Thin Film 100 mill ordre med nye produkter.

Power sources are one of the most critical components for flexible and printed electronics, as these systems often require power to operate. However, coin cell batteries simply aren’t flexible and often are not disposable, thus limiting the product.

Printed flexible batteries can be made in many shapes and sizes. The trick is to provide enough power. With its ZincPoly™ technology and the ability to print its ultrathin flexible batteries on standard commercial printers, including SMT lines, and with plans for very high-volume roll-to-roll presses, Imprint Energy believes it has solved that challenge.

“If you foresee a world with large numbers of inexpensive IoT devices, sensors, tags and wearables that need to communicate, you need a power source that is well-matched to those emerging high-volume applications,” said Steve Weiss, an advisor to Imprint Energy. “Where other companies ‘go big’ on batteries, like for EVs or energy storage, we think there is huge opportunity to ‘go small.’”

Imprint Energy was co-founded in 2010 by its CEO, Christine Ho. The core technology was based on Ho’s doctoral work at UC Berkeley. Weiss noted that the company’s goal was to revamp how batteries are made, to enable four major improvements: size and shape, mass production, printing the battery and keeping it environmentally friendly.

“First, traditionally you designed products around what batteries could do, a problem as batteries grew to over 30% of the volume of modern products,” Weiss said. “Imprint’s technology lets you customize size, shape, capacity, flexibility, etc. Second, she sought to take advantage of ‘available everywhere’ standard commercial printing equipment to ‘mass print’ batteries at low cost, rather than ‘assembling’ batteries, as is done today, and which scales roughly linearly in cost.

“Third, printing the battery meant that makers could print batteries as part of their product, alongside sensors, antennas and chips – further reducing total device costs,” he added. “And fourth, Christine designed an inherently safe, stable and non-toxic solid-state battery, to contrast with many current technologies. That also enabled thinner, more power-dense formats.”

Weiss noted that the company’s ZincPoly™ technology has multiple advantages.

“It’s made from safe, non-lithium-based, stable polymers; that means we print ‘solid-state’ batteries rather than using liquids that need to be sealed,” he said. “That means safe to ship, and safe even if damaged. This same approach reduces internal resistance, enabling the power surges needed to communicate data while using a small battery. It’s rechargeable and disposable, unlike some alternatives.

“Alongside our ZincPoly chemistry, our process technology is designed to print a multi-layer sandwich of our inks and materials, ‘en masse’ in sheets (e.g. on standard SMT lines) or on roll-to-roll high-volume printers. This approach reduces costs, allows direct integration with other printed portions of a device and enables flexibility of the battery,” Weiss added.

“We’ve been marching toward commercialization,” Weiss reported. “That means improvements in underlying chemistry; battery performance; environmental conditions; shelf life; quality; manufacturability; and relentless process improvements and cost reduction. We’re indebted to our many superb partners that have spurred us through their requirements, questions, testing, and feedback.”

While Imprint has developed the technology with only modest investor funding, in part because the company has attracted many projects, partners and grants, the company did just successfully complete a $5 million investment round. The round included Imprint’s technology partner Semtech; the fund, managed by Global Value Investment Portfolio Management (GVIP); and previous investors including Phoenix Venture Partners (PVP).

Weiss reported that Imprint’s batteries are being evaluated and/or tested in a range of products, including medical devices, medical patches, smart tags, cold-chain tracking, and more. Imprint sees an opportunity to license lots of other firms as certified manufacturing partners, either as single components or as an integrated part of a device, rather than trying to produce billions of batteries per year by itself.

For example, Weiss reported that one of Imprint’s batteries is designed to power IoT devices that communicate using Semtech’s LoRa® devices and wireless radio frequency technology (LoRa Technology) for low-power wireless networks, and Semtech and its partners are early customers of Imprint batteries.

“Some applications are beginning to move into field trials rather than in a lab,” he added. “Our initial partners have chosen not to disclose their applications publicly yet, and we respect their confidentiality.”

Weiss said that he expects Imprint Energy to continue its strong growth in the coming years.

“The market need is there,” he observed. “We’re focused on delivering quality products that meet or exceed expectations and building an ecosystem of Imprint-certified manufacturing partners to make our batteries as part of their integrated devices. We expect that in many cases, these will be leading EMS firms and contract manufacturers, which are looking to deliver higher-value design and production services to their customers.”

“Markets and applications have changed considerably in a few short years,” Weiss concluded. “Smart tags that used to cost $20 or $50 are rapidly dropping to $1 or less. Major firms anticipate individual applications that could each consume millions to hundreds of millions of batteries per year: just think of smart pill bottles or smart bandages, for example. Imprint batteries can be an important enabler of these next-gen, high-volume applications.”

