NAS @2019

See the video that added 3 weeks ago.

Action completed:
1. Cost saving upto 3 BNok (ongoing )
2. Reduction of 150 people (mostly on root that has been cut out). Only in twitter I see this news.

Action to be disclosed:
1. Sale of aircrafts
2. RR claim with exact amount they get
3. Partner/JV or Stake sale

Action behind the scene:
1. IAG is not offered board membership. So they excluded completed from day-to-day management meetings/decisions.
2. NAS might received parellel bid from others (Emirates, Ethiad, Ryan, Lufthansa, Qatar). IAG was afraid of huge stake price if bidding war happens. So they avoided by just saying.
3. NAS may want JV first with 25% stake. This is normal for many airline takeovers. Also due to EU and FDI rule of 49% limit.

NAS @2019:
NAS want to build positive book value in order to get better price.
IAG want to have lower price to avoid high stake sale price. So they play with media.

If IAG can drop the share price to 140s then NAS can lift the share price to 240s with single news. In order to have stable price around 240s, NAS need strong result and performance. 2019 results will make that happen.

Finally, Current Market Price (CMP) is important when it comes to stake sale.
NAS will disclose or start stake sale process ONLY when the share is share price is 30% - 40% less than Kjos dream price (means if Kjos want 400 NOK per share then CMP should be around 280 NOK).
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What they acheive with 3bnok issue?
Strong and healthy finanacial to elimiante EK requirements issue and bank loan issues.

How this will affect the Stake Sale process?
NAS preference is JV. It seems they dont want to sell to IAG or anyone.

How this will affect the JV process?
1. Partner company must be BIG and already in negotiation.
2. JV terms will be favor of NAS.
3. JV will be a big news and lift the share price. So they avoided the issue price now.
4. JV price and terms will drive the issue price.

Result in 2019:
1. Aircraft sale will give NAS +
2. Oil hedging will give NAS +
3. Cost cut will give NAS +
4. RR claim will give NAS +
5. Current issue will give NAS +
6. Same earning (40 bnok) like 2018 will give NAS a massive 5 bnok + in 2019

29.01.2019 kl 14:07 847

Tror NAS slutter opp mot 130 i dag og hvem vet om NAS snart blir kjøpt opp?
Fredriksen går ikke tungt inn i NAS uten at han har tenkt å tjene meget godt og da er et salg av NAS nærliggende å tenke.

Yes HP17.
May be NAS wanted strong book and eliminate the financial issues (EK/Loan) to get better price. Lets see!

Kan ikke skjønne annet enn at NAS skal ned i område 60-80kr. i løpet av februar. Svært interesant selvssagt med Storeulv inn, Mannen har jo teft så det holder
29.01.2019 kl 15:18 637

Hvorfor i all verden skulle den gå ned mot 60-80kr? Vil tro det er en betydelig andel investorer som nå vil inn i NAS før emisjonkurs fastsettes i februar.