To the Brokers !

ARCHER 26.03.2019 kl 11:04 22059

Sometimes you have to choose to call attention to these brokers when you pass your hand to far, I have been in this business for many years but I have never seen something like they do here ... There are limits boys and also we are not all blind! Let's go and stop the suffocation and let the instrument attract investors again, so we all win, you, us and the new investors so they can gain experience, we need liquidity again ! we are alone in here ! Don't you realize that ?
27.03.2019 kl 15:23 7000

Please continue!
Don't let the few, who does not see what you are doing, win. If they where actually reading what you are writing, without preconceptions, maybe they could have learned something too :)
27.03.2019 kl 15:39 6981

Thank you friend and I appreciate your interest, I do not feel very well but of course I will continue as far as I can! One day I was disconnected from the forum and it is difficult to contact all of you, that is why the last post ... Let me see what is happening with the action today .... Greetings ...
27.03.2019 kl 15:53 6963

The situation with Archer is the low investors participation! The instrument is not in control of the public is more than evident that it is controlled by a broker ... We can see in the graphics of two minutes a solid bar up another down without push and without resistance, you can see that neither tail leaves in any of the candles ... What we can do is wait, the company of course is devalued in its price and what I am doing is buying every time it has a considerable fall to accumulate more shares ... There is something that we have to think, the price can not be low for ever due the following reason, there are many people who have been selling assuming losses but there is also someone who is very comfortable buying them, when the number of shares that were distributed in many people it is reduced in less hands "the hands behind this downside" it will be ready for let the price rise in relation to the quarterly progress, in that time news will come, analysis s technicians specialized firms and much more information from management ... This has always worked like this for many years ...
Redigert 27.03.2019 kl 15:58 Du må logge inn for å svare
27.03.2019 kl 16:23 6928

Ruperto. You have no clue. Sorry.

You know as little about the future.pricing of archer as I do. If it was mo ey on the streets people would be all over it. They are not.
27.03.2019 kl 16:48 6909

I do not predict the future and of course I do not know it but I do see what is happening in real time! Only 167 numbers of trades today, massive walls of contention in the order book that flash from one side to another all together as it were a Christmas tree in the middle of desert alone and devastated in the hands of a single trader where there is only one just trade for every 2.69 min! I can not see the future but if I see what they do and the results they will give ... I do not have 3 years in this, I have a very high level of success ... But I can see how the Norwegian market is taking out off control, we lost small investors day to day ...
Redigert 27.03.2019 kl 16:54 Du må logge inn for å svare
27.03.2019 kl 16:52 6889

Norwegian Børs is the most corrupt in the world. We all know that. Archer has massive debt. It scares small investors

Just relax and wait for 18 months. Then you'll see different pricing altogether. Unless you are planning in g on trading the swings? If you are not looking to trade than just relax. Why write 30 posts a day about the trading patterns. We know what they are. What can you do about it? Nothing
Redigert 27.03.2019 kl 16:53 Du må logge inn for å svare
27.03.2019 kl 17:10 6872

18 months ? No way ! now is me that I believe that you are the one who does not have clue of what is happening ... Archer is oversold from the public and that is way we don't see it selling or buying, they disappear " Wiped off like their positions " , Archer is making money and I know that more clear than the other thing ... The take off is closer than many can think there are many millions of shares that have to be converted into money before the Hydrogen and other renewable resources replace the oil in probably 20 years. Archer's debt is insignificant for the business and the assets that have just in DLS Argentina ... These short sales players should know that they can lose more money manipulating a market empty than going with the market trend as most of the oil company have already done it... I'm sorry but you are wrong and you will see it very soon!
27.03.2019 kl 17:28 6854

The only way I would believe that the price will continue to fall is if I knew that its owners or the main investors were selling all their shares! But it's not like that ! The case is a strong manipulation and the Top owners do not sell off if it were them I think the Oslo stock exchange will send the notification as it is a obligation .... There are other institutions that are acquiring all those shares that the public has being selling for all this long period ! Why does they buy then? they like to collect them? Or because they know the value they represent and collect for the last moment ? I vote for the last one ! It is too evident...
27.03.2019 kl 19:04 6797

Ruperto, the oil service sector is still In the very early stages of a recovery. 2019 will only be slightly better than 2018.

2020 and 2021 is when the sector will start to flourish again and then you can talk about Archer being priced at 15 KR +. Not before, but that just my opinion.
Redigert 27.03.2019 kl 19:08 Du må logge inn for å svare
27.03.2019 kl 19:06 6799

Ruperto. The volume is low. For every sale there has to be a buyer right? So what us your point?

The question you should be asking is who is selling at these levels? The answer is small time speculators using money borrowed from the bank. When they dont make 50% in 3 days they panic and at the first sign of trouble they throw their cards.

