Against discrimination and manipulation! NEL long investor

NEL 03.06.2019 kl 15:29 3011

Hello followers and not too followers, apparently very upset when I give you tips on where the price is going, I personally do not encourage selling in situations that are clear that the price is increasing, but people with bad intentions of wanting to silence me are motivating others with the same objectives to be removed from the forum as an act of discrimination when I will always be on the side of the amateur investor or little knowledgeable of the technical analysts ... I am here to help them because I am against the manipulation, the robots of algorithm and the use of lies to make the public sell in conditions that the price or the company does not merit to do it .... I am in order in this thread and if they are right I simply will not have a number of followers and I retire but if it's the opposite, I'll try even harder to help you ... Thanks
03.06.2019 kl 15:34 2983

Ok, MA20 and MA200 in the 2 min chart now has the same trend and going closer to together with the price as the volume continues increasing in every green candle ... This is one of my preferible trend due is not volatility is just bullish sentiment ...;)
03.06.2019 kl 15:41 2894

If there is any doubt or suggestion, please let me know so we can discuss what the graphs give us, only the graphs tell us what is happening in real time and leave us very important signals from the moment of opening and closing. .. For now if we do not close in 8.5 Kr we will be very close, it is important to ensure a good number of shares before closing because the stock has a high probability of opening with a bullish gap in the opening of tomorrow .... Some likes take profits after this others use it as a sign of how the price will continue ....
03.06.2019 kl 15:53 2811

About this announcement of the Nel consortium with other companies in the industry to prepare 600 bus units in the UE, Ballard Power Systems is one of the pioneers building Hydrogen PEM batteries, this company is key in this partnership with NEL for its great trajectory and experience in the field, I think NEL is on a very good road and this will grow faster than many can imagine ....
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03.06.2019 kl 16:02 2739

I'm not sure if you guys can follow the moving average in the 2 min chart, I will like to know if we are in the same loop, my MA200 is now at 8.17Kr that is our lower point for pullback if the price drop ! In that point most of institutions double their bid so I do the same when the stock has a up trend like it is NEL, This small drop now is not is short sellers struggling but they cant, many knows about the opening gap so for me it is time to buy now to secure 2 to 3 % in the opening tomorrow....
03.06.2019 kl 16:09 2644
When the river make noise is because stones come in it's way ;)
03.06.2019 kl 16:21 2570

Very well ! Today the bulls were made respect ... Bra jobbet!
03.06.2019 kl 17:34 2362

The Norwegian markets are full of people betting on bankrupt companies, I wonder if they will be Norwegians because nobody bets on the failure of the companies in their country ... Now they are excited about the transfer of shares from some hands to other hands. .. The technical analysis always says what is happening ...
03.06.2019 kl 19:53 2157

Regarding to the selling campaign of two institutions it is not as the manipulators said, it is in english so maybe they didn't understand .... The Placing is to be conducted by way of an accelerated bookbuilding process commencing immediately following the publication of this announcement and may be closed at short notice. A further announcement will be made following
pricing of the sale.... This is the time where we can make more money if we follow properly the technical analysis,
Dette betyr ikke at de skal selge alle aksjene i et fall, de har kun meldt seg om å selge den mengden aksjer som skal utføres som vi normalt ser hver dag når vi gjør vår handel, at korte selgere ikke går å bety at prisen vil gå ned fordi de også kan kjøpe! Det handler om å prøve å selge til den beste prisen de kan ... Jeg ser det som en gylden mulighet, fordi hvis det er publikum som klarer å kjøpe disse aksjene, vil vi få mer kontroll over selskapet .... Planen å følge er det samme, kjøp til prisen av muligheten hvis presentert ... Bare see pris på Tradegate.... Prisen cirka open prisen....
03.06.2019 kl 20:34 2025

Solgte meg helt ut på fredag. Traff langt fra topp på litt over 9,70 men får så være. Tenkte heller ikke kommentere på NEL tråder når jeg ikke har aksjer(i motsetning til en del andre). Men dagens nyhet om nedsalg kan ikke gå «hus forbi». Er det ikke like greit å få disse storaksjonærene ut før som sist? Har selv følt at nedsalg fra dem har ligget i kortene i et par år. OK, det gir en større dipp i kursen(kanskje jeg går inn igjen på den), men mest sannsynlig vil det være kortsiktig. I det lengre løp vil H2 spille en stor rolle som energibærer.
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Ikke reagert mye på tradegate...€0,04.

