DLS has been recognized by the IAPG

ARCHER 18.02.2019 kl 23:41 903

DLS Argentina Ltd. (Argentina Branch) has been awarded an Honorable Mention in the 2018 awards competition of the Argentina Institute of Oil and Gas (IAPG) in the category of Human Resources Management in the Oil & Gas Industry. The awards ceremony took place last December 13th, during the celebration of Petroleum Day, at the Sheraton Hotel in Buenos Aires.

The award was presented to John Lechner, Global CEO of Archer and Dr. Silvina García, Human Resources and Labor Relations Manager of DLS Argentina Ltd. The recognition of the Awards Committee, made up members from the academic community, professional institutions, government organizations and independent consultants, is in recognition of the development of a “Petroleum Education and Training Platform” which itself is the result of a cooperative effort between DLS Argentina Ltd. and the Technology Transfer department of the Austral University School of Engineering.
18.02.2019 kl 23:44 894

Link til innlegg: https://www.archerwell.com/dls-has-been-recognized-by-the-iapg-for-its-innovative-training-platform/

Burde DLS fortsatt selges, nu når de får positiv oppmerksomhet?
18.02.2019 kl 23:45 892

måte du starte ny tråd på old news
18.02.2019 kl 23:54 880

Ja, i denne kan vi ha fokus på DLS. Og hva DLS kan bidra med. I den andre kan vi snakke mer konkret om Archer.

Jeg fikk øynene mer opp for DLS nu når jeg kom over annonsen som jeg ikke har sett andre snakke om.

DLS er ikke nevnt i 4Q18 under Associated investments som C6 og QES er.
19.02.2019 kl 08:05 683

I do not understand who would like to sell a land perforation equipment company when they are in a drilling boom in Argentina, Bolivia and beware if Venezuela request land equipment to fix a huge amount of damage wells... I will be surprised ! DLS is a Goldmine ....