Mennesker med et iboende negativt syn.

Vi vet vel alle hvem de er, men det er årsaker for deres negative syn og utfall mot andre.

«Vi er vår egen djevel, og vi gjør verden til vårt eget helvete.»
– Oscar Wilde –

I am positive. In fact I am positive that Q1 will be a damp squid

Ikke annet enn oppmerksomhets-søken. Kanskje litt shorting?
Filantropi??? Aldri i verden!

I have always been a giving man. It costs me very little and gives me great pleasure to share what I know, just as I did with scoopfinder.

Now I will leave you with this. When the pain is at it's worst and the blows rain down like lightning, you suck it up and you fight on til the blood is dripping to your feet. Is there hope in honest error? Or beauty in eyes of hope?

All I know is when the party is over and they ask me what was my finest hour? I will say without hesitation that it was getting off the floor in a fight I could not win.

Now is the time for cool heads. Now is the time to stand up and be counted. The rays of light are starting to burn through the clouds and we will reap what we have sown. This is only the beginning. Keep your eye on the prize. Do not falter. Stay long stay strong. This is the one

This advice was for free.
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thepower, sjekk EMGS med dagens web presentasjon. Interessert i din vurdering.......

Onuk. EMGS is a victim of all that is wrong with a corrupt børs like OSE. Far too easy to manipulate the stock price of smaller companies. Yesterday being a classic example.

With an impressive backlog of over 100 mill USD you could ask why the market value is only a third of the actual order backlog? Common sense tells you that all things being equal and with the recovery predicted in the sector that EMGS should be looking at a serious re pricing shortly.

However like PHO in many ways, there is a lack of analyst coverage of the stock and it is not a "media darling" like another stock in the same segment.

Looks to me like an opportunity to buy a dollar for less than 50 cents. The fundamentals look that way at least.

Nothing surprises me with the OSE however. It's a big boys playground and time and time again we have seen things happening that would simply not be allowed on a more regulated stock exchange.