To the Brokers !

ARCHER 26.03.2019 kl 11:04 22135

Sometimes you have to choose to call attention to these brokers when you pass your hand to far, I have been in this business for many years but I have never seen something like they do here ... There are limits boys and also we are not all blind! Let's go and stop the suffocation and let the instrument attract investors again, so we all win, you, us and the new investors so they can gain experience, we need liquidity again ! we are alone in here ! Don't you realize that ?
08.04.2019 kl 10:22 1982

Volume goes up quickly !!!! Gentlemen, we are on the verge of a rally .... Boys do not rush to sell and end up losing the good! Here I am buying at the base of the rally .... +++++++++++++++++++++++
08.04.2019 kl 10:42 1946

7 til 8kr før uken er omme tenker jeg. Gleder meg til 12.
08.04.2019 kl 11:11 1891

I'm agree ! But it can go even higher .... In this moment Archer are in the lens on many Funds and banks at any moment we will get a news and if the people joint to the rally this can reach really high... Remember there are brokers that being selling in short for years so they are ready to go long.... This is a exacting time for Archer investors...
08.04.2019 kl 11:44 1833

Another institutional purchase! They know how to enter silently, while there is still confusion in the most novices ....
08.04.2019 kl 12:13 1785

Watch the trade log! Big purchases continue in the middle of the simulated drip! At any time, he surprises us with bull candles ... Archer has kept the news about DLS with great suspicion, before April 12 release some news ...
Redigert 08.04.2019 kl 12:14 Du må logge inn for å svare
08.04.2019 kl 13:13 1721

I know you're about to enter! Waiting for the big bulls ... The periods of purchase approval for to buy shares last longer than the request of a credit to buy a house .... :)
Redigert 08.04.2019 kl 13:14 Du må logge inn for å svare
08.04.2019 kl 13:37 1681

Har vært inne siden rett over nyttår
08.04.2019 kl 14:00 1662

Very exciting to be an shareholder in Archer right now!
And Ruperto, you make this even more fun :)
Thank you!
08.04.2019 kl 15:15 1584

Oh ! Thanks you .... ?
I like this! Look both Moving average .... UF ++++++++++++++
08.04.2019 kl 15:43 1540

Definitely venture trading without having the precise tools to detect what is happening is losing money in the markets ... An example of this is to observe the trade log to see how there can be sellers at the price where we are when it is clear that the dominant buying intention ....
08.04.2019 kl 16:11 1507

Good ! They will not believe me ... I have bought other lots before the close that I will reserve to use them for the rally this week .... :)
08.04.2019 kl 16:13 1515

Last chance to win easy 5% for tomorrow's Gap
08.04.2019 kl 16:29 1487

They will not believe me, secure another lot in the last second! This is too obvious !!!!
08.04.2019 kl 16:32 1482

What are you saying?
08.04.2019 kl 16:33 1479

I bought today from the opening up to the last minute !!!!! Did you sold early ?
08.04.2019 kl 16:47 1463

No! Im in it, to win it ?
08.04.2019 kl 17:46 1395

But to be honest, i dont think we'll pass 6 and stay above before next week or so. Guessing we gonna do just like dof, struggling for a while.
08.04.2019 kl 18:05 1374

Q4 and annual results 12. April.
08.04.2019 kl 19:22 1321

Oh no ! 6 Kr is nothing ... Only last year the rice was unjustified dropped down more than 56% and if we talk from 2 or 3 years ago has been wild ... 5.92% is not a rally, the real rally it will be around 30% in one day or we will have many 5% until reach 24 Kr ... Should happen this year, our worst enemy was the poor volume in addition to the manipulation but since the volumen increase due the oil price and the news, we will have candles 3 zises to the ones we have today....
08.04.2019 kl 20:33 1265

Im looking forward to see that !
08.04.2019 kl 20:59 1280

Trj89, aksjen bør nok snuse på topp fra sist, og strengt tatt, med bakgrunn i siste dagers volum gjøre et ærlig forsøk på brudd av 6-isch. Forvent oversving på 5-6%, rundt 6,4. Jeg vil tro den lander noen dager uansett rundt motstand her, men kan fort samle styrke for breakout og det mer interessante 7,5-nivået. Der tror jeg hvilen blir hakket lenger om ikke det blir newsbreak.
08.04.2019 kl 23:23 1190

Takk for svar. Kan du også fortelle meg på hvilken måte du ser disse motstandsnivåene? Hvorfor 6,4 og 7,5? På marketscreener sier de 6,13 - 8,20 - 7,11 short,mid,long.

