Archer Limited is proud to announce!

ARCHER 02.02.2019 kl 13:28 20563

Archer Limited is proud to announce that Archer Land Drilling renews contract for two pulling units.

For more information please visit our website

Sikkert sett av de fleste, men oppretter egen tråd for denne for mer info om evt fortjenester og annen informasjon.
14.02.2019 kl 15:49 842

Done it ! I think I will quit this forum because the people do not appreciate the help I try to give to all of you....
14.02.2019 kl 15:52 834

It's curiosity man. I would like to have the same information that you have.
14.02.2019 kl 15:56 826

Can you read it directly from the order book? can you see it in your chart? Do you use a program? Im curios how you can tell
14.02.2019 kl 15:58 822

Good ! I hope that the rude ones that attack me now respect a little more and take better advantage of my data ... This was going to happen and I told them, I hope they listened to me and assembled their orders of 5.43 Kr and now it's time to buy, the robot wiped off the stop losses removing many positions here, all my buy orders were filled and I am still here until the next indication of manipulation ....
14.02.2019 kl 16:00 817

Shopping time ! Few days left for the quarter...
14.02.2019 kl 16:03 810

I've been reading you very closely.
Do you have a new indication of where it will end?
14.02.2019 kl 16:04 808

Oppgangen ødelegges litt av US åpning men fortsatt sterk på en knallrød ose, sterkt!! Gleder meg til fortsettelsen!!
14.02.2019 kl 16:11 792

Trj89, this is a combination of data that I acquire from different source, this is not a software that you can buy, it is created and fixed individuality for a particular instrument, for example I focus for Archer and DOF that are the ones I have more than 6 years studying all it's movement in special how works the algorithmic robot, news, this foro and others ! I can see the data like digits with only see the orderbook due more than 1.000.000 of hours doing this, I can see it's intention and the next step much before I started in this forum... But off course I'm not 100% all the time but 80% if fine....
14.02.2019 kl 16:23 767

I always said that this will go up to 15 or 20 Kr between this or next year but all depend if the investors back again, ARCHER has being badly manipulated for some institution or a manipulation team from one office, whatever that make the small investor to disappear due the constant wipe off their investments... But those manipulators are already oversold so they are no that strong as before because they ran out of shares, ARCHER are absolutely undervalue and the same manipulators will change the mentality and go for entry buying as mush they can, that is close to happen, so yes the Archer value will increase over 15 Kr very soon but it will be some wipe off on the way up... I will be warning to tell you when this sturbing robot are on and what the try to do !!!! Cheers...

IBM from 1972 and a bit of heksekunster ala sim sala bim, og vips så har han trylleformelen "koktaskiræva".
14.02.2019 kl 16:38 727

Oh ! Here you are .... So ? With only 1% error mangen, I told you will drop to between 5,32 to 5,34 Kr and the price went to 5,35 Kr ... I will promise you to be more accurate next time !!!!

Kraftig opp på en blodrød dag, veldig veldig positivt :)