SPU - Spectrum ASA: Q4 Financial update

Oslo, Norway, 4th January 2019.

Based on preliminary figures for Q4 2018, management expects to report Gross
Revenue of approximately USD 71 million (USD 56 million in Q4 2017) and Net
Revenue of approximately USD 53 million for the quarter (USD 46 million in Q4
2017). The difference between Gross Revenue and Net Revenue in Q4 2018 is
primarily sales made on risk share projects. The expected Net Revenue is split
between Late Sales of approximately USD 49 million (USD 36 million in Q4 2017)
and Early Sales of approximately USD 4 million (USD 10 million in Q4 2017). The
reduction in expected Early Sales is due to ongoing projects in Q4 2018 mainly
being done in partnership under a risk share model.

The Revenue indicated is based on the Percentage Of Completion (POC) principle
used by Spectrum for management reporting and external segment reporting.

Spectrum expects to report secured Net Interest Bearing Debt of negative USD 7
million as the cash balance of USD 38 million as of 31st December 2018 exceeds
the secured Interest Bearing Debt of USD 31 million.

Spectrum will report Q4 2018 financial results on February 8th, 2019.
For further information please contact:

Dean Zuzic, CFO Mobile: +47 41 43 35 60 E-mail: dean.zuzic@spectrumgeo.com


Kanskje det kan bli litt fart i denne i dag etter at også Hegnar har en gladmelding på websiden: https://www.hegnar.no/Nyheter/Energi/2019/01/Gladmelding-fra-Spectrum
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Men hvor mye går de i minus for kvartalet, det er spørsmålet
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SB1M var ute med en oppdatering på SPU i går i forkant av dagens melding fra selskapet. Da skrev de blant annet følgende, så får vi se hva de og andre slipper av meldinger etter dagens oppdatering:

"SPU (Buy, TP NOK 60 (80)): We expect strong Q4 late sales and like Spectrum's positioning for 2019

Spectrum is due to report a trading update for Q4'18 tomorrow, where we estimate revenues of USD 52m and net cash of USD 1m. We estimate strong late sales of USD 47m,up 32% y/y, with the majority of sales from Brazil, Argentina and Gabon. The prefunding level has been low in the quarter, and we also reduce our prefunding ratio estimates for 2019 and 2020. Spectrum's strong position in several high-impact areas is howeversupportive for our 13% y/y late sales growth estimate for 2019. The Spectrum share price has been hammered with the oil price and oil services sell-off, but we believe a too weak outlook is discounted in the current share price. At 1.4x EV/Library and 5x P/Eon 2019e, we find the valuation highly attractive. We maintain Buy and rate Spectrum among our top picks in the oil service space, albeit at a lower target price of NOK 60 (80).

Our analysis
• Q4 update due tomorrow – We expect strong late sales and soft prefunding: Spectrum is due to reporta financial update for Q4'18 tomorrow, where we expect the company will report revenues of USD 52m and net cash of USD 1m. We estimate late sales of USD 47m, up 32% from USD 36m in Q4'17. To our understanding, the majority of late sales stems from Brazil,Argentina and Gabon, which have been key areas for Spectrum in 2018, and which we expect will serve as important markets for the company also in 2019. We estimate USD 5m in prefunding revenues for the quarter, down from USD 10m in Q4'17. Breaking this up,we estimate MC capex of USD 12m, which is slightly up y/y but estimated prefunding ratio of 45% is down from 101% in Q4'17. The lower prefunding ratio is largely due to low prefunding one of the two key surveys in Brazil, but also that the general willingnessto prefunding seismic surveys remains subdued. We estimate a Q4 net cash position of USD 1m (USD 32m cash and USD 31m IBD), with cash flow in the quarter negatively impacted by payment of risk-sharing partners, seasonal working capital buildup and low prefundingratio on MC investments.

• Strong position in high-impact areas in 2019 supports late sales estimates – Prefunding slightly down: Brazil, Argentina, Gabon and Mozambique remain key areas for Spectrum also in 2019. Of seismic hot spots globally, we are particularly positive towards Brazil, where Spectrumis well positioned through its extensive and growing MC library. This view was supported by Petrobras' recently announced E&P spending plan for 2019-2023. The company plans to spend USD 11bn on exploration, which is up around 65% from USD 6.6bn guided in the2018-2022 plan. Spectrum has recently announced two large 3D surveys in Brazil, a USD ~30m net investment in Santos in a 50/50 JV with TGS (low prefunding) and a USD 40-45m sole investment in Potiguar (high prefunding, 60%+). More than 90% of the combinedMC capex of USD 70-75m will be taken in 2019, meaning more than half of our 2019 MC capex estimate of USD 120m is covered by these two surveys alone. We keep our MC capex estimate for now, but do see upside here. We however lower assumed prefunding ratio for2019 and 2020 from 50% to 45% as prefunding levels in the industry continue to remain subdued. We maintain our late sales estimate of USD 114m as we do not find our 13% estimated y/y growth aggressive for Spectrum.

• Highly appealing valuation, both in absolute and relative terms: The Spectrum share price has been hammered with the oil price and oil services sell-off, but we believe a too weak outlook is discounted in the current share price. We keepour Buy recommendation and continue to highlight Spectrum as one of our top picks in the oil service universe. Asset light business model, outlook for strong revenue growth as risk sharing revenue comes though, exposure towards several exciting licensing rounds,and historical high ROCE are key reasons for buying Spectrum. Although we reduce our estimates and trim our target from NOK 80 to NOK 60, we find the current valuation highly appealing, both absolutely and relatively speaking. The company is e.g. is tradingat a low P/E of 5x on our 2019e and 4x on 2020e. The current EV/Library multiple is also down to 1.4x, below the 2x 2009-2018 average for Spectrum and 44% below TGS currently at 2.5x.

Tommy Johannessen"
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Spektrum har aldri tjent penger, det kommer de heller ikke til å gjøre i 2019
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Det ser ut til at du har et hjertebarn du snakker varmt for/om, og at alt annet er "dritt". Da er vel det beste for deg å diskutere "barnet ditt", ikke rakke ned på og spre dritt på alle andre tråder. Ønsker deg riktig god bedring.
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Et light asset seismikkselskap uten båter som ikke klarer å tjene penger selv om de skviser seismkkselskaper med båter, er «dritt»
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Fra en oppdatering nå nettopp:

"Good morning,

SPU: Solid financial update for Q4 – Net revenues of USD 53m roughly in line with our USD 52m, net cash of USD 7m above our USD 1m

· Spectrum issued a solid financial update for Q4'18 in our view. Net revenues of USD 53m was slightly above our/consensus USD 52m, driven by late sales. Net cash position at quarter end of USD 7m was above ourUSD 1m and slightly below consensus at USD 8m, implying higher than expected cash flow than we expected in the quarter.

· Late sales of USD 49m was somewhat above our USD 47m and consensus USD 45m, and equals a 36% growth over Q4'17. This is a solid finish for late sales to 2018 in our view, and is to understanding mainly drivenby sales in Brazil, Argentina and Gabon.

· We expected soft prefunding revenues of USD 5m, which came in at USD 4m (consensus USD 7m). This was largely driven by Q4 projects being done under the risk-sharing model, but we also estimate a soft prefundingrate of 45%.

· SPU is scheduled to report Q4 results on February 8th. On the back of today's revenue figures, we expect EBITDA of around USD 44m and net income of USD 25m.

· We have Buy recommendation and NOK 60 target price on Spectrum. Please find link to our update from yesterday here."