To the Brokers !

ARCHER 26.03.2019 kl 11:04 21710

Sometimes you have to choose to call attention to these brokers when you pass your hand to far, I have been in this business for many years but I have never seen something like they do here ... There are limits boys and also we are not all blind! Let's go and stop the suffocation and let the instrument attract investors again, so we all win, you, us and the new investors so they can gain experience, we need liquidity again ! we are alone in here ! Don't you realize that ?
09.05.2019 kl 16:34 726

Panikk? Niks.. Den kommer seg igjen, men kanskje det tar litt tid. Forgje gang den hva på sitt ATL hva den nede på dette nivået et helt år. De som sitter long vet bedre enn og få panikk ?
09.05.2019 kl 16:40 718

16 days the OSEBX in fall! That means 24 days of rally after this ... Follow the historical trend not of daily trend;)

I'm ready to buy one of the next days. Lucky for me i did nor follow your recommendation and once again sold on top. Is'nt that great? Follow Ruperto and you got poor, follow Salah and you got crazy, follow me and you get rich and happy. :)
10.05.2019 kl 07:41 628

I imagine that you negotiate for a couple thousand of krones and you think that you are successful for selling in the down trend manipulated by macroeconomic news while the fundamentals of the company go up?
I do not think it's an example to follow! While I, on the other hand, have averaged doubling to the downside while maintaining a price of 4 Kr, I have enough stocks to retire with juicy profits in a real rally! This is to invest intelligently! You sold down a company with a high EBITA and an undervalued price! That's not smart unless your intention is to believe stupid readers or something like that! Please !
10.05.2019 kl 07:52 617

Did you know what a high EBITA stands for at a devalued price?
You really have not realized what has been happening in the oil sector of countries like Norway, Argentina, Brazil, Guyana, Colombia and Africa while Trump fights with the Chinese? If you have not seen it, if I am seeing it and for proof of this, review the quarterly results .... These manipulators who are upset because I uncover their trappings seek to disqualify me but those who have followed me and have repeated my strategy of doubling the unjustified falls know that they have managed to average the price of a company that today round of more than 300% of its devalued price .... Archer real value is about 24 Kr .... Go from 4 Kr to 24 Kr in one or two years for me is a good business .....
10.05.2019 kl 09:39 592

Who now tells me that I was not right? Do you know when is my price now after averaging? They know the benefits of doubling my bet on each drop of manipulation! You have to know how to distinguish the manipulator from those who want to help you .....
Redigert 10.05.2019 kl 17:19 Du må logge inn for å svare
10.05.2019 kl 10:59 567

Yesterday Trump destroys the markets with his decision of new sanctions, today he says that he received a letter from the Chinese President .... While Trump an old sorro of the markets plays the cat and the mouse I fill myself with cheap stocks;)
10.05.2019 kl 13:09 996

Jeg lager en formue med NEL Fighting alltid mot manipulatorene! Og til og med å vinne i NEL uten hodepine, selger jeg ikke en eneste handling her i Archer, fordi som jeg vet hva som kom i NEL, kommer det også i Archer ... Bare vær tålmodig snart.

So you are only have shares for some thousand kroner? Ok, notting to be ashamed of. If you are pore you can be a good person anyway. I will now very very soon start to buy i Archer. I have 0 shares...
13.05.2019 kl 16:41 937

Do you have zero? Ok, I have many at an average 5 Kr per share .... How are you going to do now to buy in the middle of a rally a significant amount before the price goes through the roof? If you plan to enter heavy and buy the market maybe begin to fill your orders with 20% of over price! On the other hand, I do not have anything to worry about, I've been averaging downwards and soon tripling all my investment ....;)
13.05.2019 kl 21:13 898

While the USA is fighting with the Chinese, the oil industry in Norway and the UK presses the accelerator or will they deny it to me?
14.05.2019 kl 00:05 823

I don't understand what kind of investors follow the manipulation team ! Iran is blocked, Venezuela caput, South Arabia with OPEP and Rusia reduce production, Libia has problem, no conventional oil sources start depleting in USA, some terrorist attacked 4 tankers vessels in South Arabia with a considerable damage ! Brasil, Argentina, UK, Norway and others oil producers far away of Trump and his disasters rub their hands .... If you believe should sell Archer because USA and China fight with aranceles, just wait to see when the oil jump to 100 $ and this stock rally over 24 Kr.... Remember who owns the shares ;)
Redigert 14.05.2019 kl 00:06 Du må logge inn for å svare
14.05.2019 kl 00:07 819

Ready the cash for this days !!!!! Ufffffffff +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
14.05.2019 kl 08:56 754

I hope investors don't forget DLS ! This macroeconomic turbulence is a gold opportunity for us.... I seat in here with cash on the table !!!! ++++++++++++++++
15.05.2019 kl 16:31 706

I'm very preoccupied ! First time in months that Archer close with positive numbers without the broker wipe off to cero ! I'm really impressed but that is good since I'm overbought in Archer and I'm investing in NEL, I will wait for DLS news then probably quit from here... Huge money make in NEL, i have the manipulators crazy, I take a bit from their cake every day with the same strategy I use here, but in NEL is good because there is volume ... Nice...!
25.05.2019 kl 09:09 592

Must have been a rough week for you, Ruperto..dof, archer and axa...only nel have paid of so far? How does it go in Argentina?

We're all counting on you for good news !?
27.05.2019 kl 16:04 443

What madness! If you are in Norway you only see negative rumors but when you are in the field it is totally opposite of what they make believe in Norway! It is terrible the speculation they have with small investors ... They make believe that things are wrong for them to fill up with cheap shares of a company and then release them ... Friends do not believe is pure manipulation with well-trained brokers to speculate.