSTRIACARD has acquired 100% of the shares of NITECREST. The key shareholders and leadership team of NITECREST hold equity positions in the new group structure and continue in their leading positions, ensuring continuity for NITECREST’s partners, customers and employees, under the umbrella of AUSTRIACARD.
in Hardware Embedded Security founded in 1897
AUSTRIACARD HOLDINGS is an Austrian group of high-tech IT
INFORM and NAUTILUS, in the fields of Digital Security in
and has an
international presence with three Divisions, AUSTRIACARD/TAG,
Payments and Identity, Digital Transformation in the Document
Lifecycle and Security in the IoT, respectively.
production facilities
personalization centers in Europe, one in the USA and
one in South America, allowing it to serve its customers,
wherever they are, in the best possible way. In 2020, at a pro-
forma level including
and seven
achieved a consolidated turnover of approximately € 200
NITECREST & TAG_NITECREST, million and employs currently around 1.600 people.
Ronnie Hart, Chairman of NITECREST & TAG_NITECREST and CEO of NITECREST, stated: “We are excited to join forces with AUSTRIACARD, as this will allow us to expand further and capitalise on serving our valued customers on a world-wide level,
Lamezanstraße 4-8, 1230 Vienna, Austria, T +43 1 610 65-0, www.austriacard.com

thanks to the industrial robustness and cutting-edge technologies of AUSTRIACARD”.
Leeroy Pye, CEO of TAG_NITECREST, closed in with a challenging statement: “At group level we are about to change the game. Our Fintech and Challenger Bank customer adoption takes the entire group into a new era, as we shall be able for the first time to offer product led core banking services. We are partnering with key companies around the globe, to flip card issuing on its head and take the helm to delivering the next generation of payment cards”.
NITECREST was founded in 1996, produces and personalizes Gift & Loyalty and Telecom cards for the local and global market. In addition, NITECREST holds a 50% stake in TAG_NITECREST, founded in 2016, which handles sales and personalization of payment cards for financial institutions in Great Britain. In 2020, NITECREST & TAG_NITECREST achieved a consolidated turnover of € 30 million and employ currently around 160 people.
Lamezanstraße 4-8, 1230 Vienna, Austria, T +43 1 610 65-0, www.austriacard.com
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TAG, Austria Card , Tag Nitecrest

Zwipe Renews Biometric Payment Card Partnership With Tag
March 4, 2021

The European payment card provider Tag Systems has solidified its technology relationship with Zwipe. The two companies first started working together back in 2019 to promote the adoption of biometric cards.

Zwipe Renews Biometric Payment Card Partnership With Tag
The renewed partnership will expand on those previous efforts. The two companies have come to a go-to-market agreement, under which they will collaborate to market and sell biometric payment cards at scale. Tag, in particular, will promote Zwipe’s Pay ONE solution to card issuers in Europe and the US, and has also placed its own small order for Pay ONE products.

Tag Systems is part of the broader AUSTRIACARD Group, which collectively issues more than 100 million cards on an annual basis. The company’s card offerings have proven to be popular with Europe’s challenger banks, and it recently opened a new card bureau in the United States to extend its reach in North America.

“Our collaboration is now entering the commercial phase where we will scale our businesses through pilots from late summer 2021 and market launches towards the end of the year,” said Zwipe CEO André Løvestam.

“We are excited about the interest we see for our new biometric payment cards built on the Zwipe Pay ONE platform,” added Tag Systems CEO Jon Neeraas. “With increasing interest for these cards from our issuer clients, time is right to expand our collaboration and proactively develop the market and accelerate commercialization.”