Ser vi her en del av nye satsninger fra Thin Film med nye produkter.
Imway Energy er en partner til Thin Film
Thin omtalte fremtidige ordre på 100 mill eller mer på Q3
Mange inkludert meg trodde dette gjaldt Eas men det er det ikke.
Her kan det komme spesialdisegnet produkter som har en helt annen pris en det vi har sett før.

Q3 rapport 2018 Thin Film
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Spennende! Aksjonærene er klar:-) kansje kjøpe litt mere nå før nyheten sprekker.
19.12.2018 kl 10:54 7679

La oss tenke oss en brusprodusent ønsker å gjøre et reklamestunt med levende bilder på sitt produkt.
Idet du skrur av korken vises det en videosnut av det produsenten ønsker å vise på lite display på selve flasken .
Samtidig kan dette kobles sammen med Google adsense reklamesnuter siden dette er direktekoblet opp mot nettet.
Brusprodusenten kan til enhver tid gjøre om på innholdet.
Og betaling for direkte reklame kan utføres pr.stk samtidig som betaling skjer direkte via Blockchane (Thinfilm og Clause)
Mulighetene her er mange....
19.12.2018 kl 10:59 7666

Dagens troende er har vært frelst så kort tid at de ikke har fått med seg at thin har lagt ned "printed systems" (fordi de ikke lar seg lage med PDPS). Det var for "printed systems" de hadde et samarbeide med imprint. NFC tagger eller EAS trenger ikke batteri.
19.12.2018 kl 11:06 7649

Thin snakker om nye produkter rundt NFC . Hva dette er eller hva det gjelder vet vi ikke enda, jeg bare spekulerer for debatten.

Ikke særlig kursdrivende i skrivende stund hvertfall:-) som å se maling tørke dette ... 3% ned på en blå børs. Noen forklaring? :-)
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Tja ser hvertfal ut som om Oslo børs snur opp igjen etter skrellet.... bare å stålsette seg å vente på good news:-)

Hvordan ser du at Oslo Børs snur opp ?

Fallet stoppet og det gikk litt opp igjen he he ... skjer nok ikke det store i Thin før evt en melding Tynnslitt:-)

Hvorfor sitte i denne aksjen så lenge "de stora" (svensk) holder aksjen nede ?
20.12.2018 kl 11:32 7245

Ha Ha Tynnslitt
Den var god :-)
La oss vente med kjøp til 0.40 :-)
20.12.2018 kl 16:24 7133

princes' prinsesse fantasier blir galere (i alle betydninger) for hver dag som går, omvendt proporsjonale med kursen.
20.12.2018 kl 17:16 7083

Jeg lover, skal ikke fantasere mer ?

“Our vision is to have NFC products everywhere and we are scaling up our production plant in San Jose, California, to print 7bn tags in the next two years. The price will come down as we scale up, before it was mainly premium end products that were taking our tags, but if you give consumers value they will tap on it​,” added Butler.

“With NFC we filter out the noise and go direct to the consumer and they are more likely to choose your brand as a result.​

“We produce our NFC tags in San Jose, and 100% test our chips before we dispatch them. Once we choose a converter [supplier] we help them with a converter certification process an ‘onboarding process’ to make sure everything is produced at the right standard​.

“Content is really important. You have to give value to your consumers because they won’t tap for the sake of tapping. In the case of Kilchoman, for content, they built a beautiful website with information about the distillery, an animated comparison about the two whiskies, Machir Bay and Sanaig​.

“The results showed a 6.5% engagement rate, higher than social media banner ads, and other methods. It’s also a lot more personal, qualitative rather than quantitative​.”
Cloud Platform

Butler said its CNECT (Cloud Platform) analytics showed each bottle was tapped by 1.35 consumers on average with a 35% virality rate (ie each tag was tapped multiple times and shared by friends).

The results saw interaction in 13 countries despite being launched in only a few countries, and engagement was highest in Finland and Helsinki, which Butler said is an indication Kilchoman should focus on that market.

“It took seven weeks to get the NFC integrated bottles from ship to shelf, and we learnt about the popularity of each variant so the distillery knows which flavor profiles are more applicable to various markets,”​ added Butler.
? ?

#6 Johnnie Walker

IOT in a whisky bottle may seem like an unnecessary frill but the patent-pending OpenSense technology actually serves multiple purposes for the company as well as the consumer. Along with unique identifiers to check the status of each bottle in the supply chain, they also contain tags to check if the bottles have been tampered in any way, or if they are counterfeit products.
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20.12.2018 kl 22:16 6909

Oi oi Reserven kommer til å sove godt i natt.
Dette er jo et eventyr for han :-)

Slike eventyr har en lei tendens til å sende aksjen videre nedover. Snart settes ny 8YL (eight year low).

