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Announcement by AUSTRIACARD HOLDINGS, Holding Company of
Inform P. LYKOS S.A.:
next generation of payment cards and services globally
Vienna, December 21st, 2021
“Following the successful merger with TAG SYSTEMS in recent years, AUSTRIACARD’s decision to join forces with NITECREST was straightforward, the latter being a leading provider for cards and services in the UK with sales globally, as well as the undisputed leader for Europe’s Fintechs, through TAG_NITECREST. The fit was perfectly complementary” said P.Spyropoulos, Group CEO of AUSTRIACARD HOLDINGS, in Vienna.
Jon Neeraas, CEO of TAG SYSTEMS stated: “We have always been super impressed by NITECREST’s group rounded service offering. Collectively, we have continued to dominate the Fintech and Retail space and are very pleased to have reached a deal at group level of AUSTRIACARD HOLDINGS, with NITECREST’s shareholders and management. We strongly believe that this move shall enhance our offering and add value for our customers, employees and shareholders.”
AUSTRIACARD GmbH and NITECREST have done a merger / acquisition scheme, where AUSTRIACARD has acquired 100% of the shares of NITECREST. The key shareholders and leadership team of NITECREST hold equity positions in the new group structure and continue in their leading positions, ensuring continuity for NITECREST’s partners, customers and employees, under the umbrella of AUSTRIACARD.
in Hardware Embedded Security founded in 1897
AUSTRIACARD HOLDINGS is an Austrian group of high-tech IT
INFORM and NAUTILUS, in the fields of Digital Security in
and has an
international presence with three Divisions, AUSTRIACARD/TAG,
Payments and Identity, Digital Transformation in the Document
Lifecycle and Security in the IoT, respectively.
production facilities
personalization centers in Europe, one in the USA and
one in South America, allowing it to serve its customers,
wherever they are, in the best possible way. In 2020, at a pro-
forma level including
and seven
achieved a consolidated turnover of approximately € 200
NITECREST & TAG_NITECREST, million and employs currently around 1.600 people.
Ronnie Hart, Chairman of NITECREST & TAG_NITECREST and CEO of NITECREST, stated: “We are excited to join forces with AUSTRIACARD, as this will allow us to expand further and capitalise on serving our valued customers on a world-wide level,
Lamezanstraße 4-8, 1230 Vienna, Austria, T +43 1 610 65-0, www.austriacard.com

thanks to the industrial robustness and cutting-edge technologies of AUSTRIACARD”.
Leeroy Pye, CEO of TAG_NITECREST, closed in with a challenging statement: “At group level we are about to change the game. Our Fintech and Challenger Bank customer adoption takes the entire group into a new era, as we shall be able for the first time to offer product led core banking services. We are partnering with key companies around the globe, to flip card issuing on its head and take the helm to delivering the next generation of payment cards”.
NITECREST was founded in 1996, produces and personalizes Gift & Loyalty and Telecom cards for the local and global market. In addition, NITECREST holds a 50% stake in TAG_NITECREST, founded in 2016, which handles sales and personalization of payment cards for financial institutions in Great Britain. In 2020, NITECREST & TAG_NITECREST achieved a consolidated turnover of € 30 million and employ currently around 160 people.
Lamezanstraße 4-8, 1230 Vienna, Austria, T +43 1 610 65-0, www.austriacard.com
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Time line 21.50 - 22- 30


Det här kommer bli stort.

IDEX works with all major card manufactures IDEMIA, Thales, Tag , Austria Card , G&D , Goldpac , Chtuandragon , Compo Secure

IDEX har Thales och G&D inget tvekan nu VD sagt.
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På detta kommer Linxens och Donwoon Anatech ( om jag minns rätt ) och Infineon samarbete 😂🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀
14.01.2022 kl 11:17 5203

