Zerynth brings Python programming to NODs advanced nRF52840

Zerynth brings Python programming to Nordic Semiconductor’s advanced multiprotocol SoCs, accelerating IoT product development
04 Mar 2019 Oslo, Norway

Customer nRF52840 Python Bluetooth 5 ARM: Zerynth brings Python programming to the nRF52840
IoT middleware enables developers to use high-level programming language to program nRF52840 SoC for rapid integration with sensors, actuators, and Cloud services

Nordic Semiconductor today announces that Zerynth, a New York-based Internet of Things (IoT) software developer has extended the availability of its ‘Zerynth IoT middleware’ to Nordic’s nRF52840 Bluetooth® 5/Bluetooth Low Energy (Bluetooth LE) System-on-Chip (SoC). The middleware was previously available for the nRF52832 SoC.

Zerynth comprises a set of software development tools which accelerate IoT product design by simplifying firmware programming of 32-bit microprocessors—such as the nRF52840 SoC’s 64-MHz Arm® Cortex™ device—using Python or “hybrid” C/Python. (C/Python programming is useful for low-level coding for time-critical tasks while retaining Python’s flexibility and readability for non time-critical tasks.) The product also supports secure connection to leading Cloud services and eases hardware integration with sensors, actuators, and industrial protocols. Design and development are further simplified by the availability a growing list of open-source libraries available on GitHub.

The software tools comprise ‘Zerynth Virtual Machine’ and ‘Zerynth Studio’. Zerynth Virtual Machine is a multithreaded, stack-based virtual machine built on top of a real-time operating system (RTOS). The virtual machine is independent of the hardware, allowing code reuse on a wide range of 32-bit microcontrollers. When running on the Nordic nRF52840 SoC, the virtual machine uses just 60 to 80kB of the chip’s 1MB Flash allocation and 3 to 5kB of its 256kB RAM allocation.

"Nordic is one of the world’s leading wireless IoT companies and our recent technical partnership has enabled us to push Zerynth to a wider community"
Gabriele Montelisciani, CEO of Zerynth


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