Ny melding i dag den 15/4-2019 ATLA

melding er limt inn i bunnen her
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04.01.2018 kl 09:15 5201

På vinner listen he he he
11.01.2018 kl 16:50 5130

ja, det ser spændene ud

lav vurdering, men der kan jo konverteres aktier, med det lån på 8 mio £ de har tilgængeligt, mener de har trukket 2-3 mio £ til 15 dk. pr aktie.
jeg tror det kommer til at ske, så selskabet får ca 8 mio aktier, dvs sige at 8 mio £ bliver til 4,3 mio aktier, mod atla idag med 3,7 mio aktier.
da står selskabet nærmest gældsfrit

det lader til orlando kommer til first oil sidst på året, hvor atla har 2% af de første 5 mio boed og 4,3 % derefter.

According to the most recent Competent Persons’ Report prepared for Atlantic by Gaffney Cline and Associates announced in March 2015, Orlando holds between 8.5 and 15.3 million barrels of recoverable reserves. Initial production rates on Orlando are expected to be in excess of 10.000 barrels per day.
After that, the revenue share to Atlantic Petroleum increases to 4.35 percent of the total Orlando field revenue. Also, $1 million of the initial two percent revenue has been prepaid to Atlantic Petroleum.

og 2% af 10000 boed er 80000-100000 om dagen, ved nuværende pris. tænker jeg.....

har har også solgt pegasus gasfelt, til 90 mio dk. betaling falder når det kommer i produktion/ andre milepæle
det bliver måske 2019/20 ?

tilliden i selskabet er i bund, men har lige fået ny ceo
da info herfra er begrænset, kan det hele være svært at vurdere

jeg ejer selv aktier, og har brændt fingerene her tidligere
26.01.2018 kl 09:49 4997

lurer på hva som skjer her
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"The focus for the board and the new Interim CEO is to evaluate the strategic
options Atlantic Petroleum has including M&A options or a sale of the
company. The board is encouraged by the improving market conditions and looks
forward to benefit from Graeme.s wealth of experience, and looks forward to
updating the market further when Graeme Fawcett takes up his position."
26.01.2018 kl 10:53 4985

Blir spennede
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ser vi 20 i morgen folkens , denne går fort ved gode nyheter og veldig lite aksjer tilgjengelig
23.02.2018 kl 23:15 4708

Kommer det noe News herfra snart da, mener den nye sjefen lovte Good news herfra
12.03.2018 kl 09:10 4579

Det er kommet melding om delisting fra Oslo Børs - noen som vet når?
19.03.2018 kl 13:27 4484

vi for det nok at vide, 30 april på agm dag.

derefter bliver de norske aktier, flyttet på den danske børs, går jeg ud fra......

det kniber med at få info fra selskabet, men tænker at det snart bliver bedre :)
21.03.2018 kl 16:22 4439

Faroese oil and gas company Atlantic Petroleum has entered into a sale and purchase agreement with Decipher Energy for its 25 percent interest in the Orlando field in the UK North Sea.

Atlantic said on Tuesday that the consideration is a 2 percent revenue share of the total Orlando production revenue until the field has produced 5 million barrels of oil.

After that, the revenue share to Atlantic Petroleum increases to 4.35 percent of the total field revenue. A prepaid amount of $1 million of the initial 2 percent revenue share is prepaid on completion of the sale and purchase agreement.

The company attempted to sell its 25 percent interest in the Orlando development last year but the buyer, Bridge Petroleum, backed out of the deal.

Last November, Atlantic asked to be named the operator of the UK Licenses P.1606 and P.1607, containing the Orlando and Kells fields, as the then operator Iona Energy was under administration. Atlantic assumed the operatorship of both fields in December.

The company also said on Tuesday that, once the transaction is complete, it would not be participating in or funding the development of Orlando, and the only involvement for the company would be receiving its share of the sale proceeds when the field starts production.

According to the most recent Competent Persons Report prepared for Atlantic Petroleum by Gaffney Cline and Associates announced in March 2015, Orlando holds between 8.5 and 15.3 million barrels of recoverable reserves. Initial production rates on Orlando are expected to be in excess of 10.000 barrels per day.

First oil in 2018?

Under its previous operator Iona, Orlando was supposed to be developed as a subsea tie back to the Ninian central platform in the Northern North Sea. However, Iona’s administration has left the future of the field development uncertain.

Commenting on the agreement with Decipher Energy, Ben Arabo, Atlantic Petroleum CEO, said on Tuesday that the first oil from the field is now expected in 2018.

Arabo said: “We are very pleased with the agreement with Decipher Energy. The Orlando development is a good project and we are very glad to see that it will be developed with a planned first oil date in 2018.

“If the field performs as expected and the oil price remains at current levels or recovers further, there can be significant upside to Atlantic Petroleum from the Orlando sales proceeds.”

Also, the Faroese oil and gas company on Monday refinanced its debt with its main creditor Eik Bank.

Offshore Energy Today Staff

this is from:https://www.offshoreenergytoday.com/atlantic-petroleum-sheds-orlando-field/
14/03-2017, på det tidspunkt var olie prisen ca. 51,5, nu 69 usd??

