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April 2019: STENOCARE announced that the Company is
officially nominated for “IPO of the Year 2018” by
Swedish SvD BörsPlus.

De ble i går 22.05.2019 kåret til vinner, men dette er ikke publisert ennå, bare gjennom Twitter. Kommer nok en børsmelding på dette :)


Potensiale til å gå 3 gangen innen kort tid! Godkjenning for eksport like rundt hjørnet:

March 2019, STENOCARE announced that the Company
is awaiting export certificates from the Canadian
authorities and is ready to start its own cultivation and
production shortly

Eneste selskap i Europa!

"Denmark’s Stenocare is currently only European firm in the world’s 13 leading cannabis companies, according to analysts at Markets and Markets."


Nyt sommeren! Dere kan takke meg senere for tipset :)

Ble akkurat annonsert :)


Last night, at a ceremony in Stockholm, STENOCARE was revealed as the
winner of the SvD Börsplus IPO-guide award IPO of the Year 2018 in
the category Quality. STENOCARE was also awarded the honorary prize
in the category Value growth.

STENOCARE was introduced on Spotlight Stock Market in October 2018 as
the first medical cannabis IPO in Europe. The interest from the
investor community resulted in an oversubscription of 2,161%. Since
the IPO, the company has successfully met critical milestones and
even overperformed on their sales of medical cannabis oil products to
Danish patients.

The award is hosted by SvD Börsplus, a part of Svenska Dagbladet,
which is a leading news media in Sweden. SvD Börsplus evaluate all
IPOs during the year from an investor point of view - with the
objective to praise and highlight quality. The award is divided into
two different categories, quality and value growth, and are granted
to companies in the large cap-, small cap- and micro segments.

A total of 29 companies competed in the micro segment and STENOCARE
was awarded Best IPO 2018 in the category Quality, based on its
strong value growth and zero warning flags across 24 indicators.
STENOCARE was also awarded the honorary prize in the category Value
growth, with a share price development of 205% relative to the
OMXS30 index.

Thomas Skovlund Schnegelsberg, CEO of STENOCARE, comments:

We are honored and humbled with this IPO of the Year 2018 award. It
took a lot of hard work to prepare and execute. The award is a huge
kudos to the entire STENOCARE team and our advisors from Sedermera
Fondkommission, Gemstone Capital and Spotlight Stock Market.

For additional information regarding STENOCARE, please contact:

Thomas Skovlund Schnegelsberg, CEO

Phone: +45 31770060

E-mail: presse@stenocare.com


Hvor høyt tar dagens melding oss. Så langt opp 17%. Men markedet våkner nok snart. Kan den gå 50% i dag


STENOCARE has been working with The Danish Medicines Agency to have a
new CBD medical cannabis capsule product approved for market release.
The Danish Medicines Agency has now chosen to approve the product for
listing on the Medicine List, which will make STENOCARE the first
company in the Danish Medical Cannabis Program to introduce capsules
for Danish patients. The new product is named CBD Capsules
STENOCARE and contain medical cannabis oil in vegan capsules. It is
expected that the product will be available at Danish pharmacies
late-Summer 2019.

STENOCARE was the first in the Program to introduce medical cannabis
oil products for Danish patients. The company has been monitoring the
use of their three oil products since September 2018 and got the
feedback from doctors and patients that they would also value having
access to capsule-based products. Therefore, STENOCARE announced in
December 2018 the plan to have three new medical cannabis capsule
products accepted for the Danish Medicine List. Today, the Danish
Medicine Agency and STENOCARE completed their work with the first
product. The remaining two capsule products, THC Capsules STENOCARE
and 1:1 Capsules STENOCARE are pending the acceptance for the Danish
Medicines List.

The new CBD Capsules STENOCARE product contain 10 mg CBD and less than
1 mg THC in a vegan capsule. The product contains 60 capsules that
patients can dose orally.

Thomas Skovlund Schnegelsberg, CEO STENOCARE comments:

We are proud to once again be able to respond to needs from doctors
and patients. They have told us they would like more choice with
medical cannabis, and convenient dosage with capsules is a high
priority. The capsules are vegan based - as this will therefore also
be available for patients that cannot use the more widely used
gelatin-based capsules.

The CBD Capsules STENOCARE product is produced and supplied by
STENOCAREs strategic partner CannTrust Inc, a leading Canadian
producer of medical cannabis. With the announcement today, CannTrust
and STENOCARE are first-movers with creating a new capsule category
of products based on the cannabis plant. The new category is expected
to partly help existing patients and attract new patients that
previously found it difficult to dose the oil products with an oral
syringe. It is expected that CBD Capsules STENOCARE will be available
at Danish pharmacies late-Summer 2019.

For additional information regarding, please contact:
Thomas Skovlund Schnegelsberg, CEO
Phone: +45 31770060
E-mail: presse@stenocare.com

STENOCARE A/S was founded in 2017 with the purpose of being an active
participant in the Danish medical cannabis pilot program. The company
was first to receive the Danish Medicines Agencys permission to
import, distribute as well as cultivate and produce medical cannabis.
The company offers medical cannabis oil that comply with the strict
Danish regulatory requirements. STENOCARE is also developing a
separate production facility for the cultivation and production of
medical cannabis at the companys premises in Jutland, Denmark.