Zwipe’s Pay ONE solution features a fingerprint sensor from IDEX Biometrics. The technology is now being featured in biometric card trials all over the world, and has led to partnerships with Vopy, VeriTech, and TietoEVRY (amongst others) as it moves toward commercialization.
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AUSTRIACARD Group, which collectively issues more than 100 million cards on an annual basis
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Finns i Zwipe men säkert kommer komma nåt snart

Tag Systems steps up collaboration with Zwipe on Biometric Payment Cards
OSLO, NORWAY – 2 March 2021 –  Tag Systems, a leading provider of payment cards (and part of AUSTRIACARD Group) has decided to step up its collaboration with Zwipe on biometric payment cards. The parties have been working together since 2019 and as the biometric payment cards marketplace has evolved, they are now stepping up their collaboration to bring the most advanced new biometric payment cards to issuers in Europe and North America. Tag Systems also placed a small order for Zwipe Pay ONE.

Since establishing its first card production and personalization facilities in 1999, Tag Systems has grown rapidly and joined forces with AUSTRIACARD Group. Together the group delivers 100 million payment cards each year across Europe, the Middle East and the US. While serving many large European banks, Tag Systems has also grown rapidly in the challenger bank segment, including the establishment of Tag Nitecrest in the United Kingdom and expanded reach by opening a US-based card bureau servicing the North American market.

Speaking on the partnership Jon Neeraas, CEO of Tag Systems, said “After almost two years of technology partnership, our collaboration with Zwipe has never been stronger. We are excited about the interest we see for our new biometric payment cards built on the Zwipe Pay ONE platform, which delivers the highest level of integration and performance. With increasing interest for these cards from our issuer clients, time is right to expand our collaboration and proactively develop the market and accelerate commercialization”.

As part of the new agreement, Tag Systems will proactively promote Zwipe Pay ONE biometric payment cards towards issuers and partner bureaus in Europe and the USA. The two parties have also agreed to execute a go-to-market plan to jointly sell and market these next generation payment cards.

“We are delighted with the renewed and uplifted agreement with Tag Systems, one of our long-standing partners. This will accelerate activities with issuers in Europe and the USA. Our collaboration is now entering the commercial phase where we will scale our businesses through pilots from late summer 2021 and market launches towards the end of the year. I thank Tag Systems for their continued trust in Zwipe, and look forward to a mutually rewarding partnership,” said André Løvestam, CEO of Zwipe.


For further information please contact: André Løvestam, CEO, +47 991 66 135 info@zwipe.com

About Tag Systems
Tag Systems, part of Austria Card Group, is evolving the way the payment industry moves, by seamless supply of ready-made payment cards throughout all European countries and more. Our fast-growing Group with more than 900 employees make sure we deliver high quality products and services to financial institutions.

Media Contact: Olga Baro, +376 358 321 obaro@tagsystems.net
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Da er IDEX i USA også, hvor er ikke IDEX, det er noe som ikke stemmer, hvorfor er ikke aksje opp mange % til i år. Noen som holder den nede? Her er det bare bare å fylle på, ikke noe mål på hvor høyt denne skal i -22. Denne gruppen levere over 100 mill aksjer i året.
23.12.2021 kl 12:11 11276

"hvorfor er ikke aksje opp mange % til i år"
Er dette noe du ønsker å diskutere eller lufter du bare på frustrasjonen? 😊
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23.12.2021 kl 13:46 11117

Ser at Tore Aksel Voldberg med Skøien AS er ny på topp 50 med 3 mill aksjer.
23.12.2021 kl 19:24 10858


Austriacard acquires Nitecrest, prepares to take biometric payment cards worldwide
Group partner Zwipe to pilot biometric card in Iraq
Dec 23, 2021 | Frank Hersey
CATEGORIES Biometrics News | Financial Services | Trade Notes
Austriacard acquires Nitecrest, prepares to take biometric payment cards worldwide
A newly-structured grouping of card manufacturers and personalizers intends to use its strong position in Europe and the UK to become a world leader in the rollout of the next generation of payment cards, including biometrics.
Austriacard and Nitecrest have completed a “merger/acquisition” process where Austriacard has acquired 100 percent of shares of Nitecrest, whose key shareholders and leadership team now hold equity positions and will retain their roles in the new structure. This follows Austriacard’s merger with TAG Systems.
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Mass production by the end of the third quarter of 2021.