February 12, 2018
TWMA, provider of specialised drilling waste management services, has secured a six-figure contract with Decipher Energy. The three month project, which commenced in February 2018, will see TWMA provide an at source drilling waste management package at the Orlando Field in the UK northern North Sea. The company will use its EfficientC® and TCC RotoMill® technology to allow processing of the drill cuttings offshore at source

21.03.2018 kl 16:32 4436

North Sea start-up Decipher Energy has Confirmed a Deal to Buy up North Sea Assets out of Administration.
Friday 14 April 2017
Decipher, which is led by former First Oil executive Steve Bowyer, now owns 100% of the Orlando and Kells licenses and expects to achieve first oil by 2018.

The company has revived a plan to export oil from Orlando through the Ninian Central platform owned by CNR International.

Yesterday Decipher also said it was awarded blocks in the Senna discovery in the Oil and Gas Authority’s 29th licensing round.

The deal comes after Decipher struck a deal to buy an initial 25% stake in Orlando from Atlantic Petroleum, in a $1million (£800,00) deal last month.

The Faroese company, Atlantic was a partner of Iona Energy, which owned the rest of the licenses and which became a high profile victim of the oil downturn when it collapsed into administration last year.

Administrators FTI Consulting said it had struck a conditional deal with Decipher in February to sell the licences for a nominal sum, backed by a complex set of repayments to creditors and bondholders when the asset starts producing.

Mr Bowyer said: “Our aim is to build a portfolio of developments in the North Sea which delivers significant returns for our investors.

“We believe Orlando is the ideal first development and we have been delighted by the positive response and collaborative approach of both the host infrastructure operator CNR International and the rest of the supply chain, with whom we will be working on this and future projects.

“We plan to work closely with an aligned supply chain consortium and are excited by the potential to be at the forefront of the next phase of development of the North Sea.”

The company said Canadian producer CNR is “fully engaged on the project and will lead the Ninian platform modifications”.

Iona had acquired the Orlando and Kells licenses in a deal worth up to £50million in 2012. It was thought the Orlando field would produce14,000 barrels of oil per day.


mener at have læst/forstået at first oil er omkring juli 2018

2% af 14000 boed er omkring 50 mio, 4,3% 110 mio, idag ligger vurdering på 30 mio dk.

så er der englænder finansfolkene som har lånt atla 80 mio, med mulighed for at konvertere til aktier til 15 kr pr stk.
enten har de kvajet sig ellers skal vi op på en... 20 dk.
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31.08.2018 kl 16:58 3557

Net loss: DKK 3.4MM
Gross profit: DKK 0.0MM
Operating loss: DKK -4.1MM
Net assets/share-holders. equity: DKK -152MM
Bank debt: DKK 53MM
G&A cost: DKK 2.8MM
Orlando revenues are not expected until till early 2019 so Atlantic Petroleum continues to consider that neither a net profit or dividend will occur in 2018.

Graeme Fawcett, Atlantic Petroleum.s Interim CEO commented:

.The stability and plan reported end 1st quarter 2018 has been maintained and priority focussed on cost management aligned to the Company.s financial support.

From a revenue and license perspective:

The Orlando field progresses in the sound hands of Decipher Energy and Atlantic Petroleum's revenue income forecast reported in previous reports is unchanged.
The long running process of reaching settlement on Blackbird and Ettrick is finished and longer-term guarantee aspects agreed.
License P2112 (Badger field) interest progresses with reprocessing of existing seismic data. Once this work is complete Atlantic Petroleum will determine levels of involvement in any further work programme.
The Company is maintaining the goals it set at the end of 2017 and, duly encouraged, is looking to position itself as an active participant in new opportunities that are consistent with, and allowed by, its. risk profiling, funding and projected revenues..

Atlantic Petroleum in brief:

P/F Atlantic Petroleum is a limited company incorporated and domiciled in the Faroe Islands and listed on NASDAQ OMX Copenhagen and on the Oslo Stock Exchange.

The principal activities of the Company and its subsidiaries (the Group) are oil and gas exploration, late term appraisal, development and production in the UK and Ireland. The Company considers its future as a participant in global oil and gas projects subject to those projects meeting the Company.s risk mitigation position of zero exposure to exploration or early appraisal, and that associated projects, countries, companies and individuals are compliant with applicable EU, UK, US
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Snart begynner det å renne inn penger til dette micro selskapet.