Noen som bare lemper ut aksjene sine til bunnpris:-(

Hvordan vet du at dette er en "bunnpris"?

Godt spørsmål Tynnslitt. Håper julenissen kommer med noen gode nyheter snart. Rimelig stille i fjøset.
21.12.2018 kl 09:41 6666

Tipper bunnpris er 1 øre. God Jul.

Det går mot konkurs og da er det umulig å vite hvor lavt aksjen vil handles før den tas av børs.
21.12.2018 kl 12:59 6511

Firmaer som Thinfilm, som hele sin eksistens har vært basert på drømmer, fantasier, innbilninger og livsløgner, har ingen fremtid.
Lavest mulig THIN kurs = NOK 0,0001 = ett hundredels øre:

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21.12.2018 kl 21:43 6351

Resevern har alltid en dårlig komment når THIN har positiv dag. Slappe av Reserven det er Jul nå
De som har THIN aksjer koser seg i Julen.

Hvordan kan man "kose seg" med Thin-aksjer i Julen? Det er vanlig å forbinde julen med noe positivt.
22.12.2018 kl 00:43 6251

Dicken, er du fornøyd med kurs 79 øre er det hyggelig for deg. Da jeg skrev innlegget mitt var kursen under 74 øre, og over 2 øre i minus.

Kursen hevet seg fint fra lod?

0,79 - 0.70 = 0.09
( 0.09 / 0.7 ) * 100 = 12.86 %
22.12.2018 kl 12:44 6055

Kunsten med aksje-handelen generelt er å tjene penger. Derfor jeg koser meg i Julen med THIN-aksjer i lommen.
22.12.2018 kl 12:51 6048 det mulig.........ser ikke skogen for bare trær ?

Dagens troende har nok gjordt sin hjemmelektie meget bedre end i fjolser som skriver her dag ud og ind, om du har lidt hjenerceller tilbage skulle du søge lidt på Thins sidste patenter, kun et tips

Jeg har vært negativ i en rekke år, også da jeg hadde aksjer. Det kan ikke tolkes på annen måte enn at jeg hadde gjort min hjemmelekse (hyppig kontakt med Thin-ledelsen etc). Vi vet jo alle hvordan utviklingen har vært.
"Dagens troende" er et begrep som er selvforklarende. (Man tror på noe uten å hvite hva man tror på).
"Dagens troende" har trodd på gode nyheter til jul på samme måte som barn tror på julenissen.
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For mig lyder du som en gammel og bitter mand som ikke kan finde ud af hvem du er på forumet, gentager dig gang efter gang men det har vel med alderen at gøre.
23.12.2018 kl 12:00 5691

I motsetning til Investing, er jeg istand til å lese og forstå thin sine patenter. Jeg sier, i motsetning til Investing, selv om jeg ikke vet hva vedkommende driver med fordi han i alle fall på dette forumet har vist seg som en teknologi-analfabet som likevel investerer i teknologi og tror at julenissen skal redde han ut av en dårlig investering i noe han ikke forstår.

I stedet for at vrøvle så kig på det jeg skrev, det tror jeg du klarer
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Sist jeg snakket med Davor fortalte han at de hadde ryddet opp i alle patentene. Det kostet for mye å holde dem "aktive".
Alle patentene er bare tull.
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24.12.2018 kl 01:15 5439

I FA lørdag 22.12.2018 er det en 8 siders artikkel med råd om aksjeinvesteringer i 2019, gitt av et ekspertpanel bestående av Martin Mølsæter, forvalter i First Fondene; Stein Hansen, aksjemegler i DNB Markets; Kenneth Andersen, daglig leder i Strawberry Capital; Kjetil Holta, investor i Holta Invest; og Pernille Christensen, investeringsdirektør i C WorldWide.

Det de 5 ekspertene unisont sier, og som er overskriften på artikkelen:
Taperne kan koste deg formuen
Det er nå taperaksjene kan gå konkurs. – Ikke rør selskaper med emisjonsbehov
, advarer aksjeproffene

----- ----- ----- ----- ----- -----

Er dere heldige, poster jeg i romjulen et screenshot av artikkelen, mer kronglete på en laptop, er på juleferie og ikke hjemme hvor jeg har en PC med tre 30" skjermer.
24.12.2018 kl 05:25 5388

As of 30 November 2018, 60.65% of the shares were held by foreign investors.

Reserven har alltid holdt seg til faktaopplysninger og har hatt rett hele veien. Han var bl. annet den fremste talsmannen for at Davour måtte sparkes.
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