IDEX Biometrics, a leading provider of advanced fingerprint identification and authentication solutions, has shipped development systems based on the recently announced reference platform jointly developed by IDEX Biometrics and Infineon Technologies AG. The customer is among the top three card manufacturers serving the payment card industry.

The reference design leverages the combination of Infineon’s new SLC38BML800 security controller and the latest generation of the TrustedBio™ solution from IDEX Biometrics. The development platform includes hardware, software, and tools that streamline and accelerate software integration and application development, using the fastest, most efficient biometric authentication solution available.

“This platform represents another important milestone for the deployment of biometric smart cards. The biometric smart card design enables a user transaction experience that is indistinguishable from a standard contactless transaction,” said Vince Graziani, Chief Executive Officer of IDEX Biometrics. “The TrustedBio solution, tightly integrated with the SLC38BML800, enables EMV payment transactions to be completed approximately three times faster than any other solution in the market. Also, given the level of integration of our TrustedBio solution with the Infineon security controller, the reference design allows for use of a fully passive interconnect for low-cost manufacturing and improved manufacturing yields.”

The reference design’s development platform is available now from IDEX Biometrics. Samples of Infineon’s SLC38BML800 security controller can be ordered now, with mass production planned to start at the end of 2021. Samples of IDEX Biometrics’ TrustedBio sensor module also are available now, with mass production by the end of the third quarter of 2021.
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IDEX with PayOne in Mexico


OSLO, NORWAY and MEXICO CITY, MEXICO – 31st December 2021 – Biometric fintech company Zwipe and Forzacard, the leading domestic card manufacturer in Mexico, have agreed to develop and launch biometric cards powered by Zwipe and bring these innovations to banks and organizations looking for the latest solutions based on biometric card-authentication in Central and North America.

Forzacard is a Mexico-City based 100% Mexican company, founded in 1991, delivering more than 25 million payment cards per year across multiple countries. The company has extensive operations in Central and North America and is part of Forzaform Group, one of the oldest and most respected industrial groups in the secure printing industry. Forzacard offers a wide range of payment products and services and is a Visa, MasterCard and Carnet certified manufacturer.

“Partnering with Zwipe to develop the next generation contactless experience aligns strongly with our mission of continuous innovation. Biometric capabilities uniquely combine convenience with security and safety, uplifting the card payment experience to completely new levels. Integrating Zwipe Pay ONE into our smart card program will be key to competing and securing future business in this fast-emerging segment.” says Mauricio Benavides President of Forzaform.
31.12.2021 kl 19:20 9769

for free time from IDEMIA Physical cards in a digital era.

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Og kruttet er vått. Godt nyttår.

Jeg har byggtørker, så det blir fyr i 2022! Personlig ser jeg frem til å slippe å trykke inn koden på betalingsterminaler, sjelden man handler under 500NOK. Godt nyår🥳
Redigert 01.01.2022 kl 01:01 Du må logge inn for å svare

Godt nyttår alle sammen
Dette året kommer biometriske betalingskort ut på markede, dette blir stort :)
02.01.2022 kl 18:51 9142

Er det mulig å få se 5 tallet før ferien.
05.01.2022 kl 12:58 8719

Etter emi på 2,85 i november og to påfølgende "partnershipavtaler" ligger kursen nå 10% høyere. Den hadde kraft i seg til å gå helt til 3,82 på nøyaktig lik info. Den er nå ned 17% fra den toppen. Er dette helt normalt i denne aksjen? Er det shortlauget som får kursen ned så lett? Ser i shortregisteret at Bronte Capital holder seg med 0,68%. Det er vel like mye eller mer enn det det pleier å være av det som synes over 0,5%?
05.01.2022 kl 13:09 8685


Three Reasons Consumers Prefer Biometric Cards
In the second post of our series on the Contactless Smart Card, learn about the additional benefits of biometric authentication and why consumers are preferring it.

The last few years have seen a significant decline in the use of cash as a payment method, and this trend is showing no signs of reversing in the future. Indeed, alternative payment methods are on the increase, with the growing use of digital and mobile wallets, as well as the possible introduction of CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currencies) being explored by governments around the globe.