Quite simple really
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27.03.2019 kl 20:20 2470

As far as I understand Archer has now for 2019 an estimated P/E at 3 kr. I believe we can see 15 kr sooner than expected. And even at 15 kr Acher would, from what we now know, still be undervalued compared to other companies.
Am I far out?
Redigert 27.03.2019 kl 20:21 Du må logge inn for å svare
27.03.2019 kl 21:08 2428

Is not any stocks borrowed for Archer since 5 of November at least since 5 of November 2018, all borrowed stocks has to be register in this web page ! ... The manipulator own the shares and as manipulate in both direction manage to buy all the shares from the people that quit... That is why as I tell you this broker is accumulating huge amount of shares to have full control in the price then can sell at 30 Kr if they want ... Less money in the public hands is easy to manipulate the price...
Redigert 27.03.2019 kl 21:08 Du må logge inn for å svare
27.03.2019 kl 21:16 2407

Lilleulv, yes the price can go at any moment up to 15 Kr and even more but you need to be aware when that happen... It will drop hard after that and probably stay stable in half of that with the same history for long period up and down around 8 Kr ...
27.03.2019 kl 21:46 2382

Thanks! Yes, I was also thinking that 14-15 would be a good exit. And then enter again around 8-10.
As for now, unfortunately my avarage price is 7.
Redigert 27.03.2019 kl 21:46 Du må logge inn for å svare
27.03.2019 kl 21:49 2377

Nei... Archer kommer aldri opp i kurs 15 igjen... Den kommer ikke til å passere 6 tallet engang ilp av 2019.Selskapet er doomed i det lange løp, og kursen vil smyge seg sakte nedover i den nedover gående trenden den har vært i siden 2014...
27.03.2019 kl 21:57 2369

I read and read this information and this will take the value of the share through the clouds! The onshore drilling is a very lucrative business, but working in Argentina is a huge headache! I know very well how to work in these towns of Neuquén, and Tierra de Fuego and all those areas of the vast reserve of unconventional oil, unions and communities are a continuing annoyance for international companies, strikes, compensations, and the environmentalists, they make the drilling to extend and generate always lost ... But now a great monopoly is being cooked that according to the Argentine newspapers this Hedge fond from Texas is very well connected with the government of the Argentine president, in a few words Lone Star is negotiating with Archer to buy its drilling equipment to join them to the San Antonio company that he already acquired for about 150,000,000 US $, it is said that the price for DLS Archer is for around 100,000,000 US $ ... If Archer manages leaving those equipment adapted for that zone, I think it was doing an excellent business for the conditions it has been struggling ... But the other side of the coin also shows a possibility to perform more drilling and services together with the San Antonio company if a sale agreement is not reached .... Where we want to see both are excellent news, Archer could be revealing a great news at the latest next week. ... On the other hand I understand that since the government has its hands well soaked in that big drilling project and they need all the towers to start as soon as possible, and the unions and communities will stop being a problem! I know how those governments work in south America when they are fully involved, militarize the area will stop the constant sabotage they have with the industry as well as having more rigs in operation there will be much more jobs in the area, all working all happy ... .
27.03.2019 kl 22:12 2348

Oil BOOM in Argentina ! DLS has to decided or joint to that aventure or selloff....!
The government of Mauricio Macri has decided to relaunch state oil company YPF, the largest company in the country. It will invest 30,000 million dollars in a strategic plan for five years, 21,500 of which will come directly from the company's cash and the rest of other associations. The challenge is enormous. The South American country lost energy self-sufficiency during the Kirchner period, as a result of the collapse of exploration work accentuated by the freezing of the price of fuel. In 2014, Cristina Fernández Kirchner decided to nationalize YPF, until then in the hands of the Spanish Repsol. Macri decided to leave the company in the hands of the State and change it by the roots.

At the heart of the plan is to promote the development of the Vaca Muerta deposit, the jewel in the crown, one of the largest in the world in unconventional hydrocarbons. To sustain the expansion of Vaca Muerta, YPF will not abandon the extraction of conventional crude. The idea is that production will increase 26% by 2022 and guarantee a good turnover.
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28.03.2019 kl 08:35 2231

A few days before DLS news ... Very well kept in silence for the interests of large investors with their full shares portfolios ... Patience always rewards ....
28.03.2019 kl 09:40 2195

Archer is still pending with the prizes of last quarter! The new quarter will be accumulated as our shares are accumulated .... I'm waiting from some news from Argentina
28.03.2019 kl 10:16 2167

We are all waiting, keep us in the picture ! :)
28.03.2019 kl 11:02 2168

If the value of OSEBX exceeds 872 Kr, buy strongly if it is followed by a green elephant candle
Redigert 28.03.2019 kl 11:16 Du må logge inn for å svare