Biometric payment card market forecast for 155 percent CAGR through 2026
Zwipe gets boost in Iraq
Jan 7, 2022 | Frank Hersey
CATEGORIES Biometrics Market Reports | Biometrics News | Financial Services
Biometric payment card market forecast for 155 percent CAGR through 2026
If 2021 was the year for technological developments for biometric payment cards, it is becoming clearer how big the iceberg may be. Following the Smart Payment Association’s report into 2022 being the year the technology goes mainstream, Mordor Intelligence has releases a market report that predicts compound annual growth of 155.45 percent from 2021 to 2026. This would take the global biometric card market’s 2020 value of US$8.75 million to $1.69 billion by 2026.
‘Global Biometric Card Market – Growth, Trends, COVID-19 Impact, and Forecasts (2021 – 2026)’ considers the impact of COVID-19 as an accelerant on behavior change which could prime consumer adoption of biometric cards, most typically those with a fingerprint sensor with match-on-card capabilities to authorize payments including contactless without a PIN.
14.01.2022 kl 11:44 5167

Ser bra ut nå! Må til tilbake til før det venstre skulderløftet fra 2,65 3.november for å finne lavere volum! (kun ca 6% ned fra dagens kurs!)
Shorten har også sikret seg litt symbolsk ved å dekke inn omtrent 0,04% denne uka!
Kan bli fine muligheter her nå!

Dessuten er vi 5% lavere enn fjorårets septembertopp og hele 15%!! lavere enn februartoppen!!

Vent ikke på triggermeldinger som vil komme *når som helst*!!
Kjøp under "multiple times oversubscribed"-kurs på 2,85 i november nå!!
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14.01.2022 kl 12:10 5128

Er vel kun shorten som jobber for å holde denne nede nå, skulle tro presentasjonen vekket interessen hos noe nye investorer ihvertfall.
Kanskje kommer det en boost når unaiten våkner.
Trodde egentlig denne var ferdig med 2- tallet
14.01.2022 kl 12:21 5118

Du kan så si! Det er slutt med store byksene opp og ned her nå.
Nå er det jevn ned som teller!
Heng på!

Nesten synd det er så lenge til neste emisjon. Det pleier å hjelpe litt "multiple" oppover!
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14.01.2022 kl 12:25 5110

Sitter her med inntrykk av at denne raketten går nedover og ikke oppover, jeg har aksjer her så jeg håper den snart snur..
14.01.2022 kl 12:32 5087

Går så bra så! Snart "innsidepriset". Siste innsidekjøp var vel i forbindelse med siste emisjon og like før?

"Noen tusen" aksjer kan ta feil inngang. Ikke flere millioner! Det kan vi ikke ha noe av! 😂 😂 😂 🚀 🚀 🚀
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14.01.2022 kl 18:35 4898

og videre..
The report states that Fingerprint Cards predicts around 6 billion payment devices will be shipped every year by 2026, and almost all will be contactless. The company also foresees a total addressable market of around 3 billion biometric sensor module units per year.
Asia Pacific is tipped to see the strongest demand for biometric payment cards, despite rising smartphone use for payments, while Europe and the U.S. and Canada are predicted to have mid-level growth and Latin America, Africa and the Middle East low. (Although many of the updates towards the end of 2021 have focussed on these low growth areas.)
Other growth sectors include China Construction Bank’s collaboration with Idex Biometrics to provide biometric cards for its digital renminbi pilots.

kilde: https://www.biometricupdate.com/202201/biometric-payment-card-market-forecast-for-155-percent-cagr-through-2026
16.01.2022 kl 22:43 4301

China is pushing for broader use of its digital currency
UPDATED TUE, JAN 11 2022 7:16 PM EST
Arjun Kharpal
China is ramping up efforts to roll out the digital yuan to the broader population, as the country's technology giants like Alibaba and Tencent jump on board.
But will Chinese citizens — who already use two dominant mobile payment systems run by these same tech firms — begin paying with the digital yuan?
One analyst questioned what incentives there are for Chinese citizens to use the digital yuan over the existing dominant systems of mobile payments.
GP: China digital yuan E-CNY App
A E-CNY (pilot version) APP is displayed on a mobile phone, Ganzi, Sichuan Province, China, Jan 4, 2022. The People's Bank of China launched the app as it looks to expand usage of the digital yuan. (Photo credit should read / Costfoto/Future Publishing via Getty Images)
Wang Jianfeng | Costfoto | Future Publishing | Getty Images
China is ramping up efforts to roll out the digital yuan to the broader population, as the country's technology giants like Alibaba and Tencent jump on board.