Whilst this had led to fears that the payment card would soon be left obsolete, the usage figures tell a very different story, with contactless payment cards accounting for a staggering 73% of all card transactions carried out in the last year. Right now, the familiar payment card remains the most dominant means of carrying out cashless transactions, and this is predicted to continue.

A Familiar Concept

Biometric authentication is the next logical step in the evolution of the payment card, with the addition of fingerprint sensors, which can be embedded into the card. Already a familiar and trusted concept to consumers, who use fingerprints to secure smartphones, tablets and other electronic devices, it makes for a natural choice when it comes to authenticating financial transactions. Added to the familiarity of carrying and using a contactless payment card, the system is intuitive and simple for users to get to grips with. This will most likley support the enthusiasm of the consumer market to embrace the new and improved payment method.2. Effectively Fighting Fraud
With concerns surrounding the high levels of card fraud [3] which led to financial losses of almost £400 million in 2019 alone, it’s clear that steps need to be taken to improve the security of these transactions. A considerable volume of this fraud is carried out in face-to-face card transactions, proving beyond doubt that existing security methods such as PIN and transaction limits, are no longer enough. And, with the figures of reported fraudulent card on the increase, it is certainly high time for financial institutions to respond with a better solution which can reassure their customers.

3. A Convenient Solution

As a biometric authentication method, the convenience of a card bearing a fingerprint sensor is hard to beat in terms of convenience, as well as security. The consumer is already accustomed to carrying their payment card, and by applying biometric technology, they no longer need to remember a PIN or password in order to authorise a contactless transaction, which also no longer will be constraint by an amount limit. After all, a fingertip is almost impossible to forge, and is always available as a reliable, secure means of proving identity.

The Best Contactless Payment Cards For Consumers

From all angles, it’s evident that by including fingerprint recognition technology, the contactless card will be vastly improved. With the familiarity of use, coupled with the convenience and greatly heightened security benefits, it seems certain that consumers will welcome the new payment cards, and be eager to make the switch from their current PIN cards.

With the familiarity of use, coupled with the convenience and greatly heightened security benefits – contactless payment cards are here to stay. In the next blog post, we will discuss about how biometric authentication can secure the future of contactless payment card.
06.01.2022 kl 01:25 8520

12 of Jan check the teaser LinkedIn

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06.01.2022 kl 09:25 8316

"Racketet rekylerar ned". Kun 8% over emi 2,85. Hvor ble det av kraften i forventningene?
06.01.2022 kl 09:37 8279

Svak børs er ikke bra for idex.
Vi venter på salg av størrelse som kommer oom ikke så lang tid håper jeg🙂
06.01.2022 kl 09:54 8230

Kan nok bli vanskelig å få denne opp selv på en bedre dag. Den er tydeligvis "addicted" til meldinger som raskt avtar i effekt..
Virker som noen er sugen på 2-tallet idag? Er det noe "støtte" rundt der mon tro?
20% ned fra topp på 3,82 etter meldinger som tydeligvis har mistet sin kraft?
Hva slags "økologi" er dette?
Redigert 06.01.2022 kl 10:23 Du må logge inn for å svare
06.01.2022 kl 10:27 8150

Støtte på 3kr er psykisk, runde tall pleier å være støttende/motstand. Du ser f.eks. 6 september kursen stoppe oppover på 3kr.
Jeg vil anta neste støtte er på 2,5kr, men sikkert ikke populært å si det.😅
Meldingene som kom var positive, men lite "verdt" da de ikke inneholdt volum, de kun bekreftet at Idex er fortsatt relevant. At Idemia kjøpte noen hundre tusen sensorer betyr at det blir en stund til de trenger flere.
RSI og slike verktøy kan også vise støtte. Fortsetter nedsalget vel jeg anta RSI viser oversolgt rundt 2,8kr om noen dager.
Redigert 06.01.2022 kl 10:31 Du må logge inn for å svare
06.01.2022 kl 10:32 8131