Ruperto , it seems like the small investers are keeping their Stocks today. Where are you from and why do you choose to invest in Oslo Børs?
28.03.2019 kl 12:14 2124

I do not only invest in Oslo Børs, I also invest in the USA and European markets, but I decided to invest here as a personal challenge ... Although it is extremely boring to see the brokers playing with the public with total freedom ... I also know that these strongly manipulated actions are about to shoot up, the actions cost cents of dollars, absolutely gifted and manipulated with a debt that every company has, absolutely normal in any oil company of this type! For example, there is a company that I have been keeping an eye on for a long time, I have personally been on their boats and I know what they have and where they will be fully occupied in the future, it is DOF.ASA that company is going to climb at least 400% in a few years ... People spend and sell when it is in full manipulation and I say oh my God what are you doing? If I knew that if today they were declared lost, just build a company like that with all the boats and equipment you have and deducing your debt, we would need 20 Kr for the number of shares to have an equal .... It's a bargain even better than Archer, but DOF will take 3 years, Archer will take a few days if there is a good negotiation with Lona Star in Argentina ....
28.03.2019 kl 12:22 2112

Do you think smaller investors would be better off if f.ex Nasdaq bought Oslo Børs? Or would it as easy for the brokers to "play" with the public the way thay do now?
28.03.2019 kl 12:35 2098

Of course they could not! They do not have money to manipulate a market as big as the USA ... :) :) :)
Here they have been made easy and the fewer investors easier for them, but they also run the risk of losing the public and end up losing everything! That is my only concern "manipulation" the company is great! But its stock market is hijacked by white necks ...
28.03.2019 kl 13:10 2082

Earrings with the OSEBX! I am recharging right now with more actions ... If the price exceeds 872 Kr with a large green candle, preparence it will be a beautiful train ride .... There is another support line more down if the OSEBX continued to fall to 840 Kr ... If that should happen I release my bank account in all my actions because the rally would be apotiosic, without counting some of the news that is expected as in Archer on the sale of DLS .... Definitely these are days to buy and accumulate stocks, this is where the profit my little friends are ....
28.03.2019 kl 13:57 2055

28.03.2019 kl 15:55 2015

Earlier today we saw some very strong purchase tickets, these are institutional entries but for what we have been talking about the lack of investors was then taken by the manipulation knowing that until now there has been liquidation they "could" risk something to get him out crumbs to the market ... From 2 to 2:30 we saw more institucionales tickets ... We go well while we keep waiting or better yet buying! From moment to moment we will have very good results ... Note that your DOF sister is experiencing similar behavior ... Both the most abusive of their investors vibrating on the verge of a trip to the moon! We are very pending! Especially the OSEBX mother of all is very close to a new rally .... Good luck!
28.03.2019 kl 19:02 1982

Can't wait to see who is replacing John Lechner! Very exciting :-)
28.03.2019 kl 19:40 1973

It looks like a ex Schlumberger manager, if it is true people from Schlumberger knows many people all over the world in this business ...
29.03.2019 kl 08:55 1893

Petroleo ignored Trump's tweets! Continue its bullish run while the shale wells are quickly depleted! Unsustainable fracking due to the short life of these unconventional wells ...
29.03.2019 kl 09:47 1872

We are making progress ! There have been almost no sales by the population, all waiting! Only the usual cycle that is exhausted in time! Archer secures your seeds for a comfortable and constant trip! You will soon see it with the arrival of the news and its quarterly results ... There is no reason to think about ghosts of receptions, if you did not know what happens immediately two days after a great resection, oil prices soar ... You are having problems with your strategy of overproducing oil and you will see it very soon! Worst was the remedy that the disease ....
29.03.2019 kl 11:27 1847

A good way to stop the cycle they have here in Archer, place their orders at 4,950 Kr to remove that level of support that has stalled us and steals the 0.5 to 1% of the trend ....
29.03.2019 kl 13:08 1830

Oil in 68 Kr and up !!!!

Då oljeprisen i høst gikk fra 70 til 86, var Archer i en fallende trend som tiltok enda mer når oljeprisen stupte fra toppen. Min erfaring er at aksjen korrelerer i liten grad med oljeprisen oppover. Markedet ser på høyt belånte selskaper som høyrisiko og ser over korte svingninger i oljeprisen.
29.03.2019 kl 14:56 1793

More money for the oil operators more contracts they have to provide to the sector.... Archer did very bad before but I believe all those company learned to be more efficients in order to make profits..
29.03.2019 kl 15:20 1778

According to the media of Argentina next week we have information of the sale or not of DLS
29.03.2019 kl 15:54 1764

Nice :) Do you have a link?