Hva med å ha fokus på at man faktisk får en ny stor investor, som mener at en inngang på dette nivået er en god inngang!?
03.06.2019 kl 21:32 1815

Jeg er enig med deg...
03.06.2019 kl 21:45 1708

I already choose to do not sell any share and wait for the pullback with plenty of cash ready for buy if it is an eventual fall ... But I believe in Tigeren and others clevel mens, we are confident that a important investor will take over straight away. .. The price is very low after the consecutives good news so I believe in NEL success so I just need more shares to buy... For me is a gamble to sell to make couple of thousands kr and lost the train ... That happen to me one time and I will not give a chance for that again ....

Blir nok mer enn en investor, det er nærmest helt sikkert.
I tillegg "dette nivået". Tror man bør vite pris før konklusjon
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03.06.2019 kl 21:54 1639

Kommer Nikola/EQN/BLDP inn som ny eier ? Drum sound.......................

Dette salget er ingen dum ide. For det første er det ingen skam å «sikre seg» når en først sitter på så store verdier, spesielt når det KAN bli litt ruskevær fremover. Det er ingen ulempe å ha kapitalsterke eiere. I tillegg skal deler av salgssum også brukes på skatt, lån og annet selskap innenfor området.
04.06.2019 kl 08:15 1343

Good morning ! Strong optimism around NEL, Public investors, administration, etc.... Strong interest of the fundamentals to acquire NEL in their portfolio.... The market can open with some volatility due nervous investors for the bad intentioned comments from who has not NEL shares, but in the same time the professionals that understand the potentiality and the possible new institutions, we are ready to trade if the opportunity is presented .... The best is let to pass the volatility that will be very manipulate to start trading....
04.06.2019 kl 08:32 1296

The sale was already made and incredibly not under the price as many expected! There is nothing to worry about ... The most certain thing is that the sale will be with an important buyer given the speed and the high price for the amount of shares .... We should average the day with an average of 8 Kr and that the sale only managed to go down to 7.45 Kr with the last share ... It is a level that we will increase rapidly with today's purchases ... We continue with the trend ... I am very satisfied with the confidence that has gained the company....
04.06.2019 kl 08:50 1197

Ok, Tradegate back to the up trend after the volatile ... Nothing to worry about... Dear investors the NEL can open a bit lower but this will fill up as quick we entry to buy more shares... Every body will see it in the fist and the second 5 min candle... The opportunity is to buy at that lower point to get profits.... Carefully wit the stop losses in the opening due the slippage, you ca lost a lot money because you lost the pull back... So I recommend to wait for the pull back and buy in that point... Good luck traders... ;)
04.06.2019 kl 09:06 1142

Ok, Shopping time from the bottom !!!!! Triple investment at this point....
04.06.2019 kl 09:47 1077

The streak of short sellers will only last a couple of hours, many of us are buying at these low prices and others are just rubbing their hands to enter ... Jon Andre Lokke should come soon with new good news ... Let's keep buying and leave something for the rebound ...
04.06.2019 kl 10:47 1005

Those who had the urge to sell already did! Watch the MA20 as it begins to go to bed and the exchanges for buyers begin to increase ... I expected a strong rebound but apparently many preferred to keep their shares and did not sell to buy cheaper! That is a good sign of confidence in the action and we hope that new investors will soon enter with this signal of purchase as well as the institutional ...

100% sikker på du både snakker og skriver norsk! Du må jaggu ha hauger av cash du! Hver eneste gang NEL dropper kjøper du i bøtter og spann! Er 2 ting du driver med slik jeg ser det: Skriver 100 innlegg pr dag + kjøper NEL aksjer! Correct? :)
04.06.2019 kl 10:58 954

We are already seeing the rejection of red candles! Let's continue investing against the red candle to have control of the ball at once ....
04.06.2019 kl 11:13 919

