Whatabout Pete Buttigieg?

Fra å være totalt ukjent ordfører i en middels stor by i Indiana er det stadig flere som snakker varmt om denne kandidaten.
Spesielt etter at han gjorde en meget imponerende townhall på CNN tidlig i Mars har interessen økt.
Han er 37 år og inne i sitt 8 år som ordfører i South Bend.
Han tok permisjon fra ordfører jobben i 6 måneder for å tjenestegjøre i Afganistan.
Han snakker 8 språlk flytende, inkludert norsk
Han argumenterer for noe han kaller sosial capitalisme
Han er gift med en annen mann.
DiehardTrump supporter Rush Limbaugh lot seg også imponere etter hans CNN townhall men har begynt å kalle han radikal etter at han begynte å stige på meningsmålingene.

Her en kommentar fra NYT.

Buttigieg detaches progressive policy from the culture war.

Pete Buttigieg has some kind of magic right now. His campaign bio, “Shortest Way Home,” was the 25th-best-selling book on Amazon when I checked on Monday. That put him just a few dozen places behind Michelle Obama, and thousands or tens of thousands of places ahead of Kamala Harris, Bernie Sanders and the other candidates who have campaign books out now.

In a recent Iowa poll he surged to third place. His campaign just announced that it’s raised an impressive $7 million since January. And I can’t tell you how many Democrats in places as diverse as Nebraska, Indiana, New York and Washington have come up to me over the last few weeks raving about the guy. I met a superfan in Frederick, Md., who says that every few hours she calls the campaign to give another $10.

This is the biggest star-is-born moment since Lady Gaga started singing “Shallow.”

Why are people so in love with the mayor of South Bend, Ind., who almost nobody had heard of until he did a CNN town hall on March 10?

It’s important to remember that when Democrats vote next year, they’ll not only be choosing a policy alternative to Donald Trump, they’ll also be making a statement about what kind of country they want America to be.

The Trump era has been all about dissolving moral norms and waging vicious attacks. This has been an era of culture war, class warfare and identity politics. It’s been an era in which call-out culture, reality TV melodrama and tribal grandstanding have overshadowed policymaking and the challenges of actually governing.

The Buttigieg surge suggests that there are a lot of Democrats who want to say goodbye to all that. They don’t want to fight fire and divisiveness with more fire and divisiveness. They don’t want to fight white identity politics with another kind of identity politics.

They are sick of the moral melodrama altogether. They just want a person who is more about governing than virtue-signaling, more about friendliness and basic decency than media circus and rhetorical war.

Buttigieg’s secret is that he transcends many of the tensions that run through our society in a way that makes people on all sides feel comfortable.

First, he is young and represents the rising generation, but he is also an older person’s idea of what a young person should be. He’d be the first millennial president, but Buttigieg doesn’t fit any of the stereotypes that have been affixed to America’s young people.

Young people are supposed to be woke social justice warriors who are disgusted by their elders. Buttigieg is the model young man who made his way impressing his elders — Harvard, Rhodes scholar, McKinsey, the Navy.

Young hipsters are supposed to flock to coastal places like Brooklyn and Portland; after college, Buttigieg returned to Indiana.

Young people are supposed to be anti-institutional, but Buttigieg is very institutional — his life has been defined by his service to organizations, not his rebellion against them.

Second, he is gay and personifies the progress made by the L.G.B.T.Q. movement, but he doesn't do so in a way that feels threatening or transgressive to social conservatives. He has conservative family values; it’s just that his spouse is a husband, not a wife. He speaks comfortably about his faith and says that when he goes to church he prefers a conservative liturgy to anything experimental.

Third, he is a localist and a Washington outsider, but he carries no populist resentment and can easily speak the language of the coastal elite.

Buttigieg has spent his political career in Indiana, where pols are expected to go to county fairs and eat the catfish fillet and cheesecake on a stick. He wasn’t alive when the Studebaker plant shut down in South Bend, but he has the trauma of Midwestern deindustrialization in his bones. He lives in a house near his mother where the mortgage comes to about $450 a month. On the other hand, he was friends with Mark Zuckerberg at Harvard, earned a first at Oxford and thrived as a corporate consultant.

Finally, he’s a progressive on policy issues, but he doesn’t sound like an angry revolutionary. Buttigieg’s policy positions are not all that different from the more identifiable leftist candidates. But he eschews grand ideological conflict.

“The whole point of politics is everyday life,” he said in his CNN town hall. His book is mostly about how as mayor he faced problems like snow removal and fixing potholes. His big achievements were renaming city streets, repairing the sewer system and tearing down derelict buildings. He says he’ll do whatever works.

I’ve only met Buttigieg once, when we were seated at the same table at a dinner in Detroit a few months ago. He was smart, modest and self-effacing, and I can’t square that impression with his assumption that at 37 he’s qualified to be president of the United States.

But maybe that’s Buttigieg — he squares a lot of circles. He deftly detaches progressive policy positions from the culture war. He offers change without Sturm und Drang.


Pete Buttigieg says he didn't understand context around phrase 'all lives matter' in 2015


Democratic presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg said Thursday that he was unaware when he said "all lives matter" in 2015 that the phrase was being used to undercut the Black Lives Matter movement.

Buttigieg spoke about his past comment after a speech at the National Action Network, a politically powerful organization founded by Rev. Al Sharpton. The phrase "all lives matter" has been used by critics of the Black Lives Matter movement to push back on the view that closer attention needs to be paid to the deaths of African American men and women at the hand of law enforcement.

Han blir også gått etter i sømmene for å ha sparket sin sorte politimester fordi han angivelig avlyttet andre politifolk, på leting etter rasistiske uttalelser.

