Notification of Trade

NRC 21.02.2019 kl 12:35 1040

NRC Group - Notification of Trade
Charlotte Holding AS entered into a forward contract to purchase 500,000 shares
in NRC Group ASA at a price of NOK 71.994 per share.

The term of the forward contract expires on 20 August 2019. At the same time,
Charlotte Holding AS sold 500,000 shares in NRC Group ASA to the counterparty in
the forward contract, at a price of NOK 70.694 per share.

Charlotte Holding AS is wholly owned by Øivind Horpestad, who is the CEO of NRC
Group ASA.

After the abovementioned transactions, Charlotte Holding AS' total shareholding
in NRC Group ASA is unchanged, being 1.829.688 shares (3.39%), of which 500,000
shares are on future contract (0.93%).

In addition, Øivind Horpestad holds 100,000 options in NRC Group ASA.

This information is subject of the disclosure requirements pursuant to section 5
-12 of the Norwegian Securities Trading.
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21.02.2019 kl 12:37 1037

NRC Group ASA - Acquisitions of own shares
Reference is made to the announcement made by NRC Group ASA (the "Company"') on
20 February 2019 in connection with its decision to initiate a share buyback
program for up to NOK 10.0 million in the market.

The Company has today bought 1000 shares in the Company through broker at an
average price of NOK 58,80 per share.

The Company's total holding of treasury shares after this transaction is 1372

For further information, please contact: CFO Dag Fladby, telephone: +47 90 89 19

This information is subject to the disclosure requirements pursuant to section 5
-12 of the Norwegian Securities Trading Act.
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22.02.2019 kl 13:33 940

If the investors keep the positions, the repurchase will increase the prices! Everything seems to have been well premeditated, to obtain personal profits from the investors, they sell out at the top and buy options, discovered ... Count drops with the price and now they want to buy .... I think they have disappointed many of them. investors, is a very unprofessional practice for a company with little participation volume ... The truth that was poorly done by its management ....
The company has the capacity to rapidly increase its lost value and we hope that these people will rush to buy their shares at the market price and that something like this will not happen again.
Redigert 22.02.2019 kl 13:34 Du må logge inn for å svare
22.02.2019 kl 15:15 903

Today all of you can see that being harder to found who sell, this is good !!!! Yesterday I recommended to hold to force management to buy at market price so we can see a increase in the price... the price is responding to the repurchase so now is a good opportunity to buy as well so the price will increase faster and they will be forced to buy as well with good luck we can reach our 80 Kr again....
22.02.2019 kl 17:17 865

NRC Group ASA (the "Company"') has today bought 12.000 shares in the Company
through broker at an average price of NOK 59,8553 per share.
Today a bet higher than yesterday ! in this way we will increase the price....
25.02.2019 kl 10:06 732

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