Og hvorfor er ikke 6 noe motstand? Ble nesten handlet 500k aksjer rundt 5,88-5,92.. gåter alt dette for meg ...
Redigert 08.04.2019 kl 23:25 Du må logge inn for å svare

ARCHER kommer den nå, for all del ikke selg vis man ikke har inngang på 4,85 da? har hørt mye om archer rundt omkring i sjøen det er veldig positivt??
09.04.2019 kl 00:18 1155

Jeg opererer aldri med eksakte ører som nivåer i en øresaksje som Archer. Den har også hatt så lavt volum her nede at det er begrenset teknisk grunnlag. Men når jeg nevner 6,4 er det fordi jeg regner med salgsoversving ved forsøk på å bryte 6-6,10-motstand. 7,5 er mer et safe nivå for tradingsalg etter brudd over 6. Men man kan godt forsøke å vente på oversving til 8,20. Jeg bruker mer 7,5 som et safe nivå for motstand, særlig om man skal ut med en del tradingaksjer. 8,20 er mer et teoretisk absolutt nivå, men der treffes oftest ikke så mange kjøpere/selgere.
Redigert 09.04.2019 kl 00:22 Du må logge inn for å svare
09.04.2019 kl 08:12 1050

Takk for svar ?
09.04.2019 kl 08:41 1011

Until now the US was the main cause of the decline in oil prices with its excessive production of shale oil, but now OPEP led by Saudi Arabia gave a warning to Trump about his intention to control the markets of the members of the OPEP with a non-monopoly law .... This responded with stop using the American dollar for oil transactions using other valutas ... Since then Trump stopped writing on twitter bringing as a result the confidence of the oil companies and all the investors of the sector .... My friends we are going again pass from Salmon to the Oil and this can last for a few years ....
Redigert 09.04.2019 kl 08:42 Du må logge inn for å svare
09.04.2019 kl 09:06 991

Do not fall into the trap of the Oslo Index
09.04.2019 kl 09:26 968

Purchase opportunity while the majorities follow the OSE index ... The money is for the ones knows what is happening and where the opportunities are ...
09.04.2019 kl 09:36 965

All positions that I bought yesterday at the last minute could sell them right now, win something! But I do not do it because I know what's coming !!!!! Remember that brokers will always use the negative news announcements such as the S & P 500, the OSE, or the oil price to lower the prices, but never to raise them when they are rising! Here I leave that tangerine learn to differentiate the manipulation of honest investment and enter buying because just that is what they are doing when they manage to lower prices ....
09.04.2019 kl 09:47 941

Thank you for sharing your knowledge! I enjoy to read everything you write
09.04.2019 kl 09:52 934

Er det engelsk som har blitt hovedspråk på forumet?
09.04.2019 kl 09:56 928

Ruperto har blitt bedt om og skrive på engelsk, siden han kan det bedre enn norsk.
09.04.2019 kl 10:13 901

Today I will devote to doing intraday with all the stocks that I will buy if there is a fall in the price resulting from manipulation ... I am already over bought and my shares until yesterday will continue to gain weight until 2022 .... If everybody do the same " only " in a every no logic drop, many brokers will need to take the day off or joint to the reality in Archer....
09.04.2019 kl 10:23 888

Eg kan tar på Norsk men eg skriver ikke bra ! ARCHER prisen er over 100% undervalue so Vi trenger cirka 150% Up for å ble cirka riktig pris... Manipulatorer are stor problema i mange selskaper men alle sammen Vi kan kontrollere manipulatorer nå alle same kjøp i hans manipulerte faller... .)

Fikk fin inngang forrige uke. Snitt kr 5,13.
09.04.2019 kl 11:09 859

Det er veldig bra !
09.04.2019 kl 11:10 858

Boys who follow me! I do not know if you have noticed that the institutional ones are buying? This gets good! They act stealthily but I have all their steps calculated .... UFFFFF +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Det er ikke volum i aksjen enda i dag, og endog faller den ikke noe tilbake, tvert om. Det er et styrketegn. Selgere kaster ikke kortene.
Jeg tror kjøpere må forsøke et skikkelig støt 4-6% oppover snart.
09.04.2019 kl 11:22 855

Well the last wirenews tell me of 4 shares to make a millionaire if we invest no more than 250,000 Kr in one of them .... Archer, DOF, AXA and NEL will shine in the OSE in this 2019 ...