Jeg kommer ikke til å lese meg opp på ENDA en taper.
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Det gjør du rett i. Jeg bare lager topicen så jeg kan hente den opp igjen i tilfelle det skjer et mirakel og han vinner.
Denne meldingen vil bli slettet om 5 minutt

Åja, en slik hvasajeg forsikring. Den er gratis å legge inn.

En god ide er å ha 99 nikk, og la halvparten spå krakk, resten motsatt. Slik holder du på til du sitter igjen med x1 guru som alltid får rett.
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Enkelte demokratiske kandidater vil ikke vise seg på Fox News. Det mener jeg er uklokt. De går glipp av sjansen til å få ut budskapet sitt til mange potensielle velgere som kanskje unngår andre kanaler. Det er imidlertid noen hederlige unntak. Pete Buttigieg hadde et Townhall på Fox i går kveld.


Trump, som tydligvis ser på Fox news som sin private propaganda kanal, var ikke fornøyd med at Fox holdt dette møtet.

"Hard to believe that @FoxNews is wasting airtime on Mayor Pete, as Chris Wallace likes to call him. Fox is moving more and more to the losing (wrong) side in covering the Dems."

Mayor Pete Schools Prof. Liz on How to Take on the Enemy and Win
Elizabeth Warren wagged her finger at Fox. Pete Buttigieg went inside the lion’s den and defanged the lion—and remembered that not everyone who watches Fox is a maniac.


Fox news senior politisk analytiker, Brit Hume, svarte følgende til Trumps sutring over at FOX holdt dette møtet:

Say this for Buttigieg. He’s willing to be questioned by Chris Wallace, something you’ve barely done since you’ve been president. Oh, and covering candidates of both parties is part of the job of a news channel.


Mayor Pete fikk stående applaus når møtet var ferdig. Jeg er ikke enig i alle hans politiske saker men han er usedvanlig tydlig i alt han sier og det er tydlig at han er usedvanlig smart uten at han bruker dette på en nedlatende måte.

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Du har ikke hatt gode forbilder re Hillary Corrupt Foundation, Oblablamania oSV men
Jeg synes det er fint du snakker stadig finere om Buttideg
Snakk mer fint om dine! Trump klarer seg uten jabbautomat dissing
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Fra å være totalt ukjent ordfører i en middels stor by i Indiana er det stadig flere som snakker varmt om denne kandidaten.
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"Alfred E. Neuman cannot become president of the United States"
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Trillrundt oppned gjengivelser:
South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg criticized President Donald Trump on Tuesday for turning the United States into a country that looked more like Russia.
29.07.2019 kl 21:00 608

Buttigigg varsler burgerkrig.
"White supremacy is the force that has come closest to bringing this country to its knees and, I believe, that lurking danger is still with us," he said
29.07.2019 kl 21:05 608

Jul 28, 2019
As the path forward in the 2020 presidential campaign starts to narrow, South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg has been trying to find support in the one segment of the Democratic base he can't seem to reach: people of color.
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When u have lost all hillaryhope. hold on to buttigieg. LOL bill
#siste utvei
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good bye russia russiarassiarussia mani
goodbye rassistiarassistaia mani

well then comes jabbada butterdeig.
good bidén gone

"Biden playfully wondered whether any other candidate could draw as many people as he had. By the end of the weekend, several others had. "

Er ikke Butterdeig fra vestlandet da? Han har vel ikke bikket 1% på meningsmålingene ennå, men Molde gikk videre i Europaligaen med et nødskrik, så nå har han noe å glede seg over. Spennende kamp!

Han ligger på 3-5 % på nasjonale målinger. Foreløbig er han ikke i nærheten av å vinne men jeg tipper at når (om) Biden trekker seg så vil en del av hans velgere gå Butterdeigs vei.

I den første delstaten som avholder valg ligger han litt bedre ann.


Ex-Republikaner Tom Nichols om 2020 valget:
I'm good with anyone who is mentally stable and in no way sympathetic or beholden to a hostile foreign power. That's it. Policy just doesn't matter.

I don’t care if Sen. Elizabeth Warren is a mendacious Massachusetts liberal. She could tell me that she’s going to make me wear waffles as underpants and I’ll vote for her. I don’t care if Sen. Kamala Harris is an opportunistic California prosecutor who wants to relitigate busing. She could tell me that I have to drive to work in a go-cart covered with Barbie decals and I’ll vote for her. I don’t care if Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders is a muddle-headed socialist from a rural class-warfare state (where I once lived as one of his constituents). He could tell me he’s going to tax used kitty litter and I’ll vote for him.

I don’t care if Hawaii Rep. Tulsi Gabbard is clearly influenced by a hostile foreign government or that Marianne Williamson is a weird, anti-science guru. They could …

Wait. I do care about that. It’s the reason they won’t get my vote next year, and why the president won’t either.

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Fox News Poll Shows Trump Under 40% vs. Biden, Sanders, Warren and Harris

A new Fox News poll shows 50 percent of voters choosing Joe Biden over President Trump in 2020, with the president clinching less than 40 percent support against four Democratic challengers.When matched up against Biden, only 38 percent of voters said they’d vote for Trump over the former vice president. Trump had support from 39 percent of voters when matched up against Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) and Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA)—who had 48, 46, and 45 percent, respectively. Also featured in the August 11-13 poll were low approval numbers for Trump among overall voters, with only 43 percent approving and 56 disapproving of his performance. When asked if they thought Trump was pulling the country together or tearing it apart, 59 percent of voters said Trump was “tearing the country apart.” In addition, only 37 percent of voters approved of how Trump “responded to recent mass shootings.”