I also sell! But I only do it by selling the shares that I buy additional in the falls, I never sell in dow trend, I only buy when the company has the potential to continue the up trend .... For example I can have 500,000 shares that I do not touch, if the price changes trend and I think the price is cheap double my bet to almost reach the bottom, what you call bottom fishing, then we have a rally and get additional benefits I use to reinvest and always have cash available for any unjustified fall .... In NEL all falls bounces, if it drops 10% I can buy 200,000 Kr in new shares and sell with 5% of profits leaving me 10,000 extra Kr for the counter attack ... I am one of those that I think the sellers short they will end up losing their money because NEL is sure to double when they enter the money from the orders that we will deliver next .... The one who sells in the falls simply does not know what he is doing, apa rte that only harms the trade and reduces the volume of participation, that's not smart ...
04.06.2019 kl 11:15 899

I don't write good in Norwegian.... I can translate some but it can be confuse the translation, otherwise I will like to take in Norwegian so everybody can understand much better...
04.06.2019 kl 11:46 852

Yesterday I was terrified to read horrific comments from short sellers attacking the company with fragrant lies, until one there put a video of youtube the Hydrogen Pump suggesting that today NEL dawn exploded ... That really impres to me a lot Because I know many people in this country and it's not what I see on the streets, there was a lot of hatred and despair to end the reputation of a company and the investments of many investors ... That in my opinion is not good, leaves a lot what to think, it will be a person who has little income to be encouraged to invest in a company with a pack of people who bet on the bankruptcy of a company. ? It's like to think ...
Redigert 04.06.2019 kl 11:48 Du må logge inn for å svare
04.06.2019 kl 11:56 837

People got carried away by the panic and hopefully do not end up with this company as well as many others! So here I come, I do not buy or sell until I sound the alarm that everything is over ... Jon Andre Lokke, what happened? Did you stay quiet after active days? It disgusts me that the CEOs do not show up when the manipulators attack the company .... There is no other way to wait until they finish throwing knives for the shares while we take care of doing God and our families ... God the bendiga ... .
04.06.2019 kl 12:51 790

I think the war has been a bit disproportionate and grotesque to lower the price! Everything was planned from the inside to the outside because it is obvious ... It is a pity that a company that could have been an icon of Norway, allows this assault to happen ... The truth that I consider to stay away from the Norwegian markets, are not of confial and little controlled ....
04.06.2019 kl 16:22 683

Impressed as things are handled in the Norwegian markets ... Apparently the cause of the fall in the price is one such company based in the UK that borrowed shares in Norway to play short, is a hedge fund company, I do not understand how it is allowed to do these things in deterioration of Norwegian investors, the question is that what they do with the authorization of the regulating entities ... This only tells me that investing in any company in the country can receive an unpleasant surprise ... But it's okay, that's how you learn and you know about the institutions ... there's only one way to get out of this evil streak is not selling them a single share and hopefully we can all enter buying massively to break the manipulator broker ... The clear price that will rise for them to return to dance the portfolio ... The next climbs where I recover my money I leave my actions and invest where there is transparence and respect for the investors ....
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04.06.2019 kl 16:56 631

if you think a short position of aprox 7 million shares is the cause of the fall today, at that volume, you really have to do some soulsearching to see if the stockmarket is the right thing for you.
04.06.2019 kl 23:13 516

If people here are scandalized by a simple twitter Trump and run out imagine when we get some of these hedges fonds out taking borrowed shares to manipulate the price ... This is simply absurd and harmful for the markets .... I I will go out of my shares little by little making trade and I will return to the old days of intraday and it will be much more profitable to buy and go out the same day, it is more laborious but one sleeps quiet of these terrible plays .. And there were more than 7,000,000 shares borrowed, were 14,000,000 acquired on May 30 and June 3 ...
Redigert 04.06.2019 kl 23:16 Du må logge inn for å svare
04.06.2019 kl 23:25 496

If tomorrow these bastards still have actions to continue manipulating it will probably be necessary to wait a day or two to enter heavy and recover what was lost in the turn ... I know that the action will continue to increase, it has never been a bubble like here they wanted to deceive , what has been is very tempting for speculators and will continue to do so while there are no regulations that protect investors ... Imagine when you expect this to reach more than 50 Kr? They will continue doing what they did these last days in the middle of the best news, every time we reach 9 or 10 Kr will do the same, so nobody invests long ....