TXP - ny analyse på seeking alpha

På tide at folk for øjnene op for denne perle. Discounts nede på 7,4% fra 16% sidste år.. Netback er stigende pga faldende discounts, stigende produktion samt højere oliepris. Stadig vurderet til 35 mil USD (Unbelievable)

"To varying degrees, each single well could transform Touchstone from a little known small ‘also ran’ operator into something much larger. Any two success combination would be off the chart really. This also comes for a small capital outlay on each well and with access to nearby infrastructure, a rapid monetization and cashflow route is available. This is a very rare combination of positive factors in our view. For investors owning the shares at this price, there ought to be relatively low downside medium term risk. The currently producing assets cover more than the current valuation in our view whilst the upside success case could be a multiple of the current share price. "

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