Ok. Litt i shortlaugets hule hånd denne nå da. Mangel på "innsidestøttekjøp" og kapitalsvak eller engstelig/brent menighet.
06.01.2022 kl 10:35 8111

Nei, og stigende lange renter over dammen og en blodrød NASDAQ i går hjalp heller ikke Idex og tech her i dag. Bra kjøpsdag!
06.01.2022 kl 10:42 8099

Kun drøyt 6% over emi 2,85 10. nov. Må tilbake til 12. nov. for å finne lavere notering!
Ser også at den er 8% lavere enn toppen feb 21´. Da var kanskje også forutgående oppgang ledsaget av "gode meldinger". Historien gjentar seg? Hvordan skal IDEX få kommet seg ut av denne kleine "børsøkologien"? På den annen side er vel denne økologien perfekt for de som gir katta i hvordan det går med teknologi og inntekter?
Redigert 06.01.2022 kl 10:48 Du må logge inn for å svare
06.01.2022 kl 10:46 8091

Idemia har lagt inn to ordrer på trustedBio brikken, og ikke et eneste ord om størrelsen annet en en mass bestilling. Zwipe har mottat vært mange piloter og bestillinger på Zwipe PayOne som utgjør millioner av enheter. Det er litt rart at noen er så nedrikt at de absolutt må kaste skit på en aksje om den faller slik nesten alle gjør på en dag med generell børsnedgang. Det ville være mer underlig om den ikke skulle falle og mye av fallene skyldes omikron varianten som herjer hele verden for tiden. Det som kålhodene ikke får med seg er at det er helt forventet at vi ville få en reaksjon på den akselererende smitte økningen.
06.01.2022 kl 10:59 8064

Jeg kaster på ingen måte skit, men det overasker meg ikke at du syns det.
I motsetning til deg så forholder jeg meg til fakta. Idemia har bestilt flere enn 300k sensorer, Zwipe har ikke fått millioner av ZPO bestillinger.
At vi ikke kan snakke om støtte i disse dager hvor alle aksjer i verden går nedover viser hvor langt ned i sanden du har stukket hode.
06.01.2022 kl 11:00 8066

Vel. Hadde det kun vært idag. Minner om at den er ned over 20% siden de siste meldingene som "nesten" garanterer et gjennombrudd skal man tro flere innlegg her. Ja, det er endog kanskje slik at markedet ikke har skjønt det som er hele problemet? Er det påpeking av dette du kaller "nedrikt skittkasting"? Skjerpings.
Ad coronasammenheng så har IDEX falt betydelig mer enn indexer etter toppen som, må vi altså tro var generert av positive meldinger.
06.01.2022 kl 11:01 8060

Altså, Zwipe, Next, + pluss flere har falt mye mer i dag enn Idex . Vi må sette ting i perspektiv og helhet. Det er utover 2022 (Q2) vi posisjonerer oss for nå.
Redigert 06.01.2022 kl 11:03 Du må logge inn for å svare
06.01.2022 kl 11:10 8040

Så det er plutselig helt OK at IDEX gjerne faller under forrige emikurs, SELV OM de har fått disse fantastiske avtalene som løftet den opp en krone? Vet ikke hvordan det er med de andre selskapenes utvikling i forhold til triggere, men her er det noe som skurrer i argumentasjonen. Ikke alt skal falle, evt falle like mye fordi indexer er røde!
06.01.2022 kl 11:44 7989

Skal en bare skyte en pil etter leveransene som skulle komme før vinter OL i Kina? Ingen meldinger om volumleveranser har dukket opp.
06.01.2022 kl 11:52 7969

Om du ikke har skjønt det enda så er det mange idioter som eier denne aksjen. De vet ikke hva de har kjøpt, og får helt panikk å selger når det er røde dager😅
06.01.2022 kl 12:11 7914

Kan du bare fortelle hva siste emi kurs var og hvor mye under den IDEX har vært i dag?
06.01.2022 kl 12:20 7899

Dere får skrive så mye tull dere bare vil,men denne vil stige å stige framover. Enorme muligheter,hvist noen ikke skjønner det.