NOD: Mouser – SiP offers Nordic Semiconductor nRF9160-SICA-R

"Mouser – SiP offers compact, low-power cellular IoT solution (Nordic Semiconductor nRF9160-SICA-R)

Nordic Semiconductor nRF9160-SICA-R
Jan 10 2019 Subs & Systems
The nRF91 SiP from Nordic Semiconductor us now in stock at Mouser. Featuring a combined application microcontroller, RF front end, full LTE modem, and power management in a single device, the SiP is perfect for low-power cellular IoT applications.

The SiP offers globally compatible NB IoT and LTE-M support in bands ranging from 700MHz to 2.2GHz. The device possesses an integrated Arm Cortex-M33 processor with Arm CryptoCell and Arm TrustZone security technology, giving a secure performance in global operation. The SiP leverages Qorvo’s state-of-the-art, proven advanced packaging, RF front-end, and MicroShield technology to produce a unique, ultra-compact solution that blends high performance with low power consumption. The GCF-certified, 3GPP LTE-compliant module is offered with built-in GPS support, providing a cost-effective solution for asset tracking applications.

The SiP is housed in a small 10mm x 16mm x 1mm package and features 32 GPIO pins and a wide range of peripherals and interfaces to offer a flexible solution for a broad mix of smart devices. Software examples and hardware reference designs ease the design process and particularly lessen time-to-market. The SiP provides extended battery life and low-cost maintenance and installation; this makes it ideal for smart city products as well as medical, industrial, and agricultural applications.

The SiP is supported by the nRF9160 Development Kit. The kit gives rapid prototyping and enables access to all interfaces and IO via connectors. The kit offers four LEDs, two switches, and two buttons, which are user-programmable for tailored performance.

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