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21.01.2019 kl 20:54 2532

Skal den her endelig våkna fra dvalen )
23.01.2019 kl 16:21 2431

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La meg få plukket noen aksjer til i all stillhet...før oppturen starter.
23.01.2019 kl 22:21 2379

, men begynner og bli tynt på selger nå
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28.01.2019 kl 13:24 2290

Med valutakursen ligger den nå på 7.5,-dkk som tilsvarer 9.49 ,-nok. LOG kan komme til å konvertere lån sitt til aksjer pålydende 15,- dkk dette tilsvarer 20,34,- nok. Dette kan skje i Mai eller før.
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31.01.2019 kl 10:44 2204

Var ikke lett å skjønne den der selv gjennom google translate. Men den virket i det minste ikke negativt rettet? Eller tolker jeg det feil?
31.01.2019 kl 14:53 2182

Med litt gjetning og Translate vil jeg tro overskriften er "Det går rette veien for Atlantic Petroleum".
Videre antar jeg at det står at avhending av Ettrick og Blackbird vil frigjøre 11 mill pund som selskapet var forpliktet til å avsette, og at dette vil styrke balansen for 2018.
I kombinasjon med inntekter fra Orlando (2 % av omsetningen fra de første 5 mill fatene, og 4,35 % etter det) vil dette gi selskapet positiv egenkapital.
Det er vel ca det som sto på selskapets hjemmeside 21. jan.
31.01.2019 kl 16:05 2162

Gasman har rett. I tillegg kan det komme 9 mill pund fra operatøren på Pegasus feltet men dette skjer isåfall senere.. Det skal ogsa avgjøres om Badger boring skal igangsettes og denne avgjørelsen skal skje innen 31mars. Det blir spennende tider for Atlantic P fremover.
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31.01.2019 kl 21:22 2114

Er det noen av dere som har en kvalifisert gjetning om hva kursmål eventuelt kan bli?
Snakker vi relativt sidelengs neste halvår eller er det potensiale oppover? Jeg kjøpte noen aksjer i denne før nyttår da jeg syntes det kunne virke noe interessant hva som kommer denne våren, med økt oljepris osv. men synes den foreløpig er heeeelt død.
01.02.2019 kl 13:09 2056

Kursmål setter jeg ikke nå men oppover skal man ganske sikkert. Bare tilbakeføringen på ca. 11mill pund tilsvarer rundt 32-33,- nok pr. aksje
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02.02.2019 kl 20:36 2013

Har du noen aksjer i ATLA du eller? Jeg kjøpte på 9,5 ca, jeg trodde en stund jeg hadde gjort noe dumt. Men nå tror jeg kanskje det ikke var så dumt like vel...
04.02.2019 kl 07:49 1925

Jeg har aksjer ja, kjøpt over en lengre periode og med høyere snitt en deg (10,5) . Jeg sitter rolig og kommer til å plukke flere aksjer hvis den faller tilbake..
Her er litt info om Badgerfeltet (33.3%) ...

og her om framgangen på Pegasus West..


og så man man ikke glemme Orlando feltet med oppstart nå i nærstående fremtid, innen 31mars.
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04.02.2019 kl 13:58 1871

Glemt tilbakeføring av over 120 mill nok for Ettrick, Blackbird feltene som skjedde i Desember.
04.02.2019 kl 21:20 1828

Så kanskje tiden for å laste opp enda litt mer hvis man har kapasitet... Hmm. Bare for å balansere det litt, så har vi vel noen piler som peker nedover også?
05.02.2019 kl 21:51 1761

Bare jeg som fikser litt her om dagen
11.04.2019 kl 13:32 1322

Find utvikling i aksjen i Danmark
15.04.2019 kl 08:32 1249

TORSHAVN, Færøyene, 2019-04-15 07.30 GMT (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) - P / F Atlantic Petroleum (NASDAQ OMX: ATLA DKK og Oslo Børs: ATLA NOK) råder det har mottatt bekreftelse fra Decipher Energy Limited om at produksjonen fra Orlando-feltet startet sent 29. mars 2019. Dette er i tråd med tidligere annonserte prognoser utstedt av Atlantic Petroleum.

Atlantic Petroleum i korthet:

Atlantic Petroleum deltar i olje og gass joint ventures med anerkjente, internasjonale partnere. Atlantic Petroleum P / F er basert i Tórshavn, Færøyene, og selskapet har for tiden datterselskaper og kontorer i Storbritannia og Norge. Atlantic Petroleums aksjer er notert på NASDAQ OMX Copenhagen og på Oslo Børs.

Flere detaljer:

Ytterligere detaljer kan fås fra Graeme FAWCETT, administrerende direktør, (graemef@petroleum.fo). Denne kunngjøringen er tilgjengelig sammen med annen informasjon om Atlantic Petroleum, på selskapets hjemmeside: www.petroleum.fo.

Kunngjøringsnr .: 7/2019
15.04.2019 kl 14:44 1207

Kommer vel snart mld. om ny lånefinansiering som setter prikken over i'n.
15.04.2019 kl 21:25 1146

nu da LOG(london finans folkene) er kommet under bankernes kontrol, tror jeg at atla vil tilbage betale lånet på ca. 30 mio kr., via et nyt lån eller noget.
og da ender vi jo med under 4 mio aktier, istedet for 6-7 mio aktier.

atla får vel ca. 200 tønder oil pr. dag = 30 mio kr pr år, i 1,5 år. derefter 4,5% af resten af feltets prd. = 400 boed pr dag
sådan cirka....
eller 1,5 mio i kassen, nu få dage efter opstart

og der ligger 9 mio pund i reward, ved start af pegasus feltet.

kan ikke lige se nogen trapwire....hrmf men her snakker vi jo virkelig olie myg/ banan flue