NRC buy shares every day !

NRC 26.03.2019 kl 12:11 907

NRC managed to buy another 12.000 shares through a broke yesterday... To be honest I don't understand who can sell when the price is absolutely low and that amount when we know that NRC private investors doesn't are to active buying and selling shares, I'm not where is coming from those shares since really is difficult to me believe that somebody from the public are selling... Any way I know the fundamentals are fantastic and after the recent acquisitions the price should be around 80 Kr... I will be patient and follow close because the rally should come as a surprise.....
26.03.2019 kl 20:59 859

Other 19.000 shares was bought by NRC and the price still balance without any rally ! Unbelievable !!!!
28.03.2019 kl 09:32 793

We should be receiving announcements of the new contracts for summer! It will be a busy this year too for all NRC departments ...
28.03.2019 kl 09:58 777

Jeg har i starten av mars nevnt 92,5 før juni.

Først når kursen fosser fram over 75 skal "alle" kjøpe. Hvorfor ikke heller kjøpe før det..? Jeg har gjort det. Inngang på under 60 og fornøyd med det. Venter bare.
29.03.2019 kl 10:27 729

In times of oil crisis, commercial and financial wars, railway investments historically increase ... I am certain that the pace of modernization and construction of new sections must be proposed on the table ....
02.04.2019 kl 12:07 659

It seems to me that the company already bought what it had programmed to buy, let's wait now the news of the new contracts ... Please we need more ideas or information in this forum... That motivate the investors, more liquidity much better for us as investors...
03.04.2019 kl 17:06 612

Nye kontrakter er fint men de trenger vel å få ting på stell i Sverige, går jo ellers bra i Norge og Finland også vil jeg tro. Hadde de levert som i fjor i Sverige hadde nok kursen vært over 80 nå