Snart 100$

"All operations by Oil Companies in the Niger Delta is hereby ordered to stop from 29 May 2019, anyone we see in the oil platform, both onshore and offshore shall be treated as criminal. We therefore call on International Community to withdraw their citizens from the Niger Delta region on or before 1st June 2019 as their safety cannot be guaranteed neither are we ready to compromise our freedom any longer.

"We have already recruited, trained and equip our freedom fighters for this purpose. Arms and other war materials has been bought and brought to Nigeria, immediately we commence action, Port Harcourt Airport would be shut down only our fighter jets would be permit to use the facility.

"This war would consume them in Abuja and Lagos, there is no going back on this, we therefore call on all the Niger Delta citizens to return home as their safety is guarantee at home than anywhere else.

"We are tired of being second class citizens in our land, the injustice has reach its peak. While we admonish our Elders and Leaders, particularly PANDEF to remain calm as we shall make further declarations and directive soon; however, our position on this issue cannot be compromised as injustice to one is injustice to all. To be forewarned is to be forearmed."
21.05.2019 kl 15:50 1173

Som jeg skrev tidligere: - Er der nogen, der har tallet fra EIA pr. 17.10?
21.05.2019 kl 16:11 1141

100 er trolig en våt drøm foreløpig, men når en ser 80, vil snakket om 100doll bli mer og mer tydelig. Så får man se om det blir med bare snack.
21.05.2019 kl 23:51 1020

Libya økte spenninger.
Nigeria økte spenninger. Allerede en pipeline i brann.
Russland 1mbd pipeline ute av drift med 8-9millioner i pipeline som ingen vil ta i mot(forurenset olje)
Iran Vs US kan eskalere

22.05.2019 kl 00:55 979

Når oljen passerer 75 dollar twittrer bare Trump ned prisen. Fungerer hver gang.
22.05.2019 kl 12:08 712

Dream on dude!
Long time - no see.
24.05.2019 kl 19:29 552

Vi ser igen et fald i antal rigge i USA. Hvis produktionen, som den burde, på grund af decline, kommer ned, får Trump for alvor et problem. Der er flere, der har været og tale om underskud i H2 og det uden et fald i amerikansk produktion. Så kommer der et fald her, vil det for alvor skabe et pres på prisen op.