Wall-street gubben med det hvite tjafsehåret

Hvem er han som alltid er avbilda i Wall Street artikler?
Skuespiller eller en som faktisk tråkker rundt på golvet der?
Gamle bilder?


Eldre mann, ingen ungdom.

‘Before you come to my house and slap me in the face, get your story straight’
Editors’ note: On Oct. 1, MarketWatch’s editor-in-chief, Jeremy Olshan, wrote a column declaring our intent to stop publishing photographs of floor trading, arguing that those images don’t reflect the realities of modern trading and distort the truth. Among those who objected was Peter Tuchman, himself the subject of a disproportionate number of emotive trading-floor shots over the years. He agreed to write an op-ed to make his case. We appreciate his comments but are upholding our ban.

My name is Peter Tuchman, and I’ve been a proud and honored broker and member of the New York Stock Exchange for more than 25 years.