But there are challenges ahead and one particular question stands out: Will Chinese citizens — who already use two dominant mobile payment systems run by these same tech firms — begin paying with the digital yuan?

The People's Bank of China (PBOC), the country's central bank, has been working on the digital form of its sovereign currency since 2014.

Also known as the e-CNY, it's designed to replace the cash and coins already in circulation. It is not a cryptocurrency like bitcoin, in part because it's controlled and issued by the central bank. Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency that isn't backed by any central banks or a single administrator.

China's digital yuan is a form of central bank digital currency (CBDC) which many other central banks around the world are also working on — though the Chinese central bank is way ahead of its global peers.

To date, the PBOC has been piloting the digital currency via lotteries, and tens of millions of digital yuan have been handed out to citizens in a handful of cities in China.

Click here to view interactive content
Chinese authorities are now stepping up their ambition to expand the use of e-CNY to more citizens even though a nationwide rollout date has not been set.

"It feels to me like they're now ready to push this out wider," Linghao Bao, analyst at consultancy Trivium China, told CNBC.

Tech giants on board

Last week, the PBOC launched an app to allow users in 10 areas, including major cities Shanghai and Beijing, to sign up and use the digital currency.

The two dominant payment systems in China are Tencent's WeChat Pay and Alipay, which is run by Alibaba affiliate Ant Group.

Perhaps the most significant push came on Thursday when Tencent announced that its WeChat messaging app would support the digital yuan. WeChat has over 1 billion users and is integral to daily life in China.

Alipay is also a partner for the digital yuan.

The big question we have is whether consumers are going to use this or not. To me, there is no strong incentive for consumers to switch...
Linghao Bao
One potential challenge for the PBOC is getting people to download their new digital yuan app and switch from WeChat and Alipay. Hence, integration with WeChat is key and gives the e-CNY a potentially huge user base.

On Friday, e-commerce giant JD.com said that it would begin facilitating third-party merchants that sell on its platform to start accepting the e-CNY.

JD.com has been an early partner for the digital yuan and previously accepted it for payment on a few occasions. Now, it's looking to expand that further.

Will people continue using the digital yuan?

While there are still unknowns over the technical make-up and other factors behind the digital currency, one of the more immediate questions is whether people will use the e-CNY regularly, even as the central bank tries to push for wider usage.

To use WeChat or Alipay for example, users just link their bank account to the app. But to use the digital yuan, users will need to sign up a separate app and link that to their WeChat or Alipay or use the digital yuan app.

"The big question we have is whether consumers are going to use this or not. To me, there is no strong incentive for consumers to switch [from their current systems]," Bao said.

"I don't see any strong incentive because there is still friction to use digital yuan," he said. "You have to download the app, sign up, then top up your wallet. I'm not sure consumers want to go through these extra steps."

While the PBOC has used digital yuan lotteries to effectively hand out free money and get users on board, Bao questioned what will entice citizens to continue using the digital yuan after they've spent that money.

"How are you going to make people keep using the digital yuan?" he asked.

Beijing Olympics

China's central bank previously stated its intention to make the digital yuan available to visitors to the Beijing Winter Olympics.

The venues for the 2022 Games in Beijing will be able to use the e-CNY app there. But overall, transaction volume is unlikely to match that seen by Alipay and WeChat Pay, according to Paul Triolo, head of the geo-technology practice at risk consultancy Eurasia Group.

"For the foreseeable future, even if there is an uptick at the Winter Olympics, the transaction turnover rate of the central bank digital RMB is likely to be very tiny in comparison to popular payment platforms WeChat Pay and Alipay," Triolo said. The Chinese currency is also referred to as the renminbi, or RMB.

"However, over time, there may be some niche areas where the digital RMB could see greater use, such as paying certain types of government related bills, or for things like transportation, particularly if the central bank offers incentives like red envelopes and other inducements."

Meanwhile, China's so-called "zero Covid" approach has led to strict measures to try to stamp out the virus in China — that means very few foreign visitors will be attending the Winter Olympics in Beijing.

"Though the Olympics were originally viewed by Chinese authorities as a chance to showcase the potential use of the currency in an international setting, it is likely that few non-Chinese citizens will use the digital RMB wallet at the Games," Triolo added.

