Tomra - vinner av ‘Excellence in Innovation’ AWARDS 2019

Tomra fortjener en egen trådstart i anledning denne hederbevisningen. Tomras TOMRA SHARP EYE er en blant 10 vinnere av Letsrecycle Live ‘Excellence in Innovation’ AWARDS 2019: Tomra vil motta utmerkelsen under "Letsrecycle Live exhibition" 22. - 23.mai. Ikke ueffent å besitte den markedsledende teknologien for sortering av blandet plastavfall TOMRA SHARP EYE i en tid da alle verdens nasjoner har hendene fulle med å håndtere det faktum at kloden drukner i plastavfall med den følge at prosesseringsanlegg for sortering og resirkulering av dette må komme på plass, jo før jo heller...

9 MAY 2019 by Joshua Doherty

Letsrecycle Live ‘Excellence in Innovation’ winners announced

The winners of the Letsrecycle Live ‘Excellence in Innovation’ awards have today (9 May) been announced.

The Awards, which are being held in conjunction with the Letsrecycle Live trade show, celebrate innovative products, services and technologies that are making a positive impact the waste and resources sector, and range from skip technologies to apps that help with waste management.

After much deliberation, the top 10 forward-thinking innovators have been crowned. All ten will be exhibiting at this year’s Letsrecycle Live exhibition later this month (22-23 May), and will be easily identifiable by their large floor stickers at the show.

The judges noted the wide-ranging products, services and technologies that were submitted, with each submission staking a strong claim for a top 10 spot.

A full list of the winners, in alphabetical order by company, is below. A description of each winning products service or technology can also be found at the bottom of this article.


TOMRA Sorting: SHARP EYE: innovation in PET recycling

Launched in spring 2018, TOMRA SHARP EYE, when incorporated into TOMRA’s AUTOSORT machine, makes it possible to separate single-layer and multi-layer PET trays from PET bottles. SHARP EYE also enables the separation of single-layer PET trays from multi-layer PET trays.