Standardutstyr i alle biler? (very popular in Russia)

08.01.2019 kl 22:16 443

"The most popular way of all those organizations to track your movements is to install hidden GPS tracking device under your car. If that is not an option, they can also track your smartphone using its embedded GPS module. In any way, your privacy rights are violated. But this GPS tracking jammer is the one you can use to protect yourself from illegal GPS tracking performed by any governmental employees, your competitors or some other people."
Redigert 08.01.2019 kl 22:19 Du må logge inn for å svare

Det blir jammer fremover .

Streiketurisme er OSLO sin storsatsing fremover....
09.01.2019 kl 08:59 303

jammer festes i 12V-uttak i konsollen, skrus av og fjernes på sekunder

m.a.o. nesten umulig å "ta" folk som vil ivareta personvernet sitt