The Games would have been the first real opportunity to see how the digital yuan will work for tourists and overseas visitors to China, but that opportunity is gone.

"For the foreseeable future, even if there is an uptick at the Winter Olympics, the transaction turnover rate of the central bank digital RMB is likely to be very tiny in comparison to popular payment platforms WeChat Pay and Alipay"
I tillegg vil brukerne av eCNY foretrekke mobil slik som de er vant til for Wechat - over 1 mrd brukere på Wechat allerede og antallet øker sikkert raskere enn kort
17.01.2022 kl 08:26 4005

Shorten kommer til å være aggressiv i dag , driver et høyt spill spør du meg.
En smekk på fingrene hadde vert gledelig.

17.01.2022 kl 11:21 3767

Hvis alt klafer her, Idex kommer med en kurs over 300-400 kr,håper det
17.01.2022 kl 11:32 3753

Kanskje til og med 500?
Akkja. Ting tyder på at en del short er dekket inn etter bruddet ned på 3 kr. Det burde legge til rette for noen øre opp da. Følg med!
Og bare vent til MELDINGEN kommer!! 🚀 🤑 😂
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17.01.2022 kl 14:05 3582

Begynner omsider å bli attraktivt priset!
17.01.2022 kl 14:25 3528

Vanligvis synes jeg det er litt slitsomt at det postes gamle meldinger. Men nå, som kursen faller langt under det den var før disse meldingene, uten at noe forklarende negativt legitimerer det. Ja, da er det på sin plass å minne om at denne nå i praksis er relativt attraktivt priset!
Til potensielt ferske aksjonærer, følg med!

IDEX Biometrics Announces a New Strategic Partnership with leading Global Smart Card Manufacturer
The collaboration is expected to significantly accelerate the commercialization
of IDEX Biometrics' TrustedBio turnkey solution for biometric cards

IDEX Biometrics expands partnership in cyber security authentication
Oslo, Norway - 17 December 2021 - IDEX Biometrics ASA today announced that
Dongwoon Anatech Co., Ltd., a global leader in analog and mixed-signal
semiconductors, has selected IDEX Biometrics as its biometric sensor partner for
its expanding initiative in secure access control and digital identity
solutions. Dongwoon Anatech has placed additional orders for TrustedBio® sensors
to support a range of card-based access control products with fingerprint

IDEX Biometrics and Tongxin Microelectronics Agree to Collaborate on New Market Opportunities
Initially targeting development of turnkey reference designs for biometrically-
secured hardware wallet in support of China's Digital Currency Electronic
Payment initiative

Oslo, Norway - 23 November 2021 - IDEX Biometrics ASA today announced it has
entered a Memorandum of Understanding with Tongxin Microelectronics Co., Ltd
(TMC), a leading Chinese supplier of secure element (SE) microprocessors. The
memorandum calls for collaboration on a range of business opportunities for
which fingerprint authentication is applicable. The first such opportunity is a
jointly developed, turnkey reference design for a biometrically-secured, stored-
value, card in support of the Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) initiatives.
17.01.2022 kl 14:45 3501

Hjelper ikke at nye aksjonærer pisser i buksa å selger bare de ser røde tall. 😅
17.01.2022 kl 15:09 3441

Åjoda. Dette er spekulativ oppgang og nedgang. Nå må du bare ta plass når de som styrer kursen ganske uavhengig av "røde tall" gjør det. Og så er det jo alltid en mulighet for kursdrivende meldinger. Enten de nå er med eller uten substans! Ikke alt er kontrollert av "algoer" og shortere enda..
Ta plass!

Shorten har gått litt ned. Kan det tyde på at det snur nå? De må kjøpe ganske mange aksjer.og med så liten omsetting så kan det være vanskelig å få tak i aksjer uten å flytte kursen oppover.
17.01.2022 kl 18:11 3233

Hvor stor er shorten nå ? Og hvor stor er nedgangen på shorten ?
17.01.2022 kl 18:52 3205

Det du mener er altså: no har shorterne klart å selge aksjen ned til et lavmål og da først kan du forsvare kursen. Da er det ikke noe som skal tilsi noen oppgang da kursen kan forsvares slik den er . Hvor ser du oppsiden, siden ingenting har forandret seg de siste to mnd, og kursen har falt fra et moderat nivå i forhold til potensialet?
17.01.2022 kl 20:35 3096

Hehe. Nei. Litt ironisk kanskje. Shorterne rir denne fordi de kan foreløpig. Men de løper også en risiko for at den SMELLER OPP som mange her hevder den skal. Rett nok med varierende grad av edruelighet. Så dersom du tror at IDEX styrket sine utsikter i og med en overtegnet emisjon og meldingene som kom ukene i etterkant, ja så er den et bedre kjøp nå enn over 3 kroner selvsagt! Tror du shorternes liksom analyse er rett så selger du og kjøper aldri igjen. Da tror du nemlig at denne ikke er liv laga. Shorternes pris er jo ideelt sett 0kr eller konkurs. Jeg tror/ser at dette er et spill. Jeg tror altså at den skal opp igjen. Enten det blir fordi eksisterende aksjonærer synes nok er nok, fordi det kommer meldinger med eller uten tung substans, eller fordi "sektoren" snur. Se på Zwipe fx. Litt samme tendens der? Eller vi kan jo spørre poki som er en svært ivrig poster av nyheter her hva hen mener? Det er jo ikke så mye det menes noe om, mer enn det refereres til andre, fra den kanten kanskje, men hvem vet? Eller heiltfint, kanskje hen har en mening om prising/verdi nå?
Redigert 17.01.2022 kl 20:42 Du må logge inn for å svare
17.01.2022 kl 20:55 3061

problemet er at vi har alt for mange på børs som ikke forstår hva potensialet er, og det er normalt at en priser aksje ti detl, ikke til det som er i kassa til en hver tid. men det er slik at det er det dagens investorer i for stort antall tru er målet. Derfor er det så lett å rævkjøre aksjer som en må bruke hodet til, for å forstå hva en normal prising er i forhold til potensialet. IDEX har ikke det siste året vært overpriset, men vært rævkjørt av Shorting og urutinerte aksjonærer.
17.01.2022 kl 21:44 3002

Det positive er at RSI nærmer seg kjøp signal, spørs bare om den snur opp nå eller om vi må ned og teste støtte på 2,5kr først.
18.01.2022 kl 09:17 2740

Hu hei hvor det går! Profit warning? 8% under emi nå! 😂
Men vent ikke for lenge! RSI blir farlig lav nå! 😂
Redigert 18.01.2022 kl 09:18 Du må logge inn for å svare
18.01.2022 kl 09:26 2728

Meget nær solid støtte. På tide å doble?
18.01.2022 kl 09:31 2706

Spar litt på kruttet! Tror nok shorten prøver seg enda lenger ned! Kan bli en seig vei opp igjen, men satser på "melding"! Se hvordan Zwipe kan gå når den får en racket bak!
18.01.2022 kl 10:49 2576

Noen nevnte at nyåret er en tid da mange endrer posisjoner. Det kan jo stemme ganske så godt med IDEX kanskje. Siden første børsdag dette året har den falt hver dag nesten uten unntak fra 3,23 til 2,57 idag. Det er 20% ned. Og det er 25% opp dit igjen.
13 handler over 100k. Kjellerutlufting?
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18.01.2022 kl 11:26 2529

Mareritt 💩 2 mnd siden melding fra ledelsen.
18.01.2022 kl 11:51 2490

Huff ja!
Sterk korrelasjon mellom (mangel på) meldinger og shortutelling!
Redigert 18.01.2022 kl 11:51 Du må logge inn for å svare
18.01.2022 kl 12:02 2471

Hvem vet (...) -:)
Vel, ingen salg over 100k siste timen. Vært noen av de idag. Kanskje er det skiftet nok luft snart?
22.01.2022 kl 12:07 1934

Koselig liten tiger klar med poten for biometrisk avlesing der ja!
22.01.2022 kl 14:36 1886


Reltime to launch Globally 😛😝

Reltime announced that it would be the first blockchain company to bring all banking services control by the end-users.


Launch soon 😝

And Inkrkpt